This clip of Ricky Rubio playing catch with a little girl is adorable

As a Salt Lake City hipster looks on!
Ricky Rubio officially had 13 assists during last night's 112-97 blowout of the Jazz in Salt Lake City. But his most entertaining pass came during a stop in the action.

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Rubio played a little bit of catch with a little girl who was brought onto the court by the Jazz's mascot, Utah Bear. And suffice it to say it was adorable.

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Ricky Rubio gets silly at Pizzeria Lola [IMAGE]

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The above photo shows Ricky Rubio enjoying his day off at Pizzeria Lola last night.

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It was sent to us by someone who is Facebook friends with one of the girls in the picture. It was posted on her Facebook page about 11 p.m. yesterday.

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Ricky Rubio runs K-Love "Love Dial" in awesome new ESPN promo [VIDEO]

:::: UPDATE :::: As pointed out below by commenter lubbadubb, dialing the "Love Dial" billboard number yields a sultry voicemail treat from Ricky himself. Although it's a bit hard to follow the specifics, it definitely sounds like the Spanish heartthrob says something about "naked women" and "hot minutes."

Here's our recording -- if you'd like the dial the Love Line up for yourself, the number is 1-855-NEED-LOVE:

The latest NBA on ESPN promo features a sneaky Ricky Rubio secretly running some sort of Kevin Love "Love Dial" business.

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We won't waste too much time critiquing the damn thing. Just watch it -- it's good, albeit bizarre:

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Ricky Rubio puts bow on first triple-double with work-of-art dribble fakeout [VIDEO]

ricky rubio trip dub rect.jpg
Don't let the good looks and boyish charm fool you -- Ricky is as competitive as they come.
Seventeen games under .500 and 10 games out of a playoff berth, it's been a bitterly disappointing year for the Timberwolves. But one undeniable bright spot has been Ricky Rubio's stellar play now that he looks to be fully recovered from last season's knee injury.

-- Ricky Rubio's in-game pep talk to Shved: "Alexey, change this face. Be happy. Enjoy!" [VIDEO]
-- Ricky Rubio on sick no-look pass during Rising Stars game: "I have eyes in my back" [VIDEO]

With more than 13 points, eight assists, and seven rebounds per game in March, Ricky is in the midst of the best month of his NBA career. And he's never been better than he was in the Wolves' surprising 107-83 victory last night over a Spurs team playing without All-Stars Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

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Ricky Rubio's in-game pep talk to Shved: "Alexey, change this face. Be happy. Enjoy!" [VIDEO]

rubio shved rect.jpg
Feeling down? Just imagine Ricky patting you on the head and telling you to turn the frown upside down, and your attitude will improve in a jiff.
If the whole basketball thing doesn't work out for him -- and these days, it's working out pretty well -- Ricky Rubio would probably be an amazing self-help guru.

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A little under a year ago, we marveled at the wisdom Ricky displayed during the early stages of his recovery from devastating knee injury. Then, last night, he shared his Zen-like perspective on life with rookie Alexey Shved during the Timberwolves' nationally televised 116-94 loss to the Lakers.

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Ricky Rubio on sick no-look pass during Rising Stars game: "I have eyes in my back" [VIDEO]

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rubio rect.jpg
This Ricky Rubio guy... he's not like anybody else.
The All-Star Weekend's Rising Stars game is pretty much a glorified pickup contest, but still -- a no-look, through-the-legs pass is a no-look, through-the-legs pass.

-- Ricky's return started off promisingly...
-- ... but went off the rails for a while

Perhaps the top highlight from last Friday's action was a gorgeous how-did-he-do-that dish from Ricky Rubio, who is looking more and more like the player who had Timberwolves fans so excited last season before he blew out his ACL.

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Ricky Rubio's blooper-worthy blown layup symbolizes T-Wolves's downward spiral [VIDEO]

shved injury rect.jpg
@cjzero on Twitter
Rookie Alexey Shved, one of the few silver linings during a depressing season, got bit by the Wolves's formidable injury bug last night on this play.
Last night, the Timberwolves went down in defeat, and two more key players left the game with injuries. In other words, it was pretty much a typical day in the course of an increasingly lost season.

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A campaign that began with so much promise has gone off the rails thanks to injuries and uninspired play. Last night's loss to the Los Angeles Clippers was the Wolves's fifth straight, dropping them to a season-worst four games below .500 (16-20).

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Ricky Rubio's return, so far: Two games, two spectacular passes [VIDEOS]

rubio backyard wrestler rect.jpg
If you could pass the rock like Ricky, you'd flex too.
Ricky Rubio is back from his ACL injury and is doing his best Adrian Peterson impression.

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Okay, so Rubio hasn't been as impressive as All Day, but who could be? Nonetheless, just two games in, Ricky has already demonstrated he can still pass the ball like nobody's business.

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Ricky Rubio puts backyard wrestling career on hold, cleared for full-contact practice [VIDEO]

rubio backyard wrestler rect.jpg
If you think Ricky really spends his free time backyard wresting, then Adidas has some shoes to sell you.
Did you know that during his rehab from knee injury, Ricky Rubio became an avid backyard wrestler?

-- Ricky Rubio, facing recovery from devastating injury, displays wisdom beyond his years
-- Ricky Rubio tears ACL, the basketball world grieves [VIDEO]

The video evidence is right below the jump. But Ricky is now putting his WWE ambitions on hold, as yesterday he was cleared for full-contact basketball practice, paving the way for him to return to game action sometime this month.

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