R.T. Rybak suffers heart attack while cross-country skiing

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Former Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak is resting with his family at Abbott Northwestern Hospital after undergoing an angioplasty and stent placement earlier today.

FROM THURSDAY: Rybak cracks awesome joke as he prepares for official unauguration

Rybak had been cross-country skiing at Theodore Wirth Park early Saturday afternoon when he felt chest pains. He was transported to the hospital via ambulance, where doctors performed a procedure that inserted two stents.

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R.T. Rybak cracks awesome Rob Ford joke as he prepares for official unauguration

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R.T. says he has a little Rob Ford in him.
The day after Betsy Hodges was elected, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman gave her this advice: "What­ever you do, you don't want to take les­sons from the may­or of To­ron­to."

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He was speaking, of course, of Rob Ford, the colorful, crack-smoking mayor of Toronto.

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Tragically, R.T. Rybak didn't get his last wish as mayor

Jason DeRusha on Twitter
R.T. Rybak's last day in office was marred by tragedy.
With only one full day left in his term as mayor, R.T. Rybak offered up this tweet on New Year's Eve night: Just hours later, an explosion and fire in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood injured 14 -- six critically. In addition, the Star Tribune reports that three or four others known to have lived in the apartments still haven't been located and are feared dead.

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R.T. Rybak says he smoked his share of pot in high school, but it left him depressed

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The sticky icky isn't for everyone...
When you think of words to describe R.T. Rybak, "depressed" certainly wouldn't be anywhere near the top of the list. But in a wide-ranging interview with Mpls St. Paul Magazine's Steve Marsh, the soon-to-be former mayor says that's how smoking a bunch of pot made him feel during his days at Breck High School.

OUR OWN EXIT INTERVIEW: R.T. Rybak -- My motto is, "Party like you can't be impeached"

What got him out of his ganja-induced funk? Fittingly, the ebullient R.T. says it was his first political campaign.

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Today is R.T. Rybak's last City Council meeting [PHOTOS]

:::: UPDATE, 11:45 a.m. :::: Council voted unanimously to approve the downtown east redevelopment project mentioned at the bottom of this post.

After more than a decade as Minneapolis mayor, R.T. Rybak will attend the last City Council meeting of his tenure today.

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Next time the council convenes, the holidays will be behind us, and the Betsy Hodges era will have begun.

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Mayor Rybak tweets awesome ode to snow emergencies

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Contemplating his next poem?
Minneapolis mayor-to-be Betsy Hodges already has to deal with questions about whether she can fill R.T. Rybak's cycling, Trampled by Turtles-loving, crowd-surfing shoes as Cool Mayor. Add to the list: Will Hodges ever refer to herself as "da Maya"?

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Mark Dayton, R.T. Rybak call on Washington Redskins to change "racist" nickname [UPDATE]

-- Update at bottom --

The Washington Redskins are in town tonight to play a nationally televised game against the soap opera that is the Minnesota Vikings.

One subplot is the ongoing controversy over the Redskins' offensive nickname, which has prompted the American Indian Movement to plan a protest outside tonight's game.

RELATED: ACLU calls on Vikings to boycott "Redskins" when Washington comes to Metrodome

During a news conference today, Gov. Mark Dayton was asked for his opinion on the nickname. Here's what he said:

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Even Mayor Rybak thinks having 35 candidates vying to replace him is extreme

Rybak agrees: The sample ballot at right is extreme.
When Minneapolis voters head to the polls next week, they'll confront 35 candidates for mayor on the ballot. That includes no fewer than two running as some kind of pirate, and many more running for kicks, or around a pet issue.

Outgoing Mayor R.T. Rybak gets that this state of affairs is kind of a mess. "I know some people are nervous or confused," he wrote on his blog last night.

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- This is the crazy ballot that will confront MPLS voters on Election Day [IMAGE]

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Local gay guy emigrates from Wisconsin to Minnesota in search of a better life

Perhaps you thought R.T. Rybak's efforts to lure gays from neighboring states weren't working?

Allow us to introduce you to a local gay guy who will tell you otherwise. He calls himself "Second-Class Badger," and he has finally escaped Occupied Wisconsin and made it to the Free World of Minnesota.

"I moved to Wisconsin years ago because I thought it was a relatively progressive state," the local gay man mused. "I don't know what happened to the place."

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R.T. Rybak's "Marry Me in Mpls" campaign inspires marriage equality cause in Illinois

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B FRESH Photography for City Pages
Rybak's campaign has lit a fire under one of Illinois's Democratic leaders.
Earlier this month, R.T. Rybak traveled to Chicago to unveil the "Marry Me in Minneapolis" campaign.

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"I hope the day comes very soon that all Illinoisans can marry the person that they love, and I strongly encourage the legislature and Governor Quinn to pass marriage equality as soon as possible," Rybak said in a press release. "But until that day comes, I'm here to steal your business."

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