Police Say Father "Not Truthful" After 10-Year-Old Barway Collins's Disappearance

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Crystal Police
He was last seen leaving the school bus at the 5400 block of Douglas Drive North

Barway Collins was last seen leaving a school transportation van March 18.

A surveillance video released by Crystal police yesterday shows 10-year-old Collins telling a friend "there's my dad" and shortly after he says, "oh, my uncle's here" while unbuckling his seat belt.

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Family Wants Answers After Two of Its Horses Are Shot Dead

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Heidi M. Klegstad-Carlson Facebook
Sad stuff out of Thief River Falls
Last weekend a family from Thief River Falls was horrified to find someone opened fire on their horses, killing two and injuring a third.

Heidi Carlson has been posting on Facebook imploring people to spread the word about the crime and notify the Pennington County Sheriff if they hear anything. She says the family's horses were shot in a pasture less than 60 feet from their home.

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Aaron Purmort Remembered in Funny, Creative Obituary

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Nora Purmort's blog, myhusbandstumor.com
Aaron Purmort with his wife, Nora, and child Ralph

Aaron Purmort and his wife, Nora, tweeted and blogged with frank humor and honesty throughout his three-year battle with brain cancer, which came to a close last week.

Yesterday the Star Tribune ran his self-written obituary full of the same good-natured wit friends and online followers of the Purmorts have come to appreciate.

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Boy dies after he's found hanging from clothesline in north Minneapolis

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WCCO screengrab
The North Side backyard where the boy was found.
Yesterday, a 10-year-old boy who was found hanging from a clothesline in north Minneapolis last Thursday was pronounced dead.

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The boy was found hanging by a neighbor in the backyard of an abandoned house on the 3200 block of Bryant Avenue North.

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Minnesota Mist cancel rest of the season

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RIP, Minnesota Mist (2013-2013)
We were your home for Minnesota Mist coverage, but sadly, those halcyon days have come to an end.

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A source tells City Pages that the Mist, along with the entire Beautiful Ballers league, have canceled the rest of the 2013 reason.

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Hennepin County painted over Midtown Greenway mural

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Artists in Storefronts -- click to enlarge
Since they hadn't issued a permit for the mural, Hennepin County officials began covering it up.
Earlier today, Hennepin County came clean as the entity responsible for painting over the Midtown Greenway mural near Sunrise Cyclery.

THE BACKSTORY: Somebody whitewashed Midtown Greenway mural [PHOTOS]

In fact, the only reason the mural wasn't totally whitewashed is because workers ran out of paint. But Hennepin County officials say their painting crew has "been instructed to leave the mural as-is while we work with Minneapolis and the artist on next steps."

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Somebody whitewashed Midtown Greenway mural [PHOTOS]

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Artists in Storefronts -- click to enlarge
The mural as it was found yesterday morning.
:::: UPDATE :::: Hennepin County painted over Midtown Greenway mural

Artists Caw Wi Jiwa, Erin Sayer, and Yuya Negishi were on the receiving end of a major buzzkill yesterday morning when the mural they were working on along the Midtown Greenway near Sunrise Cyclery was found covered in whitewash.

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A Facebook post by Artists in Storefronts notes that the mural-makers had permission from the pertinent landowner, Sunrise Cyclery, and the Midtown Greenway Coalition. City officials say they had nothing to do with covering up the mural, and at this point it's unclear who or what entity was responsible.

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Andrew Sandstrom criminal complaint: Apartment was so disgusting, officer gagged

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WDAY screengrab
Andrew Sandstrom (left) and his wife, Shayna (to his left).
:::: UPDATE :::: Andrew Sandstrom's wife is a member of "the PILL KILLS"

We've obtained the criminal complaint detailing the circumstances surrounding the second-degree manslaughter charge levied against Moorhead father of six Andrew Sandstrom, whose 5-month-old daughter died after he accidentally left her in a hot van for four hours earlier this month.

-- Andrew Sandstrom charged with manslaughter for leaving baby in hot van [MUGSHOT]
-- Baby dies after being left unattended in minivan for four hours

According to the document, the apartment Sandstrom, 24, shared with his 27-year-old wife Shayna and their children was so disgusting, it caused a police officer to gag.

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Lilydale Park hikers witnessed man burning to death in apparent self-immolation

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self immolating man rect.jpg
Tad Vezner on Twitter
In the caption to this photo, the PiPress's Tad Vezner writes that authorities "found the guy here, about 100-200 yards from bottom/river."
Two hikers out yesterday evening in St. Paul's Lilydale/Harriet Island Regional Park got an extremely grisly surprise when they came across a man engulfed in flames.

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Despite their efforts to save the man, including placing a water-soaked coat on his body, he ended up dying of his injuries.

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Chicago Avenue Deli goes up in flames [PHOTOS]

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chicago deli fire rect.jpg
Kim Insley on Twitter
The dramatic blaze, which is now under control, resulted in a couple blocks of Chicago Avenue being closed this morning.
The Chicago Avenue Deli, located at 25th Street and Chicago Avenue in south Minneapolis, went up in flames overnight.

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A fire at the building was first reported at about 3:30 a.m., with the blaze intensifying a couple of hours later. Though the precise extent of the damage isn't clear at this point, it certainly looks as though the building is a complete loss.

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