Man Charged in St. Paul's Fifth "Revenge Porn" Case in Last Four Years

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Matteo Paciotti via Flickr
Does Minnesota need a "revenge porn" law?

St. Paul police say a 25-year-old man named David secretly recorded himself having sex with his wife on at least three occasions.

That's a pretty creepy, weird thing to do to your spouse, so it's not too surprising that after David made those videos he got divorced.

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Brad Hoyt, Pissed-Off Developer, Plans Porn Shop in Wayzata to Spite City

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Screenshot of WCCO-TV
Adding some spice to downtown Wayzata!

The pink building advertising a porn shop opening soon is turning heads amid the country club atmosphere of downtown Wayzata.

Developer Brad Hoyt is in the middle of a long-running feud with the city. After his latest development proposal, a five-story mixed-use building, was deemed too big, he says he went out looking for tenants.

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Eagan Hot Tub Sex Party: Cougar Edition

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Jennifer C. via Flickr
Awww yeah
Is there any better way to steam up a cold February night than boning in a stranger's hot tub?

Lucas Arneson, 22, and Kristie Sheldon, 52, were caught by Eagan police late Tuesday night after having sex in a mortified stranger's hot tub.

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Here are creepy emails Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell sent his 17-year-old love

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Tim Scannell
Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell is currently on trial for two felony counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with a relationship he carried on with a 17-year-old girl a couple years ago. (July 28 update -- A jury convicted Scannell of both counts.)

During testimony this week, Scannell, who in late 2011 was nearly shot to death in the Cook County Courthouse by a 42-year-old man who he'd just tried and convicted of having sex with a 15-year-old girl, denied that the relationship ever progressed beyond kissing. The now 19-year-old girl, on the other hand, testified that Scannell, 48, touched her breasts and butt and pressured her to have oral sex with him at least once.

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Republican House candidate Bob Frey shares bizarre, discredited view about gay sex

Bob Frey (left) with the MNGOP-endorsed candidate for governor, Jeff Johnson.
:::: UPDATE :::: We got in touch with Matt Gieseke, the endorsed DFLer running against Frey and Nash, to get his response to Frey's comments. Click to page two to read it.

Last year, video of pastor Mike Frey's cringe-worthy soliloquy at the Capitol about the dangers of "ejaculation inside of a colon" left us unsure whether to laugh, cry, or move into the woods and stop paying attention to politics altogether.

Like son, like father, apparently. Even after Mike embarrassed himself by espousing an anti-gay theory that has no scientific basis, his father, Bob, articulated basically the same view during a recent interview with MinnPost.

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Abortions at record low in MN thanks to health care access, contraceptive mandate, NARAL says

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Photos via Fibonacci Blue and S. MiRK
Planned Parenthood performed 4,370 abortions in Minnesota last year, the most of any organization.
The number of abortions performed in Minnesota last year was the lowest since the state began collecting data on the procedures in 1975.

There were 9,903 abortions performed in the state in 2013. That's down from 10,700 in 2012 and represents the first time on record the number has fallen below 10,000.

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Apple Valley, Minnetonka are Twin Cities hotbeds for cheating spouses

affair rect.jpg
Ashley Madison has 26 million users and expects to bring in more than $120 million this year.
The suburbs are where most of the Twin Cities' wannabe cheaters live, according to new information released by Ashley Madison, which is known perhaps as the world's leading hookup site for wayward spouses.

According to the site's "membership per capita" numbers, 9.1 percent of the Twin Cities' Ashley Madison accounts belong to Apple Valley residents, which is the highest percentage in the metro. Minnetonka clocks in at second with 8.8 percent.

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Victor Barnard sex cult charges: Most bizarre allegations

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Screengrab via Fox 9
An undated photo of Barnard with his "Maidens."
On April 11, Victor Barnard, leader of a Christian religious sect called the River Road Fellowship, was charged with 59 felony counts of criminal sexual conduct in Pine County for allegedly forcing two young girls to regularly have sex with him between 2000 and 2009.

The lengthy criminal complaint makes for horrifyingly fascinating reading. It lays out how Barnard, who is currently the subject of a nationwide manhunt, separated the girls from their families, used religion to persuade them to enter sexual relationships with him, and then manipulated them into staying at "Shepherd's Camp" in Finlayson, Minnesota, even after they expressed a desire to leave.

We highlight the most bizarre allegations from the complaint below the jump.

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With chlamydia at all-time high, MN Dept of Health focusing on STD awareness

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It's not exactly breaking news, but less condom use leads to more STDs. "Certainly, risky behaviors are a factor," an MDH official says.
Last year was a record one for bacterial STDs in Minnesota, with chlamydia rates and raw cases at all-time highs, gonorrhea up 26 percent, and syphilis up a whopping 64 percent.

This morning, we got in touch with Kristen Ehresmann -- director of the Minnesota Department of Health's infectious disease epidemiology, prevention, and control division -- and asked her what she thinks explains all those STDs.

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2013 was record year for chlamydia in Minnesota

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It's all fun and games until it burns when you pee.
:::: UPDATE :::: With chlamydia at all-time high, MN Dept of Health focusing on STD awareness

New statistics released by the Minnesota Department of Health indicate both the state's chlamydia rate and the raw number of reported cases has never been higher than it was last year.

In 2013, there were 18,724 reported cases. That translates to 353 out of 100,000 Minnesotans getting "the clap." Minneapolis has the highest chlamydia rate of any city in the state, with 933 out of 100,000 City of Lakes residents getting it last year.

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