Victor Barnard sex cult charges: Most bizarre allegations

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Screengrab via Fox 9
An undated photo of Barnard with his "Maidens."
On April 11, Victor Barnard, leader of a Christian religious sect called the River Road Fellowship, was charged with 59 felony counts of criminal sexual conduct in Pine County for allegedly forcing two young girls to regularly have sex with him between 2000 and 2009.

The lengthy criminal complaint makes for horrifyingly fascinating reading. It lays out how Barnard, who is currently the subject of a nationwide manhunt, separated the girls from their families, used religion to persuade them to enter sexual relationships with him, and then manipulated them into staying at "Shepherd's Camp" in Finlayson, Minnesota, even after they expressed a desire to leave.

We highlight the most bizarre allegations from the complaint below the jump.

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With chlamydia at all-time high, MN Dept of Health focusing on STD awareness

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It's not exactly breaking news, but less condom use leads to more STDs. "Certainly, risky behaviors are a factor," an MDH official says.
Last year was a record one for bacterial STDs in Minnesota, with chlamydia rates and raw cases at all-time highs, gonorrhea up 26 percent, and syphilis up a whopping 64 percent.

This morning, we got in touch with Kristen Ehresmann -- director of the Minnesota Department of Health's infectious disease epidemiology, prevention, and control division -- and asked her what she thinks explains all those STDs.

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2013 was record year for chlamydia in Minnesota

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It's all fun and games until it burns when you pee.
:::: UPDATE :::: With chlamydia at all-time high, MN Dept of Health focusing on STD awareness

New statistics released by the Minnesota Department of Health indicate both the state's chlamydia rate and the raw number of reported cases has never been higher than it was last year.

In 2013, there were 18,724 reported cases. That translates to 353 out of 100,000 Minnesotans getting "the clap." Minneapolis has the highest chlamydia rate of any city in the state, with 933 out of 100,000 City of Lakes residents getting it last year.

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Bizarre Alexandria sex law is an internet myth

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Last week, published its list of the "10 strangest sex laws in the USA."

Cracking the list was this doozy, purportedly from Alexandria, Minnesota: It's against the law for a man to have sex with his wife if his breath smells of garlic, onions, or sardines.

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Remote-controlled orgasm machine won't be tested in Minnesota after all

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Painting by Franciszek ┼╗murko
:::: UPDATE :::: Medtronic spokesperson Justin Ihle got in touch with us Monday morning and said his company never had any involvement in the orgasm machine testing. Ihle said he had no idea where the New Scientist's information came from. We talked to one of the New Scientist digital editor Flora Graham on Tuesday, and she stood by the original report, maintaining the bit about Medtronic testing the orgasm machine came from Dr. Meloy himself.

Original post -- A remote-controlled orgasm machine developed by a North Carolina surgeon named Stuart Meloy will be tested later this year by Fridley-based Medtronic, according to a report in the New Scientist.

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The device uses electrodes along the spinal cord and a signal generator installed under the buttocks to trigger orgasm. It's designed for women who have orgasm dysfunction, but Meloy says there's no reason it shouldn't work for men as well.

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Minnesotans have relatively little sexual stamina, study says

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Map via Nerve
Minnesota's typical sexcapade is the shortest in the Midwest, the study concludes.
A pair of recent studies relating to sex haven't reflected well on the residents of the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

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The first, published a couple of months ago, concluded that Minnesota men have relatively small penises. [Insert joke about how I wasn't included in the sample here.] And now comes word that all ya'll have relatively little sexual stamina.

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St. Paul flooded with Endangered Species Condoms thanks to most romantic status [UPDATE]

Center for Biological Diversity
-- Update with info about how you can get them at bottom --

Already the continent's best romantic getaway, St. Paul is about to get a whole lot cuter in the condom department.

The Center for Biological Diversity is flooding St. Paul with hundreds of Endangered Species Condoms thanks to the city's romantic recognition.

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Minnesotans have relatively small penises, study says

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Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes and the smallest packages in the five-state area.
Minnesotans have the 39th "largest" penises out of the 50 states in 'Murica, according to a study put together by Condomania, an online business which bills itself as the country's first condom store.

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Looking for something a little larger? Travel northwest to NoDak. According to the study, NoDakians are packing the largest units in the land. No wonder it's so damn sexy up there.

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U of M alums want to cheat on spouses more than grads of any other school, study finds

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When it comes to love and marriage, you shouldn't trust Gophers, apparently.
Ashley Madison -- a website that bills itself as "the online personals & dating destination for casual encounters, married dating, discreet encounters and extramarital affairs" -- put together a list of "Cheating Universities: The Top 10 Alma Maters of American Adulterers" earlier this fall.

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And lo and behold, the study found that no group of alums is more adulterous than University of Minnesota Gophers, as 7.8 percent of the 10,350 Ashley Madison members surveyed were U of M alums, the highest percentage of any school.

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Authorities can't stop Weird Wisconsin beach sex

Because nothing screams romance like the prospect of intercourse on a Wisconsin nudist beach.
In 2012, Wisconsin authorities closed the public forest around the Madison-area Mazo nudie beach in hopes it'd curtail people from going in the woods and getting it on. But it didn't do the trick, and so earlier this year, they closed the beach on weekdays.

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Unfortunately for authorities, that hasn't worked either. In other words, it appears there's no stopping Weird Wisconsin beach sex. All haters can do is hope to contain it.

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