City of St. Paul to Introduce Paid Maternity Leave for Employees

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St. Paul is poised to become the second city in Minnesota (after Brooklyn Park) to offer paid maternity leave to city employees.

A resolution that has the unanimous support of the city's seven council members "would provide four weeks paid salary to the birthing employee mother and two weeks paid salary to the non-birthing employee parent or adoptee employee parent," according to a news release put together by the city.

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Century-Old McClellan Building Demolished to Make Way for Vikings Stadium Parking Ramp

Photo via the Downtown East Minneapolis blog
The McClellan building as it looked many, many years ago.
Construction of the new Vikings stadium and the adjacent downtown east development involves the demolition of three buildings, all of them formerly owned by the Star Tribune.

The second of them came down last week, as the 99-year-old McClellan building was razed. It'll be replaced by a parking ramp connected to the new stadium, Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority spokesperson Jenn Hathaway tells us.

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"Instagramable Views" Used as Selling Point for Dinkytown's The Bridges Apartments

Chris Steller on Twitter
The marketing team leasing units in a new 11-story Dinkytown apartment building says it has views so good, you won't want to just enjoy them with your eyeballs -- you'll want to snap a pic and post it to social media.

Advertisements for The Bridges cite "Instagramable Views" as one thing the building has going for it.

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October 13 is Indigenous Peoples Day, Not Columbus Day, in Minneapolis

Why the mean mug, Chris? Upset we're not celebrating you anymore?
This year, for the first time since 1936, the second Monday in October won't be Columbus Day in Minneapolis.

Thanks to a resolution passed last April, the holiday has been renamed Indigenous Peoples Day. There's a bit of work still to be done, however -- at its most recent meeting, the Minneapolis City Council directed staff to work with leaders in the local American Indian community to "review the City of Minneapolis' programs, practices, and policies as they relate to the intended impact of the Indigenous Peoples Day Resolution."

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Timberwolves, MPD Team Up to Provide "Bomb Security" at Wolves Games

For the first full season ever, the Timberwolves are allocating funds to keep Target Center safe from bombs.
An item on the most recent Minneapolis public safety committee agenda, later approved by the full City Council last Friday, caught our eye.

It reads, "Bomb Security Services for Minnesota Timberwolves Games" and allocates $44,640 in city funds -- a total to be reimbursed by the team -- for that purpose.

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Jordan Matson, Wisconsin Man, Is Fighting ISIS

Jordan Matson via Facebook
We know this story too well: Local man disappears into the Middle East to help homicidal maniacs further their bloody, wretched, nihilistic ends. But get this: A 28-year-old Army vet from Sturtevant, Wisconsin, has also left for the Middle East -- to fight against ISIS.

On Friday, the Daily Beast wrote of Jordan Matson's journey from a troubled and depressed Midwesterner to a member of the YPG, or Kurdish militia. In 2007, he'd served in Iraq and Afghanistan before an early discharge, but returned home "a person at war with himself, looking for a way out."

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Proof Legendary Duluth Billboard Actually Existed Finally Turns Up [PHOTO]

John Fedo photo used here with permission of the Duluth News Tribune
The billboard pictured at the top of this post has been the stuff of legend for years in Duluth.

Amy Klobuchar once mentioned it on the floor of the U.S. Senate. A documentary filmmaker described it as an "important piece of Duluth history" on which "the future of the entire city depends." (He was joking.) An an arts columnist once characterized it as emblematic of Duluth's economic and cultural decline during the 1980s -- located along southbound I-35, it was the last thing emigrating Duluthians would see as they left the region for the Twin Cities.

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Former MN Conductor James Touchi-Peters Founds "Online Country Club" for Rich Folks

Looking for an online place to talk about your Rolls-Royce Phantom? James Touchi-Peters (pictured) has just the site for you!
James Touchi-Peters, the acclaimed conductor of the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra from 1992 to 2001, has broadened his horizons beyond music.

His latest project is "a first-of-its-kind exclusive online country club for affluent, but busy individuals, hungry for a place to communicate with like-minded people," according to a press release publicizing, which opens for business today.

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Downtown Minneapolis Church Holding "Photobombed by Jesus" Event

All photos courtesy of Debbie Friez
It sure beats speaking in tongues, doesn't it?
Sunday morning, the Central Lutheran Church invites you to come to downtown Minneapolis and get photobombed by the son of God... or a likeness of him, at least.

From 10-11 a.m., the church is holding a "Get Photo Bombed by Jesus" event in celebration of the beginning of autumn.

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Minneapolis's drive to destroy kid's cool treehouse is kinda heartbreaking

Photo of Daniel's treehouse (visible at left) via Smith Wilkinson on Twitter
After a two-year drama, the Minneapolis Zoning Board will hold a public hearing tomorrow on whether to allow middle schooler Daniel Pryke to keep his impressive treehouse.

It doesn't look good. City staff's recommendation, phrased somewhat euphemistically, is to "deny... that the treehouse located at 1812 Emerson Ave S should be allowed to remain."

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