Uptown Vapor Shoppe removes "No Statutory Vape" sign following Facebook outcry

A Facebook screencap of the controversial sign and what people had to say about it.
Uptown Vapor Shoppe has been open at 2817 Hennepin Avenue for a year. Since day one, the business has had a sign in its window that says, "No Statutory Vape."

The sign's reference is meant to be to a store policy prohibiting minors from purchasing products. It had never been an issue until last Friday, when the Vapor Shoppe's Facebook page was slammed by commenters decrying the sign for making light of statutory rape.

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$4,500 for rent? Calhoun-area "rental condo" development would charge that much

Renderings via Southwest Journal
We know Minneapolis isn't cheap for renters, but this is ridiculous.

Greystar, the same developers who brought you the Elan Apartments on the Greenway, wants to charge $4,500 for apartments in a building proposed for 2626 W. Lake St., adjacent to the Calhoun Beach Club. No, not $4,500 per year -- $4,500 per month. And some units would be even more expensive, as $4,500 would be the average price tag in the eight-story building.

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Gun permits issued in Minnesota doubled last year

Permit image via precisionplusfirearms.com
On December 14, 2012, the Newtown massacre happened. In its wake, President Obama talked tough about gun control, and local gun shops reported a "feeding frenzy" for firearms.

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So perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that numbers released today by the Department of Public Safety show the number of carry permits issued in Minnesota last year basically doubled from 2012.

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Red Wing considering changing Columbus Day to First Peoples Day

Columbus "made no meaningful contribution" to Minnesota and behaved with "extreme cruelty to the people he found in 'America,'" the resolution states.
The city of Red Wing is considering a resolution that would officially change the name of the Columbus Day holiday to First Peoples Day.

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The proposal is the work of the city's Human Rights Commission, and especially commissioner Scott Bender, a 50-year-old high school history and social studies teacher who characterized Columbus Day as "just a disgusting honorarium to a man who so grossly violated the modern standards of human rights."

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Mayor wants Stillwater Log Jam to change name because of Urban Dictionary connotation

A literal log jam. An image of the figurative meaning would be NSFW.
The name of the event that will follow in the footsteps of the defunct Stillwater Lumberjack Days was officially announced on Tuesday. The festival, to be held July 18-20, will be called the Stillwater Log Jam.

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But yesterday, Stillwater officials contacted the festival organizers and asked them to change the name. The reason? A resident contacted them to let them know how "log jam" is defined in the Urban Dictionary.

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Eighteen years later, internet decodes ailing Minnesota woman's final messages

All images courtesy of Janna Holm
Dorothy Holm
Shakopee resident Dorothy Holm died of brain cancer in 1996. Almost two decades later, her family finally got around to trying to decode her final messages, left on index cards seemingly filled with random letters.

"We got them in '96 when she was about to pass, and we thought they were a fun game at the time," Dorothy's granddaughter, Janna Holm, told us last night. "We thought she was using secret messages."

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RIP, Uptown Blockbuster

:::: UPDATE :::: Anne Jeske, a project manager for Kraus-Anderson Realty, the company that owns the strip mall that was home to the Uptown Blockbuster, says there's no news at the moment as regards what business will move into the old Blockbuster space.

The Blockbuster store at 2224 Hennepin Avenue South went the way of the dinosaur at 5 p.m yesterday.

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Shelves were mostly empty during the store's final minutes, and with available-for-purchase fixtures strewn around haphazardly, the place had a half-torn-down vibe reminiscent of the one prevailing inside the Metrodome last week:

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Former GOP Congressman Vin Weber says Republicans are dumb and getting dumber

vin-weber rect.jpg
Weber, a GOP strategist, said "the most educated people who used to be Republicans are now Democrats."
Vin Weber served as a Republican Congressman from Minnesota from 1981 to 1993. Since retiring from Congress, he was one of Mitt Romney's senior foreign policy advisers during his 2012 presidential run and still works as a D.C.-based GOP strategist.

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So suffice it to say it's a bit surprising to see him say that  Republicans, in general, are dumb and not getting any smarter.

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MSP's Terminal 2 shut down after woman tries to sneak propane tank through security

msp from air 294199155_4e8b9315c0.jpg
MSP from above.
Something alternatively described as a suspicious package or suspicious box shut down MSP's Terminal 2 this morning. Terminal 1 was unaffected.

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With lots of holiday travelers taking to the skies, that state of affairs is obviously far from ideal. But in this day and age, officials took proper precautions and evacuated that part of the airport until it could be determined the box/package wasn't dangerous.

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Barb Johnson says Mpls officials developing murder scene cleanup protocol

North Minneapolis Crime Watch & Information on Facebook
The photo at the top of this post of blood stains still covering the 3700 block of Girard Avenue North on Monday, four days after a man was murdered there, is prompting city officials to engage with a rather unpleasant topic -- how murder scenes should be cleaned up.

THE BACKSTORY: North Minneapolis street still red with blood four days after murder

On her Facebook page yesterday, 4th Ward Council Member Barb Johnson said officials "are developing protocols to deal with this tragic circumstance in the future."

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