Minneapolis Moves to Ban E-Cigarettes in Public Buildings

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E-cigarettes will soon be regulated just like regular tobacco in Minneapolis

By the end of the year it looks like there will be no more vaping allowed in any public buildings in Minneapolis.

Yesterday a City Council committee unanimously passed a measure that would extend the state's 2007 Freedom to Breathe Act to e-cigarettes. The new ordinance would treat e-cigarette smoke exactly like cigarette smoke.

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E-Cigarettes Now More Popular Than Cigarettes Among MN Teens

Jonny Williams via Creative Commons
E-cigs are exploding in popularity among teens

In the midst of a historic decline in teen tobacco use, e-cigarettes surpassed cigarettes in popularity among Minnesota teens.

A recently released state Department of Health survey celebrated the largest ever drop in tobacco use by middle and high school students, but warned against e-cigarettes' explosion in popularity because of nicotine's harmful effects on the adolescent brain.

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Duluth Considers Six-Month Moratorium on Medical Cannabis Manufacturers

Dank Depot
By next year, there may be as many as a thousand medical cannabis patients in northern Minnesota, though it's seeming less and less likely that any of them will pick up their supplies in Duluth.

Earlier this month, the city's planning committee proposed a six-month moratorium on cannabis manufacturers or distributors, giving city officials time to consider how a facility would affect the homestead.

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Convenience Stores Say Tobacco Taxes Are Killing Them

Emily Eveland for City Pages
Minnesota stores are selling less of these. Is that good or bad? Depends who you ask.
You have to consider the source, but a new study funded by a consortium of the Minnesota Wholesale Marketers Association, a bunch of gas stations, and big tobacco finds that the increased cigarette and tobacco taxes that went into effect last year are having a devastating impact on businesses.

The tax, which increased the cigarette excise tax by 130 percent and the tax on other tobacco products from 70 percent of the wholesale price to 95 percent, has cost 1,100 jobs, resulted in a 50 percent decrease in tobacco sales along Minnesota's borders, and decreased non-tobacco product sales by $38 million.

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Minneapolis Has More "Sugar Daddies" Than New York or L.A.

Not only is the stigma surrounding online dating going away, but apparently so is the stigma involving "sugar daddies" -- that is, older men who date younger women they've met online with full knowledge the gals wouldn't be interested if they didn't have money and weren't willing to spend it on them.

According to the not-exactly-unbiased SeekingArrangement.com, the world's largest sugar daddy dating website, the number of men on the site has nearly tripled in the last year, and surprise! One of the hotspots for sugar daddies is Minneapolis, where 6.33 men per 1,000 are on the site and looking for their very own "sugar babies."

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Pro-"Redskins" Group Advertising in Twin Cities

You can be sure there will be lots of talk about and condemnation of the Washington Redskins' nickname in the Twin Cities this week, as the team prepares to square off against the Vikings on Sunday at TCF Bank Stadium.

But at least one group is using local media to present a counterargument to the anti-Redskins ones put forth by people like Clyde Bellecourt.

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City of St. Paul to Introduce Paid Maternity Leave for Employees

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St. Paul is poised to become the second city in Minnesota (after Brooklyn Park) to offer paid maternity leave to city employees.

A resolution that has the unanimous support of the city's seven council members "would provide four weeks paid salary to the birthing employee mother and two weeks paid salary to the non-birthing employee parent or adoptee employee parent," according to a news release put together by the city.

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Century-Old McClellan Building Demolished to Make Way for Vikings Stadium Parking Ramp

Photo via the Downtown East Minneapolis blog
The McClellan building as it looked many, many years ago.
Construction of the new Vikings stadium and the adjacent downtown east development involves the demolition of three buildings, all of them formerly owned by the Star Tribune.

The second of them came down last week, as the 99-year-old McClellan building was razed. It'll be replaced by a parking ramp connected to the new stadium, Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority spokesperson Jenn Hathaway tells us.

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"Instagramable Views" Used as Selling Point for Dinkytown's The Bridges Apartments

Chris Steller on Twitter
The marketing team leasing units in a new 11-story Dinkytown apartment building says it has views so good, you won't want to just enjoy them with your eyeballs -- you'll want to snap a pic and post it to social media.

Advertisements for The Bridges cite "Instagramable Views" as one thing the building has going for it.

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October 13 is Indigenous Peoples Day, Not Columbus Day, in Minneapolis

Why the mean mug, Chris? Upset we're not celebrating you anymore?
This year, for the first time since 1936, the second Monday in October won't be Columbus Day in Minneapolis.

Thanks to a resolution passed last April, the holiday has been renamed Indigenous Peoples Day. There's a bit of work still to be done, however -- at its most recent meeting, the Minneapolis City Council directed staff to work with leaders in the local American Indian community to "review the City of Minneapolis' programs, practices, and policies as they relate to the intended impact of the Indigenous Peoples Day Resolution."

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