A Hater's Guide to the St. Louis Blues

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Miss Missouri 2014

Tonight the Wild have the misfortune of opening the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Blues in St. Louis. Our boys are being sent to a place where candidates believe in legitimate rape, and Republicans launch whisper campaigns about rivals being -- gasp! -- secretly Jewish.

The Wild deserve hazard pay. St. Louis is a wretched city with a hockey team that's basically the Vikings of the NHL.

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Statistics Prove Minnesota Has the Worst Sports Teams in America

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Tony Nelson
Sad, but not surprising

The chronic failure of our state's sports teams ranks right up there with the weather as a safe, universally known discussion topic in Minnesota.

The Twin Cities is one of only 12 places in America that fields a team in all four major sports leagues. In case you haven't noticed, those teams haven't seen much success over the last decade.

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Minnesota Wild Playoff Run Will Most Likely Include More Ticket Scams, Say Police

SteveAndJulie via Flickr
The quest for the Cup starts Wednesday. Police say hot tickets will likely mean more ticket scams.

Ahmed Dahir allegedly had a good racket going.

For months, the 28-year-old Burnsville man had reportedly been buying sporting events e-tickets through Ticketmaster with stolen plastic. Since it would be an hour or so before Ticketmaster flagged the illicit purchases, Dahir would already have them in his possession before anyone got wise and the ticket barcodes were invalidated.

What he did next is where the real capitalist component of the scam kicks in.

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Minneapolis Legislators Want to Take Away Tax Breaks on Super Bowl Tickets

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"Why should the rich people buying tickets not have to pay taxes?"

State Sen. Scott Dibble (D-Minneapolis) is done giving the NFL tax breaks. In fact, he wants some of the concessions the state gave the multibillion-dollar "nonprofit" back.

"They made what, 10, 11 billion dollars last year?" he asked. "The NFL already got all kinds of perks and wonderful things for themselves when they agreed to [bring the Super Bowl] here. I'm not sure it's a good idea to be giving any more tax breaks."

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How Did Minnesota Pay for Its Stadiums?

A look back at the years of subsidies

New Major League Soccer team owner Bill McGuire plans to elevate his Minnesota United squad to the MLS in 2018, as long as a new outdoor stadium gets built in Minneapolis's North Loop neighborhood.

While we all wait to see how much public money McGuire will ask for to build the stadium, let's take a look back at how the other stadiums in the Twin Cities were financed.

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The Minnesota Twins Turned a Nice Profit Last Year and Are Worth More Than Ever

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Bjorn Watland via Flickr
The Twins ranked 18th out of the 30 teams in Major League Baseball

Yesterday Forbes published its annual estimate of every Major League Baseball team's net worth.

Altogether the league's 30 teams are collectively valued at $36 billion, a 48 percent increase from last year. It was the largest collective increase since Forbes started doing the rankings in 1998, and even the lowly Twins, coming off four straight losing seasons, saw a decent bump.

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Minnesota Awarded Major League Soccer Franchise -- As Long as New Stadium Is Built

Szapucki via Flickr
The New York Red Bulls' stadium on its opening night
UPDATE: While Minnesota's potential MLS franchise hangs in the balance until a decision is reached regarding the new soccer stadium (before July of 2015), we took a look back at what other stadiums around the Twin Cities actually cost and what part of the check was picked up by the public.

Major League Soccer is coming to Minnesota. The jubilant atmosphere at yesterday's announcement at Target Field and statewide celebration of another major professional sports franchise slated to debut in 2018 proved soccer has come a long way in Minnesota.

Before the celebration was even over, however, MLS Commissioner Don Garber issued a not-so-subtle ultimatum: Get a stadium deal in place by July or we'll take our business elsewhere.

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Bill McGuire Joins Zygi Wilf As Next Shady Businessman to Own MN Pro Sports Team

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Screenshot of Voice Media Group video
He had to pay back nearly $500 million in shady stock options and is still banned from running a public company

Today Major League Soccer is expected to announce it's awarding a new franchise to an ownership group led by a man whose prior corporate misconduct was bad enough to get him banned from running a public company for 10 years.

Former UnitedHealth Group CEO Bill McGuire saved professional soccer in the state when he bought the Minnesota Stars in 2012 and has used his personal fortune for a number of worthy charitable causes, like creating a scholarship fund at the U of M, and donating land for Gold Medal Park downtown. But let's not forget he became the poster child for shady CEO payouts and outrageous golden parachutes after he resigned from UnitedHealth in disgrace in 2006.

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MLS Officially Rules Out New Vikings-Owned Franchise

Minnesota Vikings
This rendering will never be realized
UPDATE:The MLS Commissioner gave Minnesota the go-ahead on a new MLS franchise, but only if the state secures plans to build yet another stadium by July of 2015.

Zygi's dream of bringing professional indoor soccer to his half-built, $1 billion palace is officially dead.

Yesterday the Vikings announced Major League Soccer told them "thanks but no thanks," turning all of the attention toward whether or not former United Health CEO Bill McGuire and his partners can build a soccer-specific outdoor stadium in the North Loop.

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New Minneapolis Soccer Stadium Could Come with a Hefty Welfare Tab

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Courtesy of D.C. United
The future D.C. United stadium, which will cost Washington D.C. taxpayers upwards of $140 million
UPDATE: MLS officially ruled out a Vikings-owned franchise on March 17, 2015. Weeks later, the commissioner announced that Minnesota could have an MLS franchise, but only if Minnesota could get a new soccer stadium deal in place by July.

As taxpayers choke down that $498 million welfare bill for the Vikings' new Bird Killer Stadium, the thought of funding a Major League Soccer stadium in downtown Minneapolis might go down like a wafer-thin mint.

And yet, an MLS team seems imminent, and with it, a large-scale stadium.

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