Watch Live: #ReclaimMLK March Through Streets of St. Paul

Jessie Johnson
Watch the #ReclaimMLK march live
Today thousands gathered at the intersection of Snelling and University Avenue in St. Paul for another march organized by Black Lives Matter.

The four-mile march will begin shortly after 1 p.m., winding on an unreleased route throughout St. Paul. Watch live here and follow on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #ReclaimMLKMN.

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Black Lives Matter Planning MLK Day March in St. Paul Monday

Katie G. Nelson
The route for the four-mile march is not being released
On Monday, nearly 2,000 people are expected to march through the streets of St. Paul for four miles in a demonstration honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Organizers are not releasing the route, so nobody really knows what roads will get shut down, but they did say they are working with the St. Paul police department to ensure everyone's safety.

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Minneapolis Ranks No. 6 for Peter Pan Syndrome, St. Paul No. 8

Photo by Ian Sane
Prioritizing quality of life.

Everyone knows the Twin Cities is the best place in the country for young folks these days, with our lean unemployment rates and educated peers and yada yada. But what about the honest-to-goodness cost of keeping our hard-earned condos properly stocked with weed?

The price of a harmless vice is one standard of measurement that the Lost Boys behind data-junkie news site Vocativ's Livability Index crunched to see how savvy Twin Citians are about dodging adulthood and just living life.

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St. Paul Police Believed to Have Killed Man Who's Threatened Cops Before

Categories: Police, St. Paul

T-Bone Sandwich, via Flickr
Police still consider it "a very active investigation" and ask anyone with information to call 651-266-5650
A man was shot and killed by St. Paul police early Wednesday morning. Here's what we know so far:

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St. Paul Caves to Uber, Falling for the Old Proprietary Info Trick


When Uber "independent contractor" Syed Muzzafar slammed into a young San Francisco family in a crosswalk last New Year's Eve and killed six-year-old Sofia Lin, the company was quick to offer its sympathy.

But just weeks later, when the family filed a wrongful death suit, the app-based taxi-style outfit that hires regular folks to chauffeur washed its hands of the legal mess, claiming it didn't have to insure Muzzafar because he was an independent contractor, not an employee.

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City of St. Paul to Introduce Paid Maternity Leave for Employees

Thumbnail image for SmilingBaby.jpg
St. Paul is poised to become the second city in Minnesota (after Brooklyn Park) to offer paid maternity leave to city employees.

A resolution that has the unanimous support of the city's seven council members "would provide four weeks paid salary to the birthing employee mother and two weeks paid salary to the non-birthing employee parent or adoptee employee parent," according to a news release put together by the city.

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St. Paul Police Release Chris Lollie Arrest Surveillance Footage

Lollie (in red hat), confronted by three officers, including one wielding a taser.
Yesterday, the St. Paul Police department released two surveillance videos of Chris Lollie's rough arrest in the First National Bank Building skyway.

Though the videos show what you'd expect them to show in light of Lollie's cell phone footage, the St. Paul cop union took to Facebook to argue they "show that the officers involved handled the situation professionally and in accordance with their training."

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St. Paul Saints won't say what CHS is paying for naming rights at new Lowertown ballpark

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Aethan Hart on Twitter
CHS Field as it looked yesterday.

It doesn't quite have the ring to it that Midway Stadium does, but at a news conference yesterday, it was announced that the new Lowertown home of the St. Paul Saints will be called CHS Field.

Inver Grove Heights-based CHS isn't a sexy company, unless you're into livestock feed and crop nutrients. But they did pay the Saints... wait, what did they pay for the naming rights after all?

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St. Paul makes major best bike cities list...

St. Paul is getting serious about building a bike loop around downtown.
... and Minneapolis finished 37 spots higher.

But let's forget about that for a second! It's cool, for a change, to see St. Paul get some love as the 40th-ranked city in Bicycling Magazine's biannual Best Cities to Bike list, and we spoke to Anne Hunt, environmental policy director for Mayor Chris Coleman's office, to get some perspective on the exciting bike-related developments taking place there.

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Pioneer Press photog told to stop shooting in "private" St. Paul skyway

Is this space public or private? It seems to depend who you ask.
:::: UPDATE :::: St. Paul Police Release Chris Lollie Arrest Surveillance Footage

Footage of Chris Lollie's controversial arrest in the St. Paul skyway raised questions about the public/private status of that area.

Though both the First National Bank Building's Facebook page and St. Paul city ordinance suggest the seating area where Lollie was arrested is open to the public, the experience of Pioneer Press photographer Ben Garvin supports a different conclusion.

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