Alleged St. Paul pot dealer charged with attempted murder for shooting cop

Cory Anthony Lee
Cory Lee's neighbor says he's a pot dealer who was robbed by two guys who showed up at his residence a few weeks ago. Lee subsequently told the neighbor he'd gotten "up" on the robbers, meaning he retaliated against them.

A criminal complaint filed today against Lee doesn't indicate exactly what his retaliation involved, but last Friday police kicked down his door at 615 E. Maryland Ave. in St. Paul because he was wanted in connection with a shooting that took place three days earlier. When they did, Lee allegedly opened fire, shooting a cop in the chest.

-- Pot deal gone wrong leads to St. Paul's first homicide of year

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Good Samaritan whose kick to St. Paul robber's face was caught on camera comes forward

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The epic image at the top of this post was captured by security cameras at the CVS near Arcade Street and Maryland Avenue in St. Paul just before midnight on the night of February 24. It shows a knife-wielding, would-be (alleged) robber, 28-year-old Forest Lake resident Simon Hanson, getting kicked square in the kisser by a Good Samaritan.

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Hanson ended up losing his phone during the melee, and when he called it in hopes of getting it back later, police were able to set up a meeting and arrest him. Under questioning, Hanson said he chipped his tooth when he "got [his] head bashed in earlier."

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Witness: West 7th revelers were told gunman was on loose after shooting at Tom Reid's

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Patrick Juetten has been charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting.
After taking in some of the high school hockey tournament at the Xcel on Friday night, St. Paul resident Dan Reuter and his brother decided to go the Burger Moe's off West Seventh Street.

SEE ALSO: Pot deal gone wrong leads to St. Paul's first homicide of 2014

But while walking there at about 11:30 p.m., roughly half a dozen squad cars pulled up in front of Tom Reid's, blocking the entire street, while a crowd walked briskly toward them, apparently headed back toward the Xcel.

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Obama's Union Depot speech: Top tweets [VIDEO]

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Not the Onion: This is a real quote.
President Barack Obama outlined his ambitious transportation agenda during a speech this afternoon at St. Paul's Union Depot, and full video of his remarks are available on page three of this post.

But you'll have to read about what he actually said elsewhere. Instead, for your browsing pleasure, we bring you the ten most entertaining tweets we saw about Obama's Minnesota cameo:

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Here's how to get free tickets to President Obama's speech at Union Depot on Wednesday

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President Barack Obama will deliver remarks at St. Paul's Union Depot around 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon "to announce a new competition encouraging investments to create jobs and restore infrastructure as part of the President's Year of Action," a White House statement says.

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POTUS's speech is free and open to the public, and you can get tickets this morning.

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Man beaten, robbed while trying to link up with St. Paul woman he met on 1-800-Singles

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Clockwise from top, Tommie Green, Colleen Cloud, Cloud's apartment building, Marcus Green, Anthony Thomas, and Devonte Carter.
Don't have a date tonight? As the following story illustrates, it could be worse.

A 34-year-old man was beaten bloody Monday while trying to meet up with a St. Paul woman he met on something called 1-800-Singles.

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St. Paul flooded with Endangered Species Condoms thanks to most romantic status [UPDATE]

Center for Biological Diversity
-- Update with info about how you can get them at bottom --

Already the continent's best romantic getaway, St. Paul is about to get a whole lot cuter in the condom department.

The Center for Biological Diversity is flooding St. Paul with hundreds of Endangered Species Condoms thanks to the city's romantic recognition.

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St. Paul PD investigating funny meme pic of officer and passed out man

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St. Paul Police spokesman Paul Paulos was recently browsing theCHIVE social media site when he came across the image at the top of this post.

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Concerned about the message it conveys, Paulos's department has since begun an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the pic.

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St. Paul named best romantic city, and Chris Coleman says LRT will only make it lovelier

Thumbnail image for stpaulskylinewinter.jpg
USA Today readers think you're looking at North America's best romantic getaway.
Even though voting occurred amid a polar vortex that has many of us wearing decidedly unsexy long undies and thermals, St. Paul has been named the "Best Romantic North American Getaway" by 10Best/USA Today.

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St. Paul somehow edged places like Santa Fe, New Orleans, and Honolulu for the "Readers' Choice" award. And reached for comment today, Mayor Chris Coleman said he doesn't expect St. Paul to be dislodged from the top of the list anytime soon.

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Megabus moving to Union Depot

Megabus's St. Paul stop is moving out of the Midway Shopping Center parking lot and into the more comfortable, climate-controlled confines of the Union Depot.

The change goes into effect January 29, Megabus spokesman Mike Alvich told us this afternoon.

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