Murder at North Side 4th of July party related to unsolved St. Paul slaying, charges say

Prince Pope's murder remains unsolved. Authorities say a confrontation over it led to a slaying in north Minneapolis during the early morning hours of July 5.
The violent ripple effects of Prince Pope's murder at his January birthday party in St. Paul are still being felt across the border in Minneapolis, according to charges filed yesterday in connection with a murder at a 4th of July party on Minneapolis's North Side.

At the party, which was hosted by 24-year-old Francesca DeSandre at 2617 3rd St. N., Marco Gresham, also 24, confronted a woman identified in the complaint as "V.G." about "her knowledge of [Gresham's] alleged involvement" in Pope's murder, according to a statement V.G. subsequently gave to police.

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St. Paul road sign reads, "Local Moms Need C**k" [PHOTO]

Courtesy photo used with permission of Neal Lambert
Come again?
:::: UPDATE :::: Here's video of the sign in action

Tuesday night, someone messed with an electronic sign that was supposed to warn drivers about the flooding-induced closure of a stretch of Shepard Road in St. Paul.

As you can see above, the message was manipulated to read, "Local Moms Need Cock."

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St. Paul also plans to regulate Lyft, UberX

Lyft pic via Alfredo Mendez; St. Paul pic via Meghan Newell
So-called "TNCs" like Lyft currently operate without regulations in St. Paul and Minneapolis.
As Minneapolis officials ready a new "transportation network company" ordinance that will regulate cutting-edge taxi-style services like Lyft and UberX for City Council consideration (more on that in coming days), Ricardo Cervantes, St. Paul's director of the Department of Safety and Inspections, tells us his city will soon follow suit.

"We are interested in regulating the TNC companies, and just for your information, we've been working with Minneapolis and with the Metropolitan Airports Commission in regard to the language," Cervantes says. "We're looking at the language Minneapolis is currently proposing, and so we've kinda been walking this walk, doing best practices studies, looking at other cities and seeing how they're regulating TNCs, both for the protection of passengers and drivers."

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Lamar Hale posted about getting gunned down hours before he was murdered on St. Paul street

Lamar Hale (pic via Facebook)
On Wednesday, Lamar Hale posted a Facebook status about getting shot. Within hours he was dead after being gunned down on a street in the Payne-Phalen area of St. Paul.

The man charged with second-degree murder for shooting Hale, 25, is his cousin, 24-year-old Chevaze Ward, who'd been beefing with Hale over money in recent days, the criminal complaint says.

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St. Paul's iconic Schmidt sign to be relit after more than 20 years [IMAGES]

Categories: St. Paul
City of St. Paul
The brewery as it looked circa 1962.
After a half-century shining above the West Seventh Street skyline, the Schmidt Brewery sign went dark when Minnesota Brewing Co. bought the site in the early 1990s.

Today, the brewery is long gone, but tomorrow night the Schmidt light will flash once again.

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Cop Ruby Diaz had relationship with gangster, allegedly funneled him money in prison

Diaz pic via St. Paul Police PIO on Twitter
Diaz (left) allegedly funneled money to Smaller (right).
St. Paul Police Officer Ruby Diaz has been placed on leave and faces two counts of aggravated forgery and another of electronic identify theft for allegedly using another person's personal information to funnel money to St. Paul gangster Ramone Smaller, who's currently in prison in St. Cloud.

We wrote about Smaller's sordid story on Friday (read the backstory here), but according to prosecutors, members of Gotta Havit and Hustle Made Mafia weren't the only ones involved in his various crimes.

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Matthew Damman allegedly drunk-drove minivan into Lowertown Bulldog, injuring six [PHOTOS]

Matthew Michael Damman's mugshot
:::: UPDATE :::: Matthew Damman wasn't drunk when he drove minivan into Lowertown Bulldog, charges say

Matthew Damman allegedly led police on a brief drunken chase through downtown St. Paul before crashing his 2001 Chrysler Town and Country minivan into the Lowertown Bulldog, injuring six.

State Patrol spokesman Eric Roeske says someone reported a possible intoxicated driver heading northbound on Highway 61 south of Interstate 94 just before midnight last night. Officers caught up with the alleged drunk driver, later identified as Damman, as he exited Interstate 94 at Sixth Street.

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Alleged St. Paul pot dealer charged with attempted murder for shooting cop

Cory Anthony Lee
Cory Lee's neighbor says he's a pot dealer who was robbed by two guys who showed up at his residence a few weeks ago. Lee subsequently told the neighbor he'd gotten "up" on the robbers, meaning he retaliated against them.

A criminal complaint filed today against Lee doesn't indicate exactly what his retaliation involved, but last Friday police kicked down his door at 615 E. Maryland Ave. in St. Paul because he was wanted in connection with a shooting that took place three days earlier. When they did, Lee allegedly opened fire, shooting a cop in the chest.

-- Pot deal gone wrong leads to St. Paul's first homicide of year

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Good Samaritan whose kick to St. Paul robber's face was caught on camera comes forward

Categories: Crime, St. Paul
The epic image at the top of this post was captured by security cameras at the CVS near Arcade Street and Maryland Avenue in St. Paul just before midnight on the night of February 24. It shows a knife-wielding, would-be (alleged) robber, 28-year-old Forest Lake resident Simon Hanson, getting kicked square in the kisser by a Good Samaritan.

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Hanson ended up losing his phone during the melee, and when he called it in hopes of getting it back later, police were able to set up a meeting and arrest him. Under questioning, Hanson said he chipped his tooth when he "got [his] head bashed in earlier."

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Witness: West 7th revelers were told gunman was on loose after shooting at Tom Reid's

Categories: Crime, St. Paul
Patrick Juetten has been charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting.
After taking in some of the high school hockey tournament at the Xcel on Friday night, St. Paul resident Dan Reuter and his brother decided to go the Burger Moe's off West Seventh Street.

SEE ALSO: Pot deal gone wrong leads to St. Paul's first homicide of 2014

But while walking there at about 11:30 p.m., roughly half a dozen squad cars pulled up in front of Tom Reid's, blocking the entire street, while a crowd walked briskly toward them, apparently headed back toward the Xcel.

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