Minnesota Wild Playoff Run Will Most Likely Include More Ticket Scams, Say Police

SteveAndJulie via Flickr
The quest for the Cup starts Wednesday. Police say hot tickets will likely mean more ticket scams.

Ahmed Dahir allegedly had a good racket going.

For months, the 28-year-old Burnsville man had reportedly been buying sporting events e-tickets through Ticketmaster with stolen plastic. Since it would be an hour or so before Ticketmaster flagged the illicit purchases, Dahir would already have them in his possession before anyone got wise and the ticket barcodes were invalidated.

What he did next is where the real capitalist component of the scam kicks in.

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Did a St. Paul Man Have the Right to Chase Down and Shoot Purported Robbers?

Screenshot of Boondock Saints via Flickr
Mysterious case of vigilante justice in St. Paul raises a lot of questions

On March 30 around 5:30 p.m., a man says two men pulled out guns near the corner of Como and Pennsylvania Avenues in St. Paul's North End and tried to rob him.

The man, who St. Paul police say had a permit to carry a gun, thwarted the robbery and exchanged gunfire with the would-be robbers. When the bad guys bolted, the victim got in his car, chased them for more than a mile, then shot one of them in the foot during a second gun fight.

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Man Charged in St. Paul's Fifth "Revenge Porn" Case in Last Four Years

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Matteo Paciotti via Flickr
Does Minnesota need a "revenge porn" law?

St. Paul police say a 25-year-old man named David secretly recorded himself having sex with his wife on at least three occasions.

That's a pretty creepy, weird thing to do to your spouse, so it's not too surprising that after David made those videos he got divorced.

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St. Paul Man Pulls Gun and Chases Would-Be Robbers, Shooting One in the Foot

Public domain/Pixabay
Not so fast...

Last night around 5:30 p.m. two armed robbers approached a man near the Hmongtown Marketplace at Como and Pennsylvania Avenues in St. Paul's North End.

According to the Pioneer Press, the man turned out not to be an easy target.

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Rival St. Paul Gangs Hit Squad and HAM Crazy Hold Taunting War Via Rap Videos

Ramsey County
Police say Michael Trevino (L) and Johns Epps (R, dreadlocks) are members of the Hit Squad gang, and Michael Garcia (back) is a member of the Latin Kings. The person holding the gun and two with their faces blocked out are minors.

According to charges filed in Ramsey County on March 27, a person living on the 200 block of Congress Street East in St. Paul saw a group of guys flashing gang signs and waving pistols a little before 7:00 p.m. on March 25. The commotion worried the resident, so she called the cops.

Police rolled up to find the location where West Side gang Hit Squad had been filming rap videos taunting their East Side rivals, known as HAM Crazy. St. Paul police say the two gangs have been feuding through videos posted on YouTube and Facebook.

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St. Paul Police Shoot and Kill Armed Man in East Side Standoff

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Screenshot of Star Tribune video
This was the St. Paul Police Department's second fatal shooting of the year

Yesterday afternoon St. Paul police responded to a call at 3:20 p.m. about a man who was waving a rifle around at 411 White Bear Ave.

"It could've been the yard, the porch, the doorway, but he was seen by residents [waving a rifle], which gave great concern to the neighborhood," St. Paul Sgt. Paul Paulos told reporters.

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Here's Why St. Paul Still Sucks at Recycling

Screenshot of City of St. Paul Communications Services on YouTube
Somehow recycling rates in St. Paul actually dropped after switching to an easier single-sort system

Minneapolis saw a 25 percent increase in recycling when it finally made the switch to single-sort bins in 2013. Lazy people no longer had an excuse to just throw everything away. One bin for garbage, one for recycling. It's simple.

When St. Paul made the switch to single-sort, however, recycling rates plummeted. How in the world does that happen?

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St. Paul Reopening Parts of Lilydale Park After 2013 Landslide Killed Two Kids

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City of St. Paul
Three of the four fossil sites will remain closed

Two years ago a fossil-hunting field trip turned tragic when a landslide at Lilydale Regional Park in St. Paul killed two fourth-graders from St. Louis Park. Later a City Pages investigation found the city had known about safety issues at the park for years, but Mayor Chris Coleman never found the money to address them.

Yesterday the head of St. Paul Parks and Recreation presented a plan to the City Council that will finally address those safety concerns and reopen some sections of the park this summer that have been closed since the landslide.

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Keng Yang, Hapless Burglar, Gets Broken Leg and Felony Charges From Weed Heist

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Ramsey County
Instant karma

According to the Ramsey County attorney, last April 44-year-old Keng Yang broke into an apartment above the Home Video store at 1984 Stillwater Ave. E. in St. Paul by climbing up a ladder and ducking through an unlocked window.

Once inside, he found several garbage bags full of weed. As he lugged one of the heavy bags back out of the window someone yelled at him, causing him to lose his balance and tumble to the ground below.

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St. Paul Attempts to Straighten Out One Tiny Piece of Its Famously Confusing Street Grid

Public domain via Pixabay
Times Square has nothing on St. Paul
Tomorrow the St. Paul City Council will consider renaming a few streets around Como Lake to iron out a couple of the city's numerous street grid inconsistencies.

Remember, this is a system of roads so baffling Jesse "The Mind" Ventura once infamously told David Letterman it must've been designed by a bunch of drunken Irishmen.

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