St. Thomas's mascot accused of wiping ass with College Republicans literature

UST Aquinas Yearbook on Facebook
Tommie allegedly has a liberal bias.
Four months after Camelgate, the University of St. Thomas has been rocked by another scandal.

The school's mascot, a cat-like animal of some sort named Tommie, allegedly wiped his ass yesterday with literature he grabbed from a College Republicans booth.

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Lamborghini towed at University of St. Thomas [PHOTO]

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Lamborghini towed at University of St. Thomas [PHOTO]

Attention: If you are the owner of this white Lamborghini, it has been towed.
Now here's something you don't see every day: A Lamborghini being towed away.

The white Lambo was the talk of the University of St. Thomas campus on Friday after it was towed away in front of the stunned eyes of dozens of students, many of whom likely ate Ramen for lunch.

"Apparently there were multiple squad cars and two tow trucks there at one point," says University of St. Thomas student Bianca Jones. "They were obviously afraid of doing ANY type of damage."

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Becky Riiser pranks on professor with Ex-Lax-laced cookies

Becky Riiser was a cookie monster.
Becky Riiser is one of those people who doesn't mind pulling off a stunt that a lot of us, out of common sense, or maybe just downright cowardice, merely dream about doing.

In the 38-year-old Wausau woman's case, she decided to prank on her hard ass biology professor at the the University of Wisconsin-Marathon County by baking her some cookies laced with Ex-Lax.

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Charlie rides a casket down the flooding Red River

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U.S. Coast Guard</td>
A flood is no place for a man in a casket with a homemade paddle.
All that was missing was the Grim Reaper. Or maybe Noah.

Cass County authorities won't indulge the fool's stab at 15 minutes of fame by providing his last name, but they nabbed some guy called Charlie for riding a casket down the flooding Red River near Moorhead on Sunday.

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Hussein Abdi Hassan, alleged bomb-faker, arraigned in federal court

Hussein Abdi Hassan has pleaded not guilty.
Riding the train all the way from Minneapolis to Seattle can get a little dull. Last month, Hussein Abdi Hassan found himself on that trip, and decided to make things interesting -- by dropping a bomb threat.

Well, the 24-year-old Somali from Burnsville is probably regretting that unwise fake-out right about now. He never made it to Seattle--since February, he's been awaiting his court date.

Yesterday, Hassan was arraigned in federal court in Great Falls, Montana, where he pleaded not guilty to federal charges of false information and hoaxes.

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Scott Walker phone fail: Wis. governor falls for prank call you wouldn't believe [AUDIO]

Scott Walker falls for a crank phone call that is so fake you wouldn't believe it.
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has fallen for a prank phone call, and in the process spent 20 minutes revealing his secret union-busting plans to the opposition.

The prank call was made by the alternative weekly Buffalo Beast, which pretended to be GOP financier David Koch. Governor Walker's office has just confirmed that the call is authentic, and that it is indeed Walker on the phone.

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Ernest Sawka busted for flying his UFO kite again

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Thumbnail image for UFO.jpg
Photo: Markusram
Ernest Sawka's kites are flying the unfriendly skies.
Ernest Sawka Jr. had another close encounter with cops on Monday, after he was discovered flying the same UFO kite that got him into trouble over the summer.

St. Paul UFO enthusiasts were buzzing after flashing lights were seen in the sky repeatedly over the summer.

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Ernest Sawka's kite mistaken for UFO and he's arrested [VIDEO]

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Take us to your leader, so he can arrest us.
​The mysterious flashing lights appearing over St. Paul had residents baffled for weeks. Some thought it was a UFO.

But when police were called to investigate the floating phantasm in the wee hours of Friday morning, the mystery evaporated: It was just Ernest Sawka having some nocturnal fun with his LED-equipped kite.

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Wikipedia says Ramsey mayor rapes pigs and eats them

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Thumbnail image for piglet.jpg
photo: US Dept. of Agriculture
You can learn a lot from Wikipedia. Take the site's page on Ramsey, Minnesota: did you know that the city has an area of 29.7 square miles and a population of more than 27,000 people? No?

Well maybe you were aware of this?

The current mayor of Ramsey rapes pigs, eats them, and puts pot in ramsey elementary school lunchmeat.
We'll give mayor Bob Ramsey a pass on eating pigs, but the other two accusations are more disturbing. Ramsey seems like a perfectly nice man, so we're not really sure what to make of the Wikipedia post. Maybe it's inaccurate?

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Teen fight club investigated in Monticello


After one 16-year-old boy ended up in a Monticello emergency room with a battered face and bruises, Wright County authorities began looking into reports of an underground fight club among local high schoolers, according to a report in the Star Tribune.

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