Target scrubs website of photoshop fail involving model's crotch [IMAGE]

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Target is no longer selling the leopard print version of the "Xhilaration" junior's swimsuit on its website, but not for reasons that have anything to do with the product itself.

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Instead, the item was pulled after a blog post on made light of a terrible photoshop job involving the swimsuit model's crotch and arms. (The photoshop failure was later picked up and brought to a wider audience by Jezebel.)

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Target relaxes corporate dress code, now allows jeans

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Target Corp. employees can now wear jeans -- to work!

That's because at the start of this week the company instituted a new "Dress for Your Day" policy that gives corporate workers the option to dress more casually (when appropriate).

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Target's profits down 46 percent, but some experts think that's not as bad as it sounds

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The headlines suggest doom and gloom -- "Target Earnings Slammed by Data Breach," "Target warns data breach could hurt future profit," "Target Profits Declines on Data Breach Fallout," and so forth.

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But dig a little deeper, and things aren't as bad as they might seem upon first blush, some financial experts say.

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Target's John Mulligan grilled by Senate committee over data breach

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John Mulligan, Target chief financial officer and executive vice president
Target CFO John Mulligan took heat this morning from U.S. senators about the recent massive data breach. He apologized, once again, on behalf of the company but urged the government to work with the private sector in thwarting cyber attacks of retailers.

"To prevent this from happening again, none of us can go it alone," Mulligan said. "We need to work together."

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Target lays off 475 workers, won't fill 700 open positions

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Minneapolis's job market just got tighter.
Target laid off 475 workers today and won't fill another 700 positions that opened over the past six months, company spokesperson Molly Synder told City Pages this afternoon.

A LIGHTER NOTE: Target apologizes for labeling plus-size dress as "Manatee Gray"

Synder said the layoffs "are not in response to the data breach," but the news of late hasn't been good for Target in general: Last week, the company disclosed disappointing fourth-quarter sales numbers, and Target's stock has been steadily plunging since late summer.

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Target to test new TargetExpress concept in Dinkytown

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A rendering of what the fist TargetExpress will look like.
Here's some Target news that isn't bad, for a change.

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The company will open its first TargetExpress store this July in Dinkytown in a street-level retail space in the controversial Marshall apartment development, which will be the largest mixed-use structure in the University of Minnesota area.

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Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel apologizes for losing your credit card info

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Dried sheets of cellulose wood pulp pressed with ink.

The only obvious winner to come out of the Target data breach: newspapers.

This week, Target is running full-page advertisements in major dailies across the country, apologizing for a massive theft of credit card information of an estimated 40 million shoppers.

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Target breach: Expert explains why stolen PIN data is worth worrying about

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Target says there's nothing to worry about, but not everyone agrees.
Today, Target confirmed that in addition to credit card numbers, the cyberthieves who recently victimized roughly 40 million shoppers made off with "strongly encrypted" PIN data.

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That seems extremely concerning, because stolen PINs suggest whole accounts are at risk, not just particular cards. But in a statement, Target officials asked customers not to panic.

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Target breach: Tech blogger outs guy allegedly selling stolen card info [PHOTOS]

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Photos via Krebs on Security
Internet sleuthing revealed that the alleged crook's life goals recently included "World Domination ($ will probably have to rob all banks in the world)" and "Moving to Helsinki."
In an impressively reported post on his Krebs on Security blog, tech blogger Brian Krebs -- the journalist who first broke the story of the Target breach -- outs one of the crooks allegedly selling stolen card information.

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Thanks to some impressive internet sleuthing, Krebs links, one of the main black market sites selling card information pilfered from Target customers for as much as $100 apiece, to a young man named Andrew Hodirevski who appears to live in Odessa, Ukraine.

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Target Breach: Top 10 tweets

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kevin dooley via Flickr Creative Commons
Someone stealing your credit card information is no laughing matter -- unless you're on Twitter, of course.

THE BACKSTORY: Massive Target data breach affects in-store shoppers who used credit cards

In that case, news that Minnesota's arguably best-known company was targeted (see what I did there?) by fraudsters who somehow obtained the info of roughly 40 million customers presents an opportunity to bust out the 140-character zingers. Below are the 10 best about the #TargetBreach we've seen.

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