Michele Bachmann wants Charlie Rangel to apologize for "white crackers" comment

According to Rangel, Bachmann and her ilk are like "white crackers."
Michele Bachmann is involved in a story about an allegedly outrageous statement, but here's the twist -- for once, she's not the one who uttered it.

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Bachmann has demanded an apology from Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.), who, in a recent interview with the Daily Beast, said that tea partiers are part of "the same group" of "white crackers" who fought against Civil Rights back in the 1950s and '60s.

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Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel bans journo from filming speech because camera could hide gun

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After the event, the reporter said: "In fairness, it may have been a joke. But is unclear and gun in camera worry seems....odd"
Does the headline have you confused? Well, don't expect to be any less so after reading further, because this is pretty zany.

GABRIEL SOUNDS A LOT LIKE THIS: Michele Bachmann suggests Islam is America's enemy [VIDEO]

According to the New Ulm Journal's Josh Moniz, nationally renowned Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel barred reporters from filming her Minnesota Tea Party-sponsored speech last night in Mankato because she was worried about being shot by a gun hidden in a video camera. Seriously.

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MN tea party group asks members to pray for George Soros's conversion to Christianity

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Will the power of prayer turn George Soros into a God-fearing Christian? Some Minnesota tea partiers sure hope so!
Well, this is weird. The Alexandria Lakes Area Tea Party is asking members to pray "perhaps more than once a day" for the conversion of liberal financier George Soros from atheism to Christianity.

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"We are hoping that by midsummer, the whole world will be praying for Mr. Soros," a PDF posted on their website says.

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James O'Keefe's fraudulent NPR video: Why is anyone surprised?

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O'Keefe's editing technique under fire once again.
Surprise, surprise: It looks like James O'Keefe's big "gotcha" on National Public Radio was exaggerated by some clever video editing.

This really shouldn't be too much of a shocker to anyone. After all, this is the same guy who cut scenes of himself dressed in pimp regalia into his video "exposing" ACORN. He was also arrested for a scheme that involved his cohorts sporting telephone repairmen uniforms and tampering with a U.S. Senator's phone.

Not exactly shining examples of traditional journalism ethics.

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James O'Keefe punks National Public Radio

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O'Keefe strikes again.
James O'Keefe and the other merry pranksters at Project Veritas have a found another target: National Public Radio.

Two of O'Keefe's cohorts, Shaughn Adeleye and Simon Templar, met with a pair of NPR executives last month under the guise of being members of the Muslim Education Action Center, which Adeleye and Templar explained was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Unknowingly on hidden camera, outgoing NPR Foundation President Ron Schiller said a few thing he's probably regretting about now.

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Barack Obama supports Wisconsin unions

Obama Wisconsin.JPG
Obama talks to TMJ4
Obama wants to bust Gov. Scott Walker's anti-union chops
President Barack Obama has stepped directly into the battle over unions in Wisconsin, calling Gov. Scott Walker's move to pass emergency measures that would weaken collective bargaining units an "assault."

Obama's political machine has reportedly been working with union officials to organize  protesters in Madison, where thousands have flooded the state Capitol this week in protest of a union-busting budget proposal.

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Teabugger Joe Basel sentenced in phony phone repairman gambit

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From U of M-Morris to Louisiana Watergate
That's it? Four teabuggers mistaking themselves for crusading journalists fake their way in to a U.S. senator's office to mess with her phones and they get off with a wrist slap?

That's the way they roll down in New Orleans, evidently. Magistrate Judge Daniel Knowles III sentenced Minnesotan Joe Basel and chums Stan Dai and Robert Flanagan each to two years probation, a fine of $1,500 and 75 hours of community service.

Ringleader James O'Keefe got three years of probation, a fine of $1,500 and 100 hours of community service.

Basel & Co. claimed they were performing a form of stunt journalism to expose Sen. Mary Landrieu for dodging constituents' calls.

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Tea Party Express: Who are these people?

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Screengrab via Pargon/Teabonics
Behold the creative spelling
​The tour buses of the Tea Party Express rolled into St. Paul for a rally this morning as part of a 48-stop 19-day cross country tour. So who are these guys?

Last month Michele Bachmann complained that the media depicts Tea Partiers "as toothless hillbillies, as rubes from the backwater, who don't know what they're talking about."

And while a perusal of the movement's border-line illiterate protest signs might suggest otherwise, she's got a point -- that description isn't always accurate.

It's certainly not an accurate description of the Tea Party Express, which isn't so much backwater rubes as veteran political operatives. It turns out that the group is actually the creation of a Republican consulting firm. In fact, over a four-month stretch last year, more than three-quarters of the group's reported spending went right back to that GOP consulting firm or their associates.

Tea Party Express has come in for some heavy criticism from other groups in the movement, like the Tea Party Patriots, who say its close ties to Republican operatives sell out the movement's anti-establishment message.

But the Tea Party Express tour rolls on, headed for another rally in Duluth this afternoon, and onwards to make it to Washington D.C. in time for tax day.

Teabaggers invade St. Paul today

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Don't these people work? Just asking, because yesterday's Palin-Bachmann-Hannity-Pawlenty rally was at 2 p.m. on a work day. And today the teabaggers roll into St. Paul at 9:30 a.m. Sounds like Bachmann's going to be there. Maybe she'll call for nuking computer hackers again. Anyway, here's the propaganda video:

Joe Basel, James O'Keefe, 2 others plead guilty to reduced teabugger charges

joe basel cover story.jpg
Read The Rise and Fall of Joe Basel
James O'Keefe, Joe Basel and two other conservative street theater activists arrested in January at Sen. Mary Landrieu's New Orleans offices will be charged with misdemeanors rather than felonies, The Associated Press is reporting.

It sounds like the four men agreed to plead guilty in return for the reduced charges, according to MSNBC. The misdemeanor carries the maximum sentence is six months in prison and a $5,000 fine.

We've been following Basel's antics ever since the Landrieu incident. Check out our cover profile of him here.

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