Minnesota now has as many jobs as before the recession, but that doesn't tell the whole story

Image by Tatiana Craine
The latest numbers from the state indicate that Minnesota has finally recovered all the jobs lost during the recession that began in early 2008.

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At the end of August, there were nearly 2.8 million jobs in Minnesota, which is the highest number since February 2008.

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Supervalu laying off more than one-third of the 1,500 employees at Eden Prairie headquarters

With the company shrinking, Supervalu has more corporate employees than it needs.
Just a week after selling off four grocery store chains, Supervalu announced it will be eliminating 1,100 corporate jobs nationwide, including 600 in Minnesota.

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According to Fox 9's Paul Blume, 575 of the 1,500 jobs at Supervalu's Eden Prairie headquarters are being notified they're being laid off either today or tomorrow. The rest of the Minnesota cuts will fall upon workers at the Cub Foods support center in Stillwater (Supervalu owns Cub Foods).

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Twin Cities still a top 10 metro for new college grads, study says

borman818 via Flickr
College students are used to this (just messier). Who needs a swank one-bedroom?
According to the listings site Rent.com, the best place for a recent college graduate in search of a decent paycheck and an affordable place to live isn't one of the much-buzzed about cities for bright young things, like Austin or San Francisco.

Per the website's numbers crunching, top cities actually include Denver, Houston, and -- like last year -- us.

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- Minneapolis is one of the best cities for 20-somethings, says PayScale
- 43 percent of Minneapolis lives alone (that's 16 percent higher than the national average)

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Best Buy to eliminate 400 good Twin Cities jobs

best buy new rect.jpg
Best Buy promised more layoffs are coming yet this year. Oh goodie!
Over the weekend, the Twin Cities' macroeconomy made headlines thanks to new data showing it has bounced back from the recession stronger than any other Midwest metro.

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"Measures of output for the Twin Cities benefit from the relatively high proportion of better paying jobs at big companies like 3M and Medtronic," the Star Tribune reported. "For instance, if companies in each of three cities were to all add one employee... the city where the highest-paid workers are hired will see more economic growth than the others."

In light of that report, we bring you the news that Best Buy is eliminating 400 jobs at its Richfield headquarters.

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Minnesota will be one of the states least affected by sequestration, but it's still going to suck

minnesota sign.jpg
Monroe Family Blog
Starting this weekend, public sector workers and those who depend on them will pay the price for Washington's political impasse.
Barring a last-minute deal in D.C., this Friday will mark the beginning of $1.2 trillion in federal budget cuts that will be gradually implemented over the next decade.

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All states will be affected, some more than others. And it turns out Minnesota ranks toward the top of the "others" category, while our neighbor to the southwest will take it on the chin harder than anywhere else.

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Star Tribune journos want raises; displaying placards saying, "Show Us the Green in 2013"

strib raise.jpeg
Jim Romenesko
The sign at right is displayed in the Strib's newsroom, Romenesko reports.
Star Tribune journalists haven't received raises in more than five years, and they're beginning to speak out about it.

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Jim Romenesko reports that Strib journos have taken to wearing green on Fridays and are displaying desk placards reading, "Show Us the Green in 2013."

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Minnesota college grads have third-most debt; MCAD has highest average debt load

Minnesota college grads are some of the most debt-saddled in the country.
Yesterday, the California-based Institute for College Access and Success released its seventh-annual state-by-state student debt report, and it turns out Minnesota is right near the top of the charts when it comes to average debt load for college grads.

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According to the study, Minnesota is the third highest-debt state, with graduates carrying an average debt load of $29,793. The only state with higher average debts are first-overall New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. At the bottom of the list is 48th-ranked Oklahoma, Texas, and 50th-ranked Washington.

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MN Orchestra locks out musicians after they reject 34 percent pay cut

minnesota orchestra.jpeg
Thomas on Flickr
The first month of the Minnesota Orchestra's 2012 season has been cancelled.
Today is the day classical music died in Minneapolis, at least through the end of November -- the Minnesota Orchestra has cancelled all concerts at least until December after management and musicians couldn't settle a dispute over their next collective bargaining agreement.

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Management, citing the orchestra's $2.9 million deficit in 2011, wanted musicians to accept a 34-percent pay cut that would've reduced their annual salaries from $135,000 to $89,000. But musicians want management to be more transparent about the orchestra's complete financial picture before agreeing to a pay cut.

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Minnesota's economic recovery driven by McJobs, not middle-class jobs

Phil and Pam and slgckgc on Flickr
The raw jobs numbers obscure the fact that many regained jobs just aren't very good ones.
-- The Mpls Federal Reserve breaks down the Great Recession, steady recovery out of it [GRAPHICS]
-- Minnesota has regained 48 percent of jobs lost during Great Recession

Minnesota has regained 58 percent of the 147,600 jobs lost during the Great Recession. That puts up ahead of most of the rest of the country -- nationally, fewer than half the jobs lost from December 2007 through June 2009 have been regained.

But regaining middle-class jobs is one thing -- regaining McJobs is another. And according to a recent analysis of the jobs added in the state over the past three-plus years, middle-class jobs are much harder to find these days than they were before the Great Recession.

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Young women become more vain during recessions, U of M prof finds

lipstick effect.jpeg
sholeh on Flickr
Do young women become more vain during tough economic times? One U of M prof thinks so.
-- Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" belief likely stems from University of Minnesota paper
-- University of Minnesota graduate student defends controversial hamster sex drive study

A new study co-authored by Vlad Griskevicius, a psychology professor at the U of M's Carlson's School of Management, finds that young women are more apt to invest in their physical appearance during recessions.

Entitled "Boosting Beauty in Economic Decline: Mating, Spending, and the Lipstick Effect," the study is rejected by some academics who think researchers overgeneralized in attributing their findings to 'women's psychology.'

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