Prior Lake Drivers Pay Most for Speeding Tickets, Mankato Least, Study Says

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A speeding ticket for driving 15 miles per hour over the limit costs $145 no matter where your car is registered in Minnesota, but the same can't be said for insurance rates.

NerdWallet put together a study analyzing which drivers are hit hardest by rate increases after being pulled over for having a heavy foot. Surprisingly, the worst city to have your car registered if you're hoping to keep insurance costs at a minimum isn't Minneapolis or St. Paul.

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Twin Citians sorta suck at driving, report says

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Allstate's 10th annual "Best Drivers Report" indicates folks in Minneapolis and St. Paul are mediocre at best when it comes to avoiding accidents.

Out of the 200 cities included in the study, which is based on crash data, Minneapolis ranks 90th. St. Paul, meanwhile, ranks 103rd.

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Man threatens to jump from I-394 bridge; ultimately talked off ledge by officers

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Submitted to City Pages
Passersby took photos and video of the man as he hung over I-394 this morning.
This morning, traffic between downtown Minneapolis and the western suburbs was at a standstill as an apparently suicidal man threatened to jump from the Penn Avenue bridge over I-394.

The first reports of the incident trickled in around 6 a.m. Lanes in both directions weren't totally reopened for about three and a half hours.

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Twin Cities commuters spend more than two days a year stuck in traffic, study says

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Traffic was apparently moving smoothly through downtown on this morning.
TomTom's 2014 Traffic Index uses GPS data from millions of users to break down both how congested each major metro in the Americas is relative to the others and which times of the week are most gridlocked.

The study indicates our roadways are relatively unclogged -- out of the 62 cities evaluated, the Twin Cities ranked as the 42nd most congested. But last year was a little hairier than 2012, as congestion increased by about 20 percent year to year.

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New restrictions mean parking in Minneapolis might be a mess until April

The city of Minneapolis imposed winter parking restrictions yesterday, meaning drivers face a $200-plus ticket and tow if they park on the even numbered side of non-Snow Emergency Routes.

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Minneapolis's move came days after Minnesota's most recent snowpocalypse left some city streets too narrow for emergency vehicles to safety operate.

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Washington Avenue to get protected bike lanes

Design details have yet to be finalized but the county provided this template. Street-walking ghosts not included.
Washington Avenue is going to suck less -- especially if you're a pedestrian or biker.

That's because Hennepin County approved plans this week to widen areas for walkers and add protected bike lanes to connect downtown to the Mississippi River and U of M.

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Check out this video of insane pileup on Wisconsin highway

Think the roads are bad here? You're right, of course. But over the weekend, they were as bad, if not worse, in Wisconsin, where at least three people died because of crashes on slick roads on Sunday.

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Dramatic footage of one of a number of pileups in southeast Wisconsin on Sunday has been released by the state's Department of Transportation. Suffice it to say it's porn for people who like to watch cars slamming into each other.

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225 DWI arrests over July 4 holiday

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mtellin and
The Minnesota Department of Public Safety considers July 4 the deadliest day of the year. And with good reason: Over the past five years, 19 have died on the roads on Independence Day.

Alcohol is the clear culprit of the holiday danger.

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- Seven people killed in 4th of July weekend accidents

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Minnesota's highways among the worst in the nation, study says

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Minnesota's highways are bad and getting worse relative to other states, the report says.
The Reason Foundation's 2013 installment of its annual state-by-state highway rankings puts Minnesota toward the bottom of the list.

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The study pegs Minnesota's highways as the eighth worst in the country. Our marks are especially poor in the areas of urban interstate congestion (49th) and rural interstate pavement condition (49th).

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I-94 traffic snarled by "serious accident" involving multiple injuries [PHOTOS]

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Photos via Police Clips
A heavily trafficked stretch of I-94 is closed following a serious accident.
-- 1:15 p.m. update -- I-94 eastbound is now fully reopened --

Traffic on westbound I-94 near just east of Rogers is ground to a halt following a 10 a.m. accident involving two vehicles.

Details are scant at this point, but according to the State Patrol, five people were injured in the "serious accident," with two of them requiring an air ambulance to take them for medical treatment.

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