Columbia Arena, Mighty Ducks Movie Site, Has an Undignified Last Chapter

Courtesy Robert Henry
Henry snuck into the old rink of movie fame to snap this photo of its sad state.

Robbinsdale photographer Robert Henry gravitates toward shots of the decrepit. Old homes with their abandoned artifacts and personal histories produce the biggest daggers to the heart.

Sometimes a hockey rink can produce pangs as well. Such was the case last Saturday.

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John Kline's "Jobs & Career" Fairs Resembled Recruiting Expos for the Likes of ITT Tech

Dwight Burdette via Wikipedia
Congressman Kline has a thick history with the besieged for-profit college.

A year ago this week, John Kline, Minnesota's Most Reprehensible Congressman (TM), hosted a job fair at the Eagan Community Center "to assist Minnesotans with an uncertain job market."

Among the Kline invitees looking to "assist" people trying to better their lot was a disproportionate number of for-profit colleges, including DeVry University, Crown College, and ITT Tech, the Carmel, Indiana-based company whose two executives were indicted on federal fraud charges earlier this week.

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Garry Schumacher Choosing Jail Over Allowing the Biological Mom to See Their Daughter

Categories: Family, Law, Tragedy

maveric2003 via Wikipedia
Garry Schumacher finds out today if he will be sent to the workhouse.

Shawnette Andreason hasn't seen her daughter Madison since 2011.

Garry Schumacher, the seven-year-old girl's father, is willing to go to jail to keep it that way.

Inside Hennepin County Family Court in downtown Minneapolis this afternoon, Schumacher, who raises the girl as well as a younger daughter along with his wife Jenny, will find out if Judge Patrick Robben will make good on his March threat to incarcerate the defiant dad if he didn't allow for supervised visits between Madison and her biological mom, Shawnette Andreason.

He hasn't.

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Ex-Sports Talk Radio Personality Jeff Dubay Arrested Again, This Time For Meth

Washington County
It appears the former sports talk radio star suffered another relapse

UPDATED 4/30 3:20 PM

UPDATE #2 4/30 4:50 PM
About a month ago Dubay posted this on Facebook, which may help explain his recent arrest:


Jeff Dubay and Paul Allen had a nice 10-year run together as KFAN's resident rubes. Dubay's high-energy, everyman persona paired well with Allen's smoother delivery, polished through years of calling horse races.

That came to an abrupt end when Dubay was fired in 2008 after his crack cocaine use spiraled out of control. He resurfaced clean and sober on KFAN's competitor, AM 1500, in January 2013, but was fired again a year later in what was termed a cost-cutting measure.

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Body of Missing U of M Student Jennifer Houle May Have Been Found in Mississippi River [UPDATE]

Categories: Tragedy

Jen Houle Facebook
Police say she either jumped or fell off the 10-story 10th Avenue Bridge
UPDATE: The Hennepin County Medical Examiner has confirmed the body pulled out of the Mississippi River yesterday was Jennifer Houle. The cause of death was freshwater drowning, and both the Hennepin County Sheriff and Medical Examiner said they will continue investigating.

The search for missing 22-year-old University of Minnesota student Jennifer Houle appears to be over.

Last night the Hennepin County Sheriff's Office said it recovered the body of an adult female near the 10th Avenue Bridge around 7 p.m. Law enforcement is leaving it up to the Medical Examiner to officially identify the body, but Houle's father told the Star Tribune he was sure it was Jennifer.

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Andy Springer Found Naked, Dead By Fertile High School Golf Team

Categories: Tragedy

Andy Springer Facebook
Andrew Springer was allegedly found by the local high school golf team
Members of the Fertile High School Golf Team were in for quite a shock when they went out for a practice round at Sandhill River Golf Course on Monday.

According to North Dakota station Valley News Live, golfers stumbled upon the naked, dead body of 35-year-old Andrew Springer, lying only 100 yards from his apartment.

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Police Continue to Call Out Father of Missing 10-Year-Old Barway Collins

Categories: Tragedy

Crystal Police
The search for Collins has moved to the Mississippi Riverfront

Crystal police held another press conference yesterday reiterating their position that the father of missing 10-year-old Barway Collins is not telling the whole story behind Barway's disappearance.

"Because Pierre Collins continues to not be truthful with us, we must rely on the discovery of other evidence," said Crystal Police Chief Stephanie Revering, who previously told reporters Pierre failed a lie detector test about Barway's disappearance.

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Police Say Father "Not Truthful" After 10-Year-Old Barway Collins's Disappearance

Categories: Tragedy

Crystal Police
He was last seen leaving the school bus at the 5400 block of Douglas Drive North

Barway Collins was last seen leaving a school transportation van March 18.

A surveillance video released by Crystal police yesterday shows 10-year-old Collins telling a friend "there's my dad" and shortly after he says, "oh, my uncle's here" while unbuckling his seat belt.

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Dead Woman's Float: How a Man Landed Behind Bars After His Wife's Mysterious Death

Jon Proctor

A bespectacled man with a long face and hair tinged red took the stand inside the Kandiyohi County Courthouse in Willmar.

Everyone in the courtroom knew who he was. Dr. Michael McGee represented the prosecution's big gun in the murder trial of Thomas Daniel Rhodes.

The prosecutor asked the witness to come forward. McGee exited the stand and walked toward a mannequin bust prominently positioned at the center of the courtroom. The prop had been doctored to resemble the victim, Jane Rhodes, Tom's wife, on the day her body washed ashore on Green Lake near Spicer.

The forehead was painted a sick shade of burgundy. Red and purple splotches girdled the eyes and stained the high cheekbones. Black bruises ran down both sides of the nose. The lip was split open.

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Family Wants Answers After Two of Its Horses Are Shot Dead

Heidi M. Klegstad-Carlson Facebook
Sad stuff out of Thief River Falls
Last weekend a family from Thief River Falls was horrified to find someone opened fire on their horses, killing two and injuring a third.

Heidi Carlson has been posting on Facebook imploring people to spread the word about the crime and notify the Pennington County Sheriff if they hear anything. She says the family's horses were shot in a pasture less than 60 feet from their home.

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