Mpls, Hennepin officials talking Lake Street ped safety improvements in wake of Barton tragedy

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Caitlan Barton was killed while trying to cross this intersection from right to left.
On February 13, 25-year-old Caitlan Barton was hit by a truck and killed while walking south across Lake Street, with the walk light on, where it intersects with Market Place near Lake Calhoun. Minneapolis police say it's likely the driver, who had a green light and was turning right from Market onto Lake Street, simply never saw her.

In the wake of that tragedy, Minneapolis and Hennepin County officials are talking about short- and long-term safety improvements to that stretch of Lake Street and adjacent roads.

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Green Line LRT won't run late enough to get you home at bar close time

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Central Corridor LRT on Twitter
With the Green Line's official opening set for June 14, details about the line's logistics have now been released.

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The Met Council says trains will run every 10 minutes during the day, and every 15 minutes in the evening, between roughly 5 a.m. and 1 a.m.

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Megabus moving to Union Depot

Megabus's St. Paul stop is moving out of the Midway Shopping Center parking lot and into the more comfortable, climate-controlled confines of the Union Depot.

The change goes into effect January 29, Megabus spokesman Mike Alvich told us this afternoon.

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What happens to the 264 cars in the Car2Go fleet during snow emergencies?

courtesy Car2Go
Wonder how these little cars handle snow? Car2Go cars are equipped with all-season tires, anti-lock brakes, traction control, and ice scrapers.
Plenty of people can't figure out the right way to move their one, single car when Minneapolis declares a snow emergency. So what happens to all 264 cars in Car2Go's fleet?

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Green Line -- a.k.a. Central Corridor LRT -- officially set for June opening

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You'll be able to take this ride for the first time June 14.
The Met Council announced this morning that the first Green Line LRT train carrying passengers will run between downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis this June.

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Met Council not concerned about Southwest LRT's exclusion from Dayton's bonding bill

Images via Met Council and Mulad on Flickr
A prelimary map of the Southwest LRT line's proposed route.
For the Met Council, getting some bonding bucks for Southwest LRT would be like icing on the proverbial cake -- a nice bonus, but not necessary.

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The council asked Dayton for $81 million for that purpose, but according to the bonding proposal the governor released yesterday, it'll get zilch.

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Sen. Dibble says he's confident comprehensive transit bill can finally get done this session

Dibble: "These aren't just dollars going out, they're dollars that come back in terms of peoples' ability to get better jobs, to grow jobs in the state and metro."
Sen. Scott Dibble, D-Minneapolis, is optimistic this legislative session will finally be the one where a comprehensive transportation bill is approved and signed into law.

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A bill of that sort made it out of the Senate last year, but the House rejected the five cent gas tax increase it contained. But Dibble told City Pages the efforts of the burgeoning Move MN coalition gives him confidence the House (and Governor Dayton) may be more amenable to a robust transportation funding bill this time around.

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St. Paul streetcar: Council member would rather give each business $1 million than build line

City of St. Paul
These are the seven streetcar lines being considered by St. Paul officials (click to enlarge image).
Next month, St. Paul officials will hold two open houses about the city's plan to build a $246 million, four-mile streetcar line down West Seventh Street. The proposal will then go before the city's planning commission on January 24.

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For those of you keeping score at home, that's more than $50 million per mile. Supporters argue that among other benefits, the streetcar line will generate more than $130 million in economic development. But opponents argue the city could use that money in a more productive way -- like just straight-up giving it to area businesses.

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Check out this awesome time-lapse tour of the Central Corridor [VIDEO]

Central Corridor LRT on Twitter
A St. Paul photographer who posts on the Eccentric Aspects blog (he doesn't disclose his name) recently published a really cool time-lapse video he shot while walking the entire length of the Green Line in mid-November.

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The clip gives you a taste of what the scenery will look like riding from downtown to downtown once the Green Line opens for business sometime next summer.

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78 percent of Minnesota commuters drive to work alone

Minneapolis is debating streetcars, the whole metro is up in arms over the beleaguered Southwest Corridor light rail plan, and the long-awaited Minneapolis-to-St. Paul Green Line is set to open sometime mid-next year.

But while the Twin Cities talks mass transit, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, a full 77 percent of metro area commuters are still driving to work alone. For the state as a whole, that number is 78 percent; for the country, it's a slightly better 76 percent.

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