The Twins Are Awful, But That Isn't Stopping Bert Blyleven From Tossing Shade at Detroit

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We're three games in and the Twins are already a raging dumpster fire. Before the season started, fans were pissed about management's dumbfounding preference for crappy veterans over promising youngsters -- not to mention Ervin Santana's half-season suspension for steroids.

The team was outscored 22-1 in its first series in Detroit. The one run the Twins did manage was due to an error by a Tigers outfielder. Luckily, Fox Sports North color commentator Bert Blyleven is still willing to provide some entertainment on Twitter.

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The Minnesota Twins Turned a Nice Profit Last Year and Are Worth More Than Ever

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Bjorn Watland via Flickr
The Twins ranked 18th out of the 30 teams in Major League Baseball

Yesterday Forbes published its annual estimate of every Major League Baseball team's net worth.

Altogether the league's 30 teams are collectively valued at $36 billion, a 48 percent increase from last year. It was the largest collective increase since Forbes started doing the rankings in 1998, and even the lowly Twins, coming off four straight losing seasons, saw a decent bump.

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You Can Buy a Jar of Historic Metrodome Garbage for Only $5

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courtesy of Low and Inside, LLC
"It's a nice conversation piece"
Looking for the perfect gift for the massive sports rube in your family? This weekend at TwinsFest Nick Vetter and Joel Bradley will be selling jars of "Domepourri" containing ground-up bits of the demolished Metrodome.

"It's a nice conversation piece and we think it will bring smiles to a lot of faces," said Vetter. "A lot of people have a lot of great memories from the Dome."

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Unbelievable Stat About Minnesota Twins' Sad Pitching Goes Viral

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Twins Territory featured a ridiculous dearth of hard-throwing pitchers this year.
On the same day the San Francisco Giants closed out the World Series with a Game 7 victory against the Kansas City Royals, local baseball blogger Parker Hageman tweeted out a stat that pretty much sums up how sad the Minnesota Twins pitching staff was this season.

Less than 24 hours later, it's been retweeted upward of 1,700 times.

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Bob Sansevere Savaged for Column Calling for "Coddled" Joe Mauer to Catch Again

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#HotSportsTakes backfire sometimes...
Bob Sansevere got seriously dissed by members of the media for the Pioneer Press column he wrote yesterday entitled, "New manager should have Mauer catch again."

In it, Sansevere argues that since injury-prone Mauer couldn't stay healthy during his first season at first base, he might as well move back to catcher.

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Twins Fire Ron Gardenhire: Top Tweets

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Ron Gardenhire (left); Terry Ryan (right)
In an unusual move, Gardy attended the press conference that served as his funeral as Twins manager.
Yesterday, an era of Twins baseball came to an end, as the organization fired Ron Gardenhire, the second-winningest manager in club history (1,068 wins, behind Tom Kelly) and the first to finish his Minnesota tenure with a record over .500 since Bill Rigney left town more than 40 years ago.

As with a relationship finally broken off long after it went stale and despite both parties' best efforts to save it, the reaction to Gardy's firing, generally speaking, was one of sad resignation. That didn't stop some people from doing their best to turn Twins fans' frowns upside down with 140-character quips, however. Below are the best tweets we saw about the Twins and their longtime skipper mutually deciding to move on.

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Minnesota Has the Fewest Derek Jeter Fans

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Minnesota might not like Jeter, but Gardy does. During the farewell ceremony pictured above, Gardy said, "We have total respect for you and what you represent in the game."
Perhaps this shouldn't come as a surprise -- after all, his Yankees eliminated the Twins from the playoffs not once, not twice, not three times, but four times -- but according to Facebook, Minnesota has the fewest Derek Jeter fans of any state.

The Facebook data team analyzed Jeter's 2.5 million Facebook likes as a percentage of total users in each state. As you'd expect, New York and Connecticut are home to the most Jeter likers. Minnesota, on the other hand? Turns out we like number 2 even less than Red Sox fans do.

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Rain Costs Phil Hughes $500,000

Hughes walks off the Target Field mound for the last time this year.
Nobody was more impacted by yesterday afternoon's rain showers than Twins pitcher Phil Hughes, who likely lost out on half a million bucks as a result.

Hughes, you see, has a clause in his contract calling for him to receive a $500,000 bonus if he hits 210 innings pitched, and during his last start of the season, yesterday's 2-1 Twins win against Arizona, he was just one out away from that mark -- 209 2/3 innings pitched -- when rain brought things to a halt during the eighth inning.

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Tom Emmer Campaign Signs Weren't Allowed at Target Field, Twins Officials Say

Emmer enjoys a Twins game while one of his campaign signs hangs in the background.
As photos of what appeared to be a Tom Emmer event at Target Field during a game on the afternoon of Sunday, September 7, circulated online, we asked Twins officials if Emmer's camp had approval to display his campaign signs at the ballpark.

Turns out they didn't, but just went ahead with it anyway.

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Keith Olbermann savages Minnesota Twins marketing department [VIDEO]

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According to Keith Olbermann, the Twins marketing department is not only the worst in baseball, but the people who work for it were the absolutely most reprehensible folks in all of sports yesterday.

Olbermann sounded off after the Twins distributed an email that left fans wondering what the hell they're smoking at Target Field.

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