MLB apologizes for early morning fireworks; free Twins tickets coming to those affected

City officials were caught off guard by the early morning fireworks show.
:::: UPDATE :::: Patrick Reusse blasts Jacob Frey for making big deal out of loud fireworks show [VIDEO]

When we called him yesterday morning, Minneapolis City Council member Jacob Frey was clearly pissed off about a 12:30 a.m. fireworks show that was part of the MLB All-Star Game festivities.

Frey's indignation was understandable. After all, as the Downtown Journal reported last month, residents living in the vicinity of Mill Ruins Park were told to expect nothing more than a 10-minute "pyrotechnic/water show" beginning at 11:45 p.m. Monday night. Furthermore, Frey tells us loud booms weren't supposed to be part of the show. But not only did the MLB get things going more than a half-hour late, the fireworks were so loud that they had some folks in far-away neighborhoods waking up and wondering if they were hearing gunshots.

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The Twins once had a racist owner too, and his statue stands outside Target Field

Rick Prescott
Calvin Griffith is immortalized with this statue outside Target Field.
-- Update at bottom --

In light of the furor Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling generated with racist remarks he made during a recent phone conversation with his girlfriend (listen to the audio here), it's worth noting that the Minnesota Twins once had a racist owner as well.

In 1978, Calvin Griffith, owner of the Twins from the franchise's inception until 1984, told members of the Waseca Lions Club that he moved the team from Washington, D.C. to Minnesota because there are relatively few black people here.

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Twins Territory stretches into Wisconsin, according to baseball fandom map

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Twins Territory actually extends into parts of six states -- Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, the Dakotas, and Montana.
-- Update at bottom --

Using data from Facebook, the New York Times put together an awesome map that allows you to look at which Major League Baseball team is the most popular in each ZIP code.

Turns out Twins Territory isn't just limited to Minnesota. Check out how the Twins are the peoples' choice in a swath of western Wisconsin as well:
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Twins' Chris Colabello hits homerun while his mom is being interviewed on TV [VIDEO]

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Chris Colabello is a great story. After toiling in independent ball and the minor leagues for eight seasons, the 30-year-old finally made his major league debut with the Twins last season. This year, he's absolutely mashing, with nine doubles and 26 RBI in just 20 games headed into today.

Colabello came through with his most memorable major league moment to date during last night's Twins victory over Tampa Bay, blasting a home run right as his mom was being interviewed on TV.

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Joe Mauer's twins are adorable [PHOTOS]

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MLB on Twitter
This morning, Joe Mauer's nine-month-old twins, Emily and Maren, made their public debut during a ceremony where their dad accepted his 2013 Silver Slugger award.

Unsurprisingly, they're cute. If the photo at the top of the post doesn't have you convinced, a couple more are below the jump.

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Target Field back on best ballparks list

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The ground may still be covered with snow, but baseball season is here, folks.
Eyebrows in Twins Territory were raised last year when our beloved and beautiful Target Field didn't crack TripAdvisor's list of the best ballparks in America.

But this year, the $545 million house that the Pohlads and Hennepin County built has been restored to its rightful place in the top 10.

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Gardy, Twins pull funny prank on Mike Pelfrey [VIDEO]

If the baseball thing doesn't work out, it doesn't appear Pelfrey has a future as a motivational speaker.
The Twins aren't expected to be very good on the field this year, but hey, at least they've got good locker room chemistry!

Or so it appears judging by the way Gardy and a group of players, led by closer Glen Perkins, pranked starting pitcher Mike Pelfrey.

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Twins mascot TC Bear makes amazing catch with his mouth [GIF]

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At a spring training game this week, Twins mascot TC Bear made the most amazing catch we are likely to see this season, and we've got the GIF to prove it.

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It happened after a ballboy tossed the ball into the stands along the third base line. TC casts his eyes to the sky, leans back, and watches the ball go into his maw, much to the amazement of the admiring fans.

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Twins announce "Sid Hartman Day" just in time for his birthday

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@Twins on Twitter
On May 18, the Twins will honor Minnesota's most iconic sports journalist with bobbleheads, commemorative coffee mugs, and a pregame ceremony.

RELATED: Sid's headline about Vikings' playoff chances is totally insane

"Sid Hartman Day" was announced by the organization this morning, just one day shy of Sid's 94th birthday.

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ACLU blasts Mpls Council for approving speech-limiting "Clean Zone" during All-Star Game

Image by Jayme Halbritter for City Pages
Today, the Minneapolis City Council approved the MLB's request to create a potentially speech-limiting "Clean Zone" across a swath of the city during a two week stretch surrounding the 2014 All-Star Game.

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The city's decision to temporarily cede some regulatory power to the MLB didn't set well with the Minnesota ACLU, which characterized it as placing "our free speech rights... in the hands of a private corporation."

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