Republican attack ad uses Minnesota Twins against Collin Peterson

collin peterson rect.jpg
The NRCC is trying to use the Twins against Peterson.
:::: UPDATE :::: DFL blasts Republicans for politicizing Minnesota Twins

In a new radio spot, the National Republican Congressional Committee uses audio from the Twins' dramatic 1991 Game 7 World Series win against Collin Peterson, the Democrat who has represented southern Minnesota's 7th Congressional District since that same year.

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"1991 -- the Twins win, Collin Peterson goes to Congress. A lot has changed since then, and so has Collin Peterson," the narrator of the ad says. "Peterson supported trillions in new spending and voted to raise the debt ceiling seven times to pay for it."

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Minnesota Twins squabbling with WWE divas over "Bella Twins" trademark

Categories: Twins
Brie Bella (left) and Nikki Bella
Leave it to the Minnesota Twins to hate on a couple of women who are just trying to do their thing.

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Twins officials are apparently upset with Nikki and Brie Bella's effort to trademark their WWE wrestling nickname, the "Bella Twins."

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Twins are more popular than Vikings, survey says

Categories: Twins, Vikings
The Twins have stunk for longer than the Vikes, but they appear to have more diehard fans.
Sure, both the Twins and the Vikings stink right now, but if the latest Public Policy Polling survey of Minnesota can be believed, fans have been more loyal to the Twins through their struggles than they have been to the Purple.

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PPP surveyed nearly 900 Minnesota voters between October 27 and 29. Two of the questions asked were "Are you a Vikings fan?" and "Are you a Twins fan?"

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Minnesota Twins' anti-LGBT bullying Facebook post brings out the homophobes

Categories: Twins
Some Twins fans are very uncomfortable with the thought of Minne and Paul touching in a sensual way, apparently.
Today, all 30 Major League Baseball teams published Facebook posts in support of #SpiritDay, a GLAAD-sponsored event in which folks are encouraged to "take a stand against bullying."

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If you think that'd be uncontroversial, think again. Below the jump is a sampling of some of the homophobic comments Twins fans unleashed in response to the team's post.

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Pioneer Press Twins beat writer has bizarre irrational love for Justin Morneau

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Who can't love his smile, but the production just hasn't been there.
By all accounts, Justin Morneau is a really nice guy. And he was a great baseball player at one point too, winning the AL MVP award in 2006 and putting five straight All-Star-caliber seasons from '06 until he suffered that fateful concussion in July 2010.

But Morneau just hasn't been the same player since, and last season, he put up the worst offensive numbers of his career (as measured by OPS). The Twins, of course, traded him to Pittsburgh as they fell out of contention, and Morneau struggled there too, hitting exactly zero homers and knocking in all of three runs in 25 regular season games.

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Morneau's contract is up, he's 32, and the Twins are in the midst of a youth movement. So you'd think there'd be no chance in hell they'd bring him back, right? But if Pioneer Press Twins beat writer Mike Beradino gets his way, the Twins won't just resign him -- they'll lock him up to a lifetime deal.

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Patrick Reusse blasted for calling Mauer "sissy," suggesting he should've played with concussion

Categories: Media beefs, Twins
Reusse (right) apparently thinks Mauer would've played through a concussion if he were tougher.
Yesterday, veteran Star Tribune columnist and 1500 ESPN radio host Patrick Reusse criticized Joe Mauer for regularly missing games due to injury, including all of them from August 19 onward this season following a concussion.

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But Reusse's criticism of a player suffering from a brain injury didn't sit well with Twins and NBC baseball blogger Aaron Gleeman.

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Ron Gardenhire reportedly receiving contract extension from Twins

Categories: Twins
Gardy will return to the Twins for a 13th season next year.
Yesterday, the Twins concluded their third-consecutive 95-losses-or-more season. Those disastrous results, combined with the fact manager that Ron Gardenhire's contract was expiring, fueled speculation Gardy might not be long for Minnesota.

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Instead, the Twins are giving Gardy a contract extension, respected Fox baseball correspondent Ken Rosenthal reported this morning.

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A's clinch against Twins, celebrate with beer-drinking baby [PHOTO]

Screengrab via Deadspin
Yesterday, for the 90th time this season, the Twins lost and another team won. That's not news. But Oakland's sweep of the visiting Twins meant the A's clinched the AL West, and following the game the party was on.

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Like, really on. Check out the screengrab at the top of this post. Yup, that looks to be a baby drinking a beer.

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Glen Perkins buys round of beers for Twins fans stuck at Target Field during rain delay

Categories: Twins
glen perkins rect.jpg
Perkins gets our (unofficial) Best Of award for "Twins Player We'd Most Like to Befriend."
On Saturday night, Twins closer Glen Perkins did something Andrew W.K. would be proud of.

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Perkins bought a round of free drinks for a group of fans who were imbibing at Kent Hrbek's Target Field bar during a rain delay.

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Joe Mauer's concussion sounds pretty bad

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joe mauer rectr.jpg
Will Mauer play again this season? Right now, he's barely capable of taking a walk.
In light of the Justin Morneau saga, Joe Mauer's first public comments about the concussion he suffered during a game on August 19 make for depressing reading.

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"What's scary about it is it's not like a turned ankle, where you give it a day or two and it's better," Mauer told reporters before the Twins' afternoon game today. "Or tape it up. You can't tape up your head. I wish you could."

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