Twins announce "Sid Hartman Day" just in time for his birthday

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@Twins on Twitter
On May 18, the Twins will honor Minnesota's most iconic sports journalist with bobbleheads, commemorative coffee mugs, and a pregame ceremony.

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"Sid Hartman Day" was announced by the organization this morning, just one day shy of Sid's 94th birthday.

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ACLU blasts Mpls Council for approving speech-limiting "Clean Zone" during All-Star Game

Image by Jayme Halbritter for City Pages
Today, the Minneapolis City Council approved the MLB's request to create a potentially speech-limiting "Clean Zone" across a swath of the city during a two week stretch surrounding the 2014 All-Star Game.

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The city's decision to temporarily cede some regulatory power to the MLB didn't set well with the Minnesota ACLU, which characterized it as placing "our free speech rights... in the hands of a private corporation."

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1987 Twins World Series ring selling for $7,499

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Pawn America
A 1987 Twins World Series ring that goes on sale Friday at Pawn America will sell for $7,499.

Pawn America is vouching for the authenticity of the 10-carat ring -- a size 9.5 that includes 15 small diamonds to make up the Twins "M" logo. The name on the inside does not belong to a player, but rather a front office employee.

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Twins top prospect Alex Meyer is the substitute teacher students love during offseason

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Alex Meyer on Twitter
Meyer (at right, obviously) is a former Indiana Mr. Baseball and was selected in the first round of the MLB draft in 2011.
Alex Meyer may be the Twins' top pitching prospect, but during the offseason, the 23-year-old millionaire works as a substitute teacher in his hometown of Greensburg, Indiana.

ON THE OTHER SIDE OF SPECTRUM: Bloomington sub teacher Laura Avery convicted of beating up, swearing at fifth-graders

Not only is Meyer in his third year of subbing, but according to an Indy Star report, students can't get enough of the 6-9 right-hander.

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Minnesota Twins okay with Republicans using their audio in attack ad

D.C. Republicans are appealing to Minnesotans warm-and-fuzzy feelings about 1991 in an effort to oust Collin Peterson.
:::: UPDATE, 10:15 a.m. :::: The NRCC has pulled the ad.

The National Republican Congressional Committee recently debuted a controversial radio attack ad aimed at 7th District Minnesota Democrat Collin Peterson. (Listen to it here.)

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The spot uses dramatic audio from the Twins' dramatic 1991 Game 7 triumph over the Atlanta Braves to make a case that Peterson has changed over the years.

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DFL blasts Republicans for politicizing Minnesota Twins

Much to the DFL's chagrin, Republicans are trying to politicize this happy moment in Minnesota history.
As we told you about Friday, a new attack ad bought and paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee uses audio from the Minnesota Twins' World Series triumph in 1991 to attack Democratic U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson.

THE BACKSTORY: Republican attack ad uses Minnesota Twins against Collin Peterson

We've reached out to the Twins organization in hopes of getting their response to the radio spot, but so far we haven't heard back. But in a statement released this morning, DFL Chair Ken Martin makes clear how he feels about Republicans trying to use the Twins to score political points.

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Republican attack ad uses Minnesota Twins against Collin Peterson

collin peterson rect.jpg
The NRCC is trying to use the Twins against Peterson.
:::: UPDATE :::: DFL blasts Republicans for politicizing Minnesota Twins

In a new radio spot, the National Republican Congressional Committee uses audio from the Twins' dramatic 1991 Game 7 World Series win against Collin Peterson, the Democrat who has represented southern Minnesota's 7th Congressional District since that same year.

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"1991 -- the Twins win, Collin Peterson goes to Congress. A lot has changed since then, and so has Collin Peterson," the narrator of the ad says. "Peterson supported trillions in new spending and voted to raise the debt ceiling seven times to pay for it."

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Minnesota Twins squabbling with WWE divas over "Bella Twins" trademark

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Brie Bella (left) and Nikki Bella
Leave it to the Minnesota Twins to hate on a couple of women who are just trying to do their thing.

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Twins officials are apparently upset with Nikki and Brie Bella's effort to trademark their WWE wrestling nickname, the "Bella Twins."

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Twins are more popular than Vikings, survey says

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The Twins have stunk for longer than the Vikes, but they appear to have more diehard fans.
Sure, both the Twins and the Vikings stink right now, but if the latest Public Policy Polling survey of Minnesota can be believed, fans have been more loyal to the Twins through their struggles than they have been to the Purple.

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PPP surveyed nearly 900 Minnesota voters between October 27 and 29. Two of the questions asked were "Are you a Vikings fan?" and "Are you a Twins fan?"

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Minnesota Twins' anti-LGBT bullying Facebook post brings out the homophobes

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Some Twins fans are very uncomfortable with the thought of Minne and Paul touching in a sensual way, apparently.
Today, all 30 Major League Baseball teams published Facebook posts in support of #SpiritDay, a GLAAD-sponsored event in which folks are encouraged to "take a stand against bullying."

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If you think that'd be uncontroversial, think again. Below the jump is a sampling of some of the homophobic comments Twins fans unleashed in response to the team's post.

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