U of M Arrests 13 Protesters Who Camped Out in President Kaler's Office

Protesters camp out in President Kaler's office
Yesterday a group of protesters arrived at University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler's office around noon and refused to leave until they were eventually arrested and booked at Hennepin County Jail.

They were from Whose Diversity?, an organization unsatisfied with the U of M's commitment to supporting diverse and historically marginalized populations. They came with a hefty list of demands.

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Will UMN's Proposed "Yes Means Yes" Policy Actually Catch Rapists?

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Kissing the War Goodbye by Victor Jorgensen, from Wikimedia
Bad form, sailor.

Probably not.

But then again, jailing rapists may not be the ultimate goal of the University of Minnesota's proposed "yes means yes" bedroom rule.

For a long time, the litmus test for rape was whether one partner said "no" to sex, only to be ignored. Yet considering how natural it is for victims to freeze up in the moment, University of Minnesota's student government is now trying to decide whether mandating verbal consent at every stage of a sexual encounter will make campus safer.

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Badgers Fans Outnumber Gophers Fans in Dinkytown, According to Facebook

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Mark Danielson, via Flickr
Just give it a few more solid seasons under Jerry Kill
The Wisconsin Badgers kept their claws on Paul Bunyan's Axe for more than a decade by beating the Gophers in football 11 straight times.

Painful, yes, and it may help explain this: The New York Times determined Dinkytown and its surrounding neighborhoods actually have more Badgers fans than Gophers fans by mapping Facebook likes by zip code.

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Minnesota Men's Sports Teams Are on a Combined 26-Game Losing Streak

Brandon Grasley via Flickr
Even for Minnesota this is getting ugly
All right, this is getting ridiculous. The Wild, Timberwolves, and Gopher men's basketball and hockey have combined to lose 26 consecutive games. Throw in Gopher football's loss in the Citrus Bowl on New Year's Day and it's 27 straight, with a combined 2-18 record in 2015.

Meanwhile Gophers women's basketball and hockey are both riding high, sporting records of 14-2 and 19-1-3, respectively. Maybe it's time to check out some women's games?

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George Will Gets "Lie of the Year" for Misreading U of M Ebola Article

Keith Allison, via Flickr
Conservative columnist George Will spouted an impressive amount of nonsense this year
Washington Post windbag George Will went on Fox News during the height of the Ebola scare and claimed the deadly disease could spread through airborne particles, much like the flu, directly contradicting medical experts.

When he was pressed to reveal his source, Will cited a University of Minnesota commentary taken completely out of context.

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Gophers Football Tickets Are About to Get a Lot More Expensive

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gophers football rect.jpg
file photo
Fees for season tickets will jump steadily over the next four years

Success comes with a price.

Fresh off of the most promising season of Gophers football in more than a decade, the University of Minnesota announced that the "scholarship fees" fans pay in order to buy season tickets will rise steadily over the next three years.

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Need Quick Cash? Help Shovel TCF Bank Stadium Today

TCF Bank Twitter
That could be the beginning of an excellent sledding run

Need to pick up a few extra bucks? Workers at TCF Bank Stadium still need help with the arduous task of clearing off the 50,000-seat stadium before the University of Minnesota's big game Saturday against Ohio State.

It pays $10/hour and shovelers can pick from two different shifts: 1-5 p.m. or 6-10 p.m. Shovels are provided.

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No, the University of Minnesota Isn't Saying Ebola Is Suddenly Airborne

CDC Global

As worries over the Ebola virus have grown, the crazy stories have popped up right beside it (need we mention the ridiculous Ebola zombie hoax?). But a new one has surfaced, and it sounds just realistic enough to maybe be true.

"EBOLA TRANSMITTED BY AIR," reads one headline from the conservative site Breitbart. Political columnist George Will said the same thing. Interesting, both pinned their stories on the same source: the University of Minnesota. The meme has remained afloat in the weird world of the right-wing blogosphere, on sites like Town Hall and CNS News.

So should we be worried? In a word, no.

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"Instagramable Views" Used as Selling Point for Dinkytown's The Bridges Apartments

Chris Steller on Twitter
The marketing team leasing units in a new 11-story Dinkytown apartment building says it has views so good, you won't want to just enjoy them with your eyeballs -- you'll want to snap a pic and post it to social media.

Advertisements for The Bridges cite "Instagramable Views" as one thing the building has going for it.

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Opponents of "Redskins" Nickname Find Ammo in Vikings/U of M Stadium Contract

Flickr via A Syn
Earlier this month, University of Minnesota president Eric Kaler appeared on MPR's The Daily Circuit to talk about the direction of the school. Buried near the end of that interview was a quick, though important, conversation about football.

The university has leased TCF Bank Stadium to the Minnesota Vikings for the next two years, and on November 2 will host the Washington Redskins. The team's name conjures images of dead Native Americans for bounty and upsets just about everyone who doesn't work for the team.

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