Ex-Viking Erin Henderson says he showed up to practices hung over

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Henderson's Carver County mugshot following his January 1 arrest.
It's hard enough to perform at an NFL level as it is. But can you imagine trying to do so while still reeling from last night's booze bender?

That's the situation former Vikings linebacker Erin Henderson says he was in last season before he was arrested for DWI and pot possession on November 19 and then again on January 1.

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Watch the Metrodome vanish [VIDEO]

Minnesota Vikings
That massive hole in the ground in downtown Minneapolis is well on its way to becoming the new Vikings Stadium.

Watch for yourself in this Minnesota Public Radio time-lapse video that was created using photographs from the Vikings' website. In only 99 days the team has gone from hosting a game to several explosions.

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Sign the petition to ban Mike Vick from the Vikings

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Yesterday we told you that Adrian Peterson tweeted his support for the Vikings to hire Mike Vick as quarterback. We also provided five horrific examples of Vick's dog abuse that suggest he may not be a good character fit for Minnesota.

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The post inspired a reader to create a petition asking the Vikings to "say no to Michael Vick." Colleen Ferguson just launched the action on GoPetition.com this morning.

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Despite Adrian Peterson, here are 5 reasons Mike Vick isn't fit to be a Viking

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via nineball2727
Adrian Peterson recently tweeted out his desire for the Vikings to bring Mike Vick on-board for its Quarterback-go-round.

But there's good reason that many teams don't want to touch Vick, regardless of his skills on the field (which are questionable -- he hasn't started more than 13 games a season since 2006): Vick is a dog-killer. He ran a gross and illegal dog-fighting ring and served time for it.

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Minnesota cops sue NFL over gun ban at games

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38 special.jpg
The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association and Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis is suing the NFL over a league policy that bars off-duty cops from bringing firearms to games.

RELATED: Mpls officers want off-duty cops to be able to carry guns at Vikings games

Dennis Flaherty, executive director of the Peace Officers Association, told us the NFL policy, which went into effect last season, violates the Minnesota Citizens Personal Protection Act of 2003.

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New Vikings linebacker Simoni Lawrence finally pays up

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Simoni selfie viaTwitter
The Simoni Lawrence car accident saga has finally come to an end.

Nearly a year after the uninsured former U of M football captain rear-ended 57-year-old Karla Rehberg on I-94 near downtown Minneapolis, Lawrence has finally agreed to reimburse her for the damage.

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Simoni Lawrence signed by Vikings, but still hasn't paid woman he hit on I-94

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:::: UPDATE :::: New Vikings linebacker Simoni Lawrence finally pays up

Today, the Vikings announced the signing of former University of Minnesota linebacker and 2009 defensive captain Simoni Lawrence.

Lawrence's return to Minnesota following a successful stint in the CFL is a feel-good story, unless you're Karla Rehberg, the 57-year-old Whittier resident Lawrence crunched in his white Camero on I-94 last year.

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Sports Facilities Commission denies trying to censor Metrodome demolition photos

The MSFC doesn't want folks on its payroll to be tweeing out photos like this anymore.
Curtis Schmillen works as a subcontractor for the Minnesota Sports Facilities Commission. He spends a lot of time at the site of the new Vikings stadium and has gotten in the habit of sharing pics of the ongoing Metrodome demolition from his personal Twitter account.

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But those days have come to an end after the MSFC asked him to stop tweeting out the photos.

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New Vikings stadium: Latest renderings show baseball, basketball, soccer configurations [IMAGES]

Though we have our doubts about the Gophers being able to pack the house, this is ideally what the new stadium will look like for baseball.
We're all in the habit of calling it the new Vikings stadium, so it's easy to forget that the place will host more than just football.

SEE ALSO: Watch the roof get blown off the Metrodome

The latest renderings released by HKS architects show what the place will look like when configured for baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, and even motorsports events.

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Watch the roof get blown off the Metrodome

still from Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority video
The start of the boom.
On Sunday morning, while New Jersey's MetLife Stadium was preparing for Super Bowl fireworks, the Metrodome readied explosions of its own.

At 7:30 a.m., crews blew the roof off the 31-year-old, one-time home of the Vikings.

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