Adrian Peterson Rides Camel, Still Doesn't Want to Play For Vikings

janedeux on Instagram
Screw him and the camel he rode in on

Adrian Peterson waved goodbye to his 20s on a camel.

The disgruntled Vikings superstar threw a Middle Eastern-themed 30th birthday party in Texas over the weekend featuring him riding a camel, an ice bar and people dressed like they were rehearsing for an off-Broadway rendition of Aladdin.

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MLS Officially Rules Out New Vikings-Owned Franchise

Minnesota Vikings
This rendering will never be realized

Zygi's dream of bringing professional indoor soccer to his half-built, $1 billion palace is officially dead.

Yesterday the Vikings announced Major League Soccer told them "thanks but no thanks," turning all of the attention toward whether or not former United Health CEO Bill McGuire and his partners can build a soccer-specific outdoor stadium in the North Loop.

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How The Commons Became "the Worst Development Deal" in Minneapolis History

Gryffindor via Wikipedia
The Commons could be green space for the people like Battery Park or V.I.P. party grounds.

There's a boatload of head-scratching facts surrounding the Downtown East Commons, the 4.2-acre park that will be the centerpiece of the sprawling $400 million development project abutting the new Vikings' stadium.

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Ex-Viking, Current Packer Letroy Guion Arrested with Gun, Big Pile of Weed and $190,000 Cash

Starke Police Department
That's a lot of drugs and money
Former Viking Letroy Guion thought maybe the old "don't you know who I am" trick could get him out of a routine traffic stop in Starke, Fla. Tuesday night.

According to a report released by the Starke Police Department, the former Florida State football star tried the line while leaning out of his brand new Dodge Ram pickup truck with a "strong odor of marijuana" emanating from within.

The line didn't play, and it went south from there for Guion.

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Kevin Hart Almost Beat Adrian Peterson in a 40-Yard Dash [VIDEO]

That was shockingly close
Is comedian Kevin Hart really damn fast or did Adrian Peterson lose a step or two during his suspension?

Last Wednesday AP attended Hart's standup tour in Austin, Tex. and later that night the two squared off in a sprint down the middle of the road.

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Who's Paying For the New Nicollet Mall? Not the Vikings

James Corner Field Operations
The professional real estate firm hired by Downtown Council decided the Vikings stadium is juuust outside of the benefits zone
The Minneapolis Downtown Council is making the rounds this week with its plan to assess downtown property owners for their $25 million share of the $50 million Nicollet Mall renovation.

The plan, carefully crafted by Shenehon Business and Real Estate Valuations, breaks down the assessments into three different zones based on proximity, and eight different business classifications ranging from commercial office space to vacant land.

Almost all of the owners of downtown's major buildings will be paying something as beneficiaries of the ambitious rethinking of the mall, except for one glaring exception: the new Vikings stadium.

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Park Board Will Own New Downtown East Park as Long as It Doesn't Have to Pay for Anything

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Ryan Companies
The game of hot potato over the ownership of the new downtown park continues

Every political science program in Minnesota should require a lesson on how the new park in Downtown East (they're calling it "The Commons" now) became such an epic clusterfuck.

The latest development came Wednesday, when a Park Board committee approved a measure that would give it ownership of the park, but absolve it of any real responsibilities for the next 30 to 50 years.

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Tickets to Next Vikings Game Are Selling Online for As Little As $2

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Screenshot via @TheCauldron
Fun times

Last week the market for Vikings tickets was "the worst in years" according to one ticket broker, and next week could be worse.

Yesterday tickets to next Sunday's Vikings-Jets game at TCF Bank Stadium were selling online for as little as $2, with hundreds available for under $10.

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Kalil Downplays Post-Game Flap With Fan

Categories: Vikings

Screenshot of
Kalil apologized when he addressed the incident with reporters today

Matt Kalil met with the media this afternoon to talk about his post-game confrontation with a heckler yesterday.

Kalil downplayed the incident and apologized to the media for ducking out before speaking with them after the game.

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Video of Matt Kalil Confronting Fan Surfaces, Fan Says He Will Press Charges

Categories: Vikings

Screenshot of Deadspin
Kalil confronted a fan after yesterday's game

This morning Deadspin posted a video confirming Vikings offensive tackle Matt Kalil tossed the hat off of a heckler after Sunday's loss to the Packers.

Now the heckler says he is going to press charges.

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