Audubon Society to deliver 77k signatures to guv calling for fritted glass on Vikings stadium

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Bill Majoros on Flickr Creative Commons
According to Audubon, birds like this Canada Warbler often perish when they collide with glass buildings.
At about 10 a.m. today, the Minnesota Audubon Society will deliver a petition with about 77,000 signatures -- 6,000 or so of them from Minnesotans -- to Gov. Mark Dayton calling for the installation of fritted glass on the new Vikings stadium.

"'The People's Stadium' shouldn't be killing the people's birds," Matthew Anderson, executive director of Audubon Minnesota, tells us.

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New Vikings stadium now officially costs more than $1 billion

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The new stadium is beginning to rise out of the east end of downtown Minneapolis.
Today, Vikings and Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority officials announced that the price tag for the new Vikings stadium has officially surpassed $1 billion.

It had been budgeted to cost $975 million. But some items, such as steel, cost more than anticipated, driving the cost up to $1.024 billion.

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Chris Kluwe settlement: Vikings pledge to be LGBT activists

Image by Tatiana Craine
In light of today's settlement announcement, this seems like an appropriate alternative logo for the Vikes.
Sure, they might still employ a coach who joked about nuking gays, but as part of their settlement with disgruntled former punter Chris Kluwe, Vikings officials pledge to be pro-LGBT activists.

"As a family we have long-supported equal rights causes, including marriage equality," Vikings Owner/President Mark Wilf says in a team statement released today about the settlement. "We are glad a resolution of this matter has been reached, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to create positive awareness of these issues."

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Oops! Teddy Bridgewater's name misspelled on first batch of jerseys for sale at Target [PHOTO]

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Whoever was responsible for copy editing the first batch of Teddy Bridgewater jerseys for sale at Target failed hard, as shirts that hit store shelves left the G out of the rookie quarterback's last name.

Typos are inevitable, but not when you have just two words (or, in this case, a word and a name) to concern yourself with.

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Despite Mpls pressure, Vikings, MSFA still pleading poverty on bird-safe glass

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Thumbnail image for VikingsStadiumNewRect.jpg
The new Vikings stadium will feature about 200,000 square feet of glass, and the Audubon Society says birds won't be able to see any of it.
On Friday, the Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a resolution calling on the Vikings and the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Authority to spend the money it would take to bird-proof the new Vikings stadium.

"Upgrading to bird-safe glass would add an estimated $1.1 million to the cost of the stadium, or 0.1% of the overall project budget of over $975 million," the resolution says.

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Sam and Christian Ponder introduce their baby to the world [PHOTO]

ponder steele.jpeg
First it was love and marriage. Now it's a baby in the baby carriage, as they say.
Sam Ponder kept her pregnancy out of the press, but now she and her husband, Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder, have gone public with a photo of their first child.

Bowden Sainte-Claire Ponder was born earlier this summer. Yesterday, Sam shared a photo of the new family on Instagram.

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Audubon Society says glassy new Vikings stadium will needlessly kill birds

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Thumbnail image for VikingsStadiumNewRect.jpg
The Audubon Society says birds from about half of Minnesota's 250 breeding bird species regularly die from flying into glass buildings.
The Minnesota Audubon Society wants the Vikings and/or the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Authority to spend between $400,000 and roughly $1 million on a glaze that would help birds steer clear of the glassy new Vikings stadium.

But talks recently broke down, so now the Audubon Society is taking its case to the public.

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Kluwe creates petition to get Vikings to release entire Priefer report [UPDATE]

Investigators concluded Priefer (left) did advocate dropping a "nuke" on "the gays." But Kluwe says there's more that hasn't become public yet.
:::: UPDATE :::: Today, Kluwe's lawyer, Clayton Halunen, announced plans to file suit against the Vikings have been put on hold, pending further settlement discussions between his client and the organization. Halunen said he plans to push for release of the full report as part of any agreement.

We contacted the Vikings for a response to Halunen's annoucement. Team spokesman Jeff Anderson sent us this statement:
Yesterday, Clayton Halunen contacted a Vikings attorney to request that the two sides engage in conversation. We believe that we have comprehensively investigated Halunen's client Chris Kluwe's claims that were put forth in the January 2, 2014, Deadspin article and have taken the appropriate action to ensure that we continue to have a workplace environment that respects tolerance, diversity, and inclusion. We are willing to listen to Mr. Halunen's continued concerns but will have no further comment in the interim.
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Former Vikings lineman takes on NFL players union over concussions

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Joe Bielawa
Christian Ballard (99) and teammates in a 2012 game

Former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe once again hurled himself into the Twin Cities football spotlight last week, threatening to file a lawsuit against his former team for wrongfully firing him over his support for LGBT rights.

But while all the attention's been on Kluwe, another potentially huge lawsuit is brewing in St. Louis, where another former Viking is is taking on the issue of concussions, alleging in a lawsuit that over the past few decades, his own union has covered up the dangers and health risks of concussions as part of a conspiracy with the NFL.

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Vikings, Chris Kluwe beef goes nuclear after investigators side with team

KSTP screengrab
Kluwe claims the report released by the Vikings is a coverup.
On Friday, the Vikings released a summary of the six-month internal investigation Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P. conducted into former team punter Chris Kluwe's claim that his outspoken advocacy for marriage equality prompted his release from the team following the 2012 season.

The investigators found that while special teams coach Mike Priefer in all likelihood did make the most explosive of the anti-gay statements Kluwe accused him of -- namely, "We should round up all the gays, send them to an island, and then nuke it until it glows" -- the reprehensible comment was not reflective of a hostile, homophobic work environment.

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