Kalil Downplays Post-Game Flap With Fan

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Screenshot of Vikings.com
Kalil apologized when he addressed the incident with reporters today

Matt Kalil met with the media this afternoon to talk about his post-game confrontation with a heckler yesterday.

Kalil downplayed the incident and apologized to the media for ducking out before speaking with them after the game.

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Video of Matt Kalil Confronting Fan Surfaces, Fan Says He Will Press Charges

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Screenshot of Deadspin
Kalil confronted a fan after yesterday's game

This morning Deadspin posted a video confirming Vikings offensive tackle Matt Kalil tossed the hat off of a heckler after Sunday's loss to the Packers.

Now the heckler says he is going to press charges.

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Fans Claim Matt Kalil Got into an Altercation with a Heckler After Yesterday's Game

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Kalil was in no mood to chat after yesterday's loss to the Packers

Vikings offensive tackle Matt Kalil has been fans' favorite whipping boy all season due to a level of high-profile ineptitude not seen since Christian Ponder was under center.

Yesterday Kalil was especially bad, getting flagged for three penalties at crucial times in the Vikings' 24-21 loss to the Packers. After the game he quickly stormed past reporters rather than talk publicly about his terrible day, but trouble may have found him outside TCF Bank Stadium.

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Ex-Vikings Star Orlando Thomas Dies of ALS

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Orlando Thomas
Orlando Thomas, the former Minnesota Vikings star defensive back, has died after a seven-year fight with ALS. He was 42, the same year as his number.

In 2007, six years after retiring, Thomas revealed that he had been diagnosed with the disease. Symptoms had begun appearing three years prior. A man who once led the NFL in interceptions was suffering from inexplicable fatigue and twitching.

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Opponents of "Redskins" Nickname Find Ammo in Vikings/U of M Stadium Contract

Flickr via A Syn
Earlier this month, University of Minnesota president Eric Kaler appeared on MPR's The Daily Circuit to talk about the direction of the school. Buried near the end of that interview was a quick, though important, conversation about football.

The university has leased TCF Bank Stadium to the Minnesota Vikings for the next two years, and on November 2 will host the Washington Redskins. The team's name conjures images of dead Native Americans for bounty and upsets just about everyone who doesn't work for the team.

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Fox's Mike Goldberg Calls Critics Assholes, Douches After Panned Vikes Performance

Goldberg was pumped before the game, but things didn't go as smoothly as he probably hoped.
-- Update at bottom --

UFC announcer Mike Goldberg made his NFL TV debut Sunday, announcing the Vikings-Lions debacle game for Fox.

Suffice it to say his performance didn't exactly receive rave reviews.

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Vikings' Tom Johnson Alleges He Got Chris Lollie Treatment From Cops [VIDEO]

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Johnson (mugshot at right) says the MPD officer pictured pepper sprayed and tased him, in addition to breaking his phone.
Remember Chris Lollie, the St. Paul man who filmed his own rough arrest in the skyway, an arrest he argues was racially motivated?

Vikings' defense tackle Tom Johnson alleges he received the same sort of treatment when he was roughly arrested outside Seven in downtown Minneapolis early Sunday morning.

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Vikings' Tom Johnson Tased, Pepper Sprayed, Arrested, Police Say


In only the latest incident of a Vikings player getting in trouble with the law, defensive tackle Tom Johnson was arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing this weekend, stemming from an incident at the restaurant Seven that police say involved all sorts of force to restrain the player, from pepper spray to a taser.

When the defensive tackle wouldn't leave the restaurant early on Sunday morning, police say, they had to resort to serious tactics. Johnson was arrested but released from jail later in the morning, and he'll next see a judge about the whole case on October 17.

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Check Out This Photo of the Moment Matt Cassel Broke His Foot

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Cassel had nothing to smile about after his foot was smashed during Sunday's loss to the Saints.
A figuratively painful week for the Vikings became literally so Sunday, as starting quarterback Matt Cassel broke numerous bones in his left foot while being tackled during the first quarter of the purple's 20-9 loss in New Orleans.

The exact moment Cassel's foot gave way was captured by photographer Carlos Gonzalez, who was shooting the game for the Star Tribune.

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Despite Child Abuse Indictment, Dallas Media Wants Adrian Peterson to Play for the Cowboys

Image via DallasBlack.com on Twitter
Late last month, a much-discussed ESPN report said Texas native Adrian Peterson wants to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

A child abuse indictment later, that story is today nothing more than a distant memory. But all the controversy hasn't deterred some prominent voices in the Dallas sports media from wanting to see AP with a star on his helmet.

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