Will Spring Make an Appearance Anytime Soon?

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Sharon Mollerus via Flickr
Don't start daydreaming quite yet

We know, we know: It's probably too early to start talking about it, but after an especially frigid February, last weekend's mild sun got us daydreaming about spring.

Is Minnesota primed for an early thaw, like the outrageous March of 2012, when it was 80 degrees on St. Patrick's Day? Or are we looking at another six weeks of barren white winter?

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Jimmy the Groundhog Bites Wisconsin Mayor in Sure Sign Winter Will End Soon

Screenshot of Channel 3000 video
Maybe groundhogs are sick of playing weatherman?
Yesterday America trotted out its official rodent weatherman, Punxsutawney Phil for his annual Groundhog Day prognostication about the remaining length of this winter.

According to media reports Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, ensuring at least six more weeks of miserable cold, but did you know the famous Pennsylvanian weather rodent has a counterpart in Sun Prairie, Wisc.?

We say screw that east coast elitist Phil, what did the North's resident rodent meteorologist, Jimmy the Groundhog have to say?

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How Unpredictable Is Minnesota's Weather?

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Tatiana Craine
You know that snowpocalypse that was supposed to dump more than two feet of snow on New York earlier this week? Well, turns out Winter Storm Juno had other plans, instead wreaking havoc on the rest of the Northeast and leaving New York with only about a foot of snow in some parts. It's a sizable amount of that fluffy white stuff, but definitely not the 30 inches meteorologists originally predicted.

And while the East Coast was hunkering down with a bunch of hot chocolate and blankets on Monday, Minnesotans were celebrating warm 40-plus temperatures. What gives?

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State Trooper's Car Drilled by Truck Doing 60 MPH During Last Week's Snow Storm (Video)

Screenshot of Minnesota Department of Public Safety Video
State Trooper Kristie Sue Hathaway walked away from the scary wreck
Last week we reported on Thursday's traffic apocalypse, when wind, snow, and slick roads combined to create 654 crashes throughout the day.

Trouble continued overnight and into Friday morning's commute. The State Patrol says it responded to a total of 855 crashes from 8 a.m. Thursday until 10 a.m. Friday -- four of them involving state trooper vehicles.

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Weather Channel Chief Says There's No Such Thing as Too Cold, Maybe

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Courtesy of Wikipedia
Smile, folks. There's no such thing as too cold.

Twenty-mile-an-hour wind gusts ripped a hole in yesterday morning. At Edenvale Park in Eden Prairie, two bundled figures enjoyed a late start to the school day by exchanging tape-to-tape passes on an otherwise lonely rink.

The southwest suburb's municipal warming houses were declared open for business at 9 a.m. At the same time, the Weather Channel reported fabulously sunny skies and a temperature of -8 that felt like -30 with the wind.

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Five Places Colder Than Minnesota Right Now

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Tatiana Crane
Hey, it could be worse
Hey, have you guys heard it's really frickin' cold out today? Ten bucks says that was the first topic of conversation when you got into work this morning.

Most Minnesotans accept that a bitterly cold January is just part of living here, but for those out there dreaming of July sun, pontoon cruises and backyard barbeques we're here to remind you that it could always be worse.

Here are five places colder than Minnesota right now:

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Minnesota Was Warmer Than Arizona and Most of Florida Yesterday

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Bizarre is the new normal when it comes to weather

Yesterday morning Minnesota hit a record high of 51 degrees, which was warmer than almost everywhere else in the nation.

The unbelievable mid-December heat wave had the state feeling as warm as just about anywhere on either coast, but Daniel Luma with the National Weather Service station in Chanhassen said things will quickly return to normal.

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St. Cloud Cathedral Kills Snow Days

David Wiley via Creative Commons
Is new technology going to eliminate snow days?

Scores of kids around the state had school cancelled due to Monday's snowstorm, leaving them free to sleep in, sit back, and enjoy a free extended weekend courtesy of Mother Nature.

Lazy students got an extra day to procrastinate writing that paper they put off all weekend, while others had a chance to go sledding, build a snow fort, or, more likely, sit inside while live-tweeting a Netflix binge.

Unfortunately for students at St. Cloud's Cathedral High School, that wasn't the case.

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How was Metro Transit Bus Service During Winter's First Storm? [GRAPH]

Ben Johnson
A look at Metro Transit's bus service during the winter's first storm (No data available at 9:00)

Most of the metro didn't get nearly the 6-15 inches of snow the weather terrorists meteorologists said we were getting yesterday, but that didn't stop the roads from freezing and turning traffic into the crawling hellscape we've come to expect every winter.

We know the agony of waiting at a bus stop, late and cold, wondering when (or if) your ride will ever show up. Here's a graph made using Metro Transit's frequent social media updates showing it pays to hop out of bed and get going early. (Or just hit the snooze and take a half day.)

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Minnesota gets really wet: Top photos

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-- Scroll to pages four and onward for bonus late-breaking photos --

There may not be any seals on the loose -- yet -- but Minnesota is in the midst of getting lambasted with arguably the most intense rain storm the state has experienced since the Duluth floods two years ago.

Here's how the story has played out in Twitpics:

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