Minnesota Was Warmer Than Arizona and Most of Florida Yesterday

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Bizarre is the new normal when it comes to weather

Yesterday morning Minnesota hit a record high of 51 degrees, which was warmer than almost everywhere else in the nation.

The unbelievable mid-December heat wave had the state feeling as warm as just about anywhere on either coast, but Daniel Luma with the National Weather Service station in Chanhassen said things will quickly return to normal.

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St. Cloud Cathedral Kills Snow Days

David Wiley via Creative Commons
Is new technology going to eliminate snow days?

Scores of kids around the state had school cancelled due to Monday's snowstorm, leaving them free to sleep in, sit back, and enjoy a free extended weekend courtesy of Mother Nature.

Lazy students got an extra day to procrastinate writing that paper they put off all weekend, while others had a chance to go sledding, build a snow fort, or, more likely, sit inside while live-tweeting a Netflix binge.

Unfortunately for students at St. Cloud's Cathedral High School, that wasn't the case.

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How was Metro Transit Bus Service During Winter's First Storm? [GRAPH]

Ben Johnson
A look at Metro Transit's bus service during the winter's first storm (No data available at 9:00)

Most of the metro didn't get nearly the 6-15 inches of snow the weather terrorists meteorologists said we were getting yesterday, but that didn't stop the roads from freezing and turning traffic into the crawling hellscape we've come to expect every winter.

We know the agony of waiting at a bus stop, late and cold, wondering when (or if) your ride will ever show up. Here's a graph made using Metro Transit's frequent social media updates showing it pays to hop out of bed and get going early. (Or just hit the snooze and take a half day.)

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Minnesota gets really wet: Top photos

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-- Scroll to pages four and onward for bonus late-breaking photos --

There may not be any seals on the loose -- yet -- but Minnesota is in the midst of getting lambasted with arguably the most intense rain storm the state has experienced since the Duluth floods two years ago.

Here's how the story has played out in Twitpics:

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Hennepin County says it didn't know about pothole that gave man concussion [PHOTO]

-- Update at bottom --

A Hennepin County spokesperson tells us officials hadn't heard about an axle-busting south Minneapolis pothole near the intersection of 46th Street and Minnehaha Avenue that concussed a man until Fox 9 put together a story about it for last night's 9 o'clock news.

Workers "didn't know that was there but saw the story," Kayla Bromelkamp, public affairs officer for Hennepin County, says. "They went out there this morning and fixed it immediately."

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Snowdiculous: Top images from Minnesota's April snowstorm

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@jenyoung18 on Twitter
After the winter we just endured, Minnesotans couldn't be blamed for experiencing some PTSD this morning when we woke up, saw white stuff on the ground, and heard the sound of ice being scraped off cars in driveways and on streets.

Of course, we tend to forget that the Twin Cities was rocked by a bigger snowstorm even later in the spring last year, but no matter -- it's mid-April and we don't deserve this crap anymore, dammit.

To help ease the pain a bit, we've compiled the best 10 April snowstorm-related images we've seen on Twitter below the jump.

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Winter-crazed man mows lawn in shorts amid blizzard [VIDEO]

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Our never-ending winter has evidently driven one Fargo man crazy.

If not insanity, what else explains Ryan Lindberg "mowing the lawn" in his shorts amid blizzard conditions?

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Today is one of the most Minnesota weather days ever

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The Weather Channel on Twitter
Whether March is going out like a lion or a lamb depends on which corner of the state you're in.

Northwest Minnesota is currently in the grips of Winter Storm Xenia, as indicated by the blustery photo at the top of this post, taken just west of the border in North Dakota around 2 p.m. Yet southern Minnesota is currently enjoying 70 degree temperatures under partly sunny skies.

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5 signs this is the Worst Winter Ever in Minnesota

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Amanda White on Twitter
No, it's not just you: This is the Worst Winter Ever in Minnesota.

Although it's something we all feel as soon as we walk outside, quantifying why this is the Worst Winter Ever isn't as straight forward.

Is it the snow? Is it the many days when the temperature never got above zero? Is it the sheer number of potholes?

It's all of those things. Here are the five signs this is the Worst Winter Ever in Minnesota.

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Minnesota snowpocalypse 2014: Top tweets

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@DDwx on Twitter
Snowpocalypse 2014 brought eight inches or more of white stuff down upon us. The end result is a gridlocked Friday afternoon that has the vibe of the pleasant snow days of our childhood, at least for those of us who can avoid the roads.

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As is the case whenever the weather gods attack us, Twitter is a fun place to be right about now. Here are 15 most amusing snowpocalypse tweets we've seen.

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