Wisconsin Cop Pablo Torres Featured on Billboard After Shooting Two People in 10 Days

Screenshot/Fox 6 Now
The billboard thanks citizens for supporting an officer who shot two people in a span of 10 days

On March 4 Kenosha, Wisconsin police officer Pablo Torres arrived at a scene where cops were trying to calm down a suicidal 66-year-old man named Terry Knight.

According to criminal charges filed against Knight, he exited a vehicle with a knife in each hand. Two cops who were already at the scene couldn't convince Knight to drop the knives, and an attempt to taser him was unsuccessful.

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Wisconsin Politician Introduces Bill That Would Legalize Marijuana

Wisconsin state Rep. Melissa Sargent: "What is truly criminal is the money Wisconsin is losing by not legalizing it."

Wisconsin already grants its citizens way more freedom than Minnesota by allowing alcohol sales on Sundays, liquor samples at grocery stores (which just passed, by the way) and the sale of good fireworks.

Now state Rep. Melissa Sargent wants to legalize marijuana for recreational and medicinal use.

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Matt Adamczyk Orders Wisconsin State Workers to Not Discuss Climate Change

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Wisconsin Board of Commissioners of Public Lands
Adamczyk and Schimel out-voted La Follette to keep public lands employees from mentioning climate change issues.

Wisconsin Treasurer Matt Adamczyk has decided that staffers in the state's tiny public lands agency are no longer allowed to talk about global warming. They've been ordered to not respond to citizens' emails related to climate change, and to altogether avoid the subject while they're at work.

Why take a pretend-it-doesn't-exist position on the greatest environmental issue of our time? Turns out it all stems from Adamczyk's beef with executive director Tia Nelson, who has a passionate history with global warming.

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La Crosse Considers Buying Special Paint to Prevent People From Peeing on Parking Ramps

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Screenshot of IG St. Pauli on YouTube
Hey, whatever works, right?

Sick of drunks pissing all over its three municipal parking ramps, La Crosse, Wisconsin is considering buying special paint designed to repel liquid right back where it came from.

City Council member Audrey Kader told city staff to look into how much the special paint would cost after hearing about how Hamburg, Germany used it to help clean up its St. Pauli party district.

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In Wisconsin, the Only Thing More Popular Than Aaron Rodgers Is Cheese

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Mike Morbeck via Flickr
79 percent of registered voters in Wisconsin love Aaron Rodgers

Cheese holds a delicious, razor-thin edge on Aaron Rodgers in the eternal struggle over the hearts and minds of Wisconsin.

A survey of more than 1,000 Wisconsin residents conducted by Public Policy Polling showed 80 percent of the state has a favorable opinion of cheese, while superstar Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers sported a 79 percent approval rating.

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Wisconsin State Parks Might Sell Corporate Naming Rights in Effort to Generate Cash

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This scene is made possible by Johnsonville brauts...

When future park goers exit off Highway 12 in central Wisconsin, making their way into Devil Lake's State Park, the state's busiest with more than 1.2 visitors annually who come to enjoy its quartzite bluffs rising above a 360-acre lake, they could be welcomed by some odd signage.

"Your visit to Devil's Lake State Park courtesy of Johnsonville Sausages' Beddar with Cheddar."

This could be the future if Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has his way.

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Thinks Handgun Background Checks are Overrated

Wisconsin is going to be looking sweet come springtime.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker certainly has his own ideas about liberty looks like.

His latest version of freedom has to do with his state's pesky 40-year-old law that requires a two-day waiting period for handgun purchases. Walker wants to kill it.

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Congressman Glenn Grothman Wants Us to Spy on Food Stamp Users

Mr. Grothman goes to Washington, won't stop talking.

Media starling Glenn Grothman, a freshman Republican Congressman from Wisconsin, has struck again.

During a town hall in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, on Friday, Grothman warned constituents to keep an eye on food stamp users in grocery stores because he suspects a ton of them aren't actually poor.

"I would argue some people are arranging their life to be on Food Share. You just look at them and kind of wonder," Grothman said.

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Watch a 92-Year-Old Man Plow Into Parked Cars in Grocery Store Parking Lot

Screenshot of Mayville Police's YouTube
Look out!

Russell Kerr was gingerly backing out of his parking space at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store in Mayfield, Wisconsin, just like a you'd imagine a 92-year-old driver would, when suddenly his foot got stuck on the accelerator.

Kerr panicked, according to Mayfield Police Chief Christopher MacNeill, as his car recklessly pinballed forward, backward, forward again, and around a corner where he hit a few more cars. Nine vehicles were damaged but no one was injured when the dust from his swerving mayhem settled.

It could've been worse if an off-duty firefighter hadn't rushed to the rescue.

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Wisconsin Steps Up Its Game, Moves to Allow Hard Liquor Samples in Grocery Stores

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Caspar Diederik via Flickr
Say what you want about Wisconsin, but its liquor game is on point
While Minnesotans battle just to buy liquor on the Sabbath, our adorable drunken neighbor to the east is zipping a bill through its legislature that would allow sampling of hard alcohol in grocery stores.

The measure has already made it out of committee in the state Assembly with broad bipartisan support. The bill's sponsor told the Associated Press he anticipates it passing unanimously.

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