Wisconsin's pay-for-snuggle business is already closed

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These professional snugglers are out of jobs.
RIP, Snuggle House. We hardly knew ye.

THE BACKSTORY: Pay-for-snuggle business to open in Wisconsin, swears it's all platonic

Just weeks after it opened, Madison's pay-for-snuggle business is already closed. The Snuggle House's Facebook page indicates it finally succumbed to pressure from city officials, who from the beginning expressed concern that professional "cuddling" was just a front for a brothel of some sort.

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Authorities can't stop Weird Wisconsin beach sex

Because nothing screams romance like the prospect of intercourse on a Wisconsin nudist beach.
In 2012, Wisconsin authorities closed the public forest around the Madison-area Mazo nudie beach in hopes it'd curtail people from going in the woods and getting it on. But it didn't do the trick, and so earlier this year, they closed the beach on weekdays.

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Unfortunately for authorities, that hasn't worked either. In other words, it appears there's no stopping Weird Wisconsin beach sex. All haters can do is hope to contain it.

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Small town Wisconsin cops stunned to discover pot chocolates

"No longer will officers be able to rely on the pungent smell burnt marijuana produces..."
Earlier this week, police in the small central Wisconsin of Marshfield confiscated more than 11 pounds of pot they say was being shipped from Colorado to the Land of Cheese.

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In addition to old fashioned ganj, authorities also seized 10 pot chocolates. Nothing too exotic about that, right? But based on a report in the Marshfield News Herald, you'd swear journalists and cops there were trying to come to terms with never-before-seen meteors or something.

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Wisconsin more extroverted than Minnesota, and everyone else, says 13-year study

Ken Lund and Eric__I_E
The difference between Minnesotans and Wisconsinites is an enigmatic question: Knowing it is one thing, but actually defining what separates the land of lakes from the land of Cheeseheads is trickier.

Now, courtesy of a 13-year study of the personality traits of 1.6 million Americans, we have some research to work into the debate.

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Wisc. man surprised to read his own death notice in the paper

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran a retraction two days later.
Jim Radloff was at work when he saw his own death notice in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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- Wisconsin paper defies police, publishes names of problem drinkers bars are asked not to serve

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Wisconsin rape-culture denier defiant in face of criticism, says he saved woman from assault

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David Hookstead, the UW-Madison student who penned the controversial "'Rape culture' does not exist" letter to the editor we covered earlier today, has been responding to his critics on Twitter throughout the week.

Suffice it to say that despite the weakness of the argument he tries to advance (see the above link for our critique), Hookstead isn't interested in backtracking. He also apparently believes he's in a uniquely privileged position to opine about rape and rape culture since he (according to him) once actually saved a woman from being sexually assaulted and put himself at risk of great bodily harm while doing so.

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Wisconsin student's victim-blaming "rape culture" column goes over as well as you'd think

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David Hookstead, a junior majoring in political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, recently penned a letter to the UW-Madison Badger Herald student paper with this provocative headline: "'Rape culture' does not exist."

:::: UPDATE :::: Wisconsin rape culture denier defiant in face of criticism, says he saved woman from assault

As the title indicates, in his column, Hookstead makes a case that "rape culture" is a fiction that "aggressively paints men as dangerous and as the root of evil."

Note: Trigger warning -- a portion of Hookstead's letter has been re-printed.

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Wisconsin man -- drunk, wearing clown makeup -- dangles screaming kids from overpass

Categories: Weird Wisconsin
Antonio Brown.
Antonio Brown, a 33-year-old Kenosha resident, came home drunk from a Halloween party around in the wee hours Sunday morning.

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That's not news! We're talking about Wisconsin, after all. But here's what is -- dangling screaming children from an overpass as they cry out for their lives... while wearing clown makeup.

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Female Wisconsin prison staffers caught on tape performing sex acts on male inmate [MUGSHOTS]

From left to right, Herrera, Hawkins, and Barrios.
Two female workers at the Racine Correctional Institution have been charged with second-degree sexual assault by correctional staff after they were allegedly caught on tape performing sex acts on a male inmate.

SEE ALSO: Wisconsin man arrested for humping discarded curbside couch

According to an AP report, Karina Herrera, 40, and Lisa Hawkins, 33, are accused of having "consensual sex" with Mario Barrios. Barrios, 39, was convicted of first-degree reckless homicide in 1995.

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Wisconsin man charged with voter fraud says he was just drunk and high when he voted twice

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Chad Gigowski
Chad Gigowski, a 28-year-old resident of suburban Milwaukee, voted twice last November. Nobody disputes that.

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Prosecutors threw the book at Gigowski, claiming people have to understand that voter fraud has consequences. But Gigowski pleaded for mercy using the most Wisconsin of all arguments.

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