Minnesota Ice Dam Company Comes to the Rescue in Boston

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Roof to Deck
"I have never seen this much snow. Ever. You had to see it to believe it."

With Minnesota mired in a never-ending deep freeze and only a few paltry inches of snow on the ground, Roof to Deck owner Mike Hilborn decided to ship his ice dam removal business to Boston to show the East Coast how it's done.

This winter Boston has been pounded by storm after storm in what is currently the city's second-snowiest winter ever, accumulating more than 100 inches of snow, which left Hilborn with more business than he knew what to do with.

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The Freezeway: We Really Need to Build This Before Edmonton Does

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Screenshot of Freezeway Vimeo
This would be awesome

During the winter wouldn't it be cool to ice skate to work or go for a skate the same way we use our bikes in the summer?

A plan to create a seven-mile ice trail cutting through various neighborhoods in Edmonton has been getting a lot of attention in Canada lately. Matt Gibbs, a 29-year-old landscape architect, won first place for his "Freezeway" idea in the 2013 Coldscapes international design competition, and now the concept is being debated by the Edmonton City Council.

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How Groveland Park Got St. Paul's Only Outdoor Zamboni

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St. Paul Capitals Hockey Association
St. Paul's Groveland Park could have the best ice in the Twin Cities thanks to its Zamboni.

During these cursed months of gray and wind, a drive down St. Clair Avenue in St. Paul produces an only-in-Minnesota-scene. Two hockey rinks swarm with players battling in friendly pickup games as chortling toddlers new to ice fight for balance pushing plastic chairs across the frozen surface.

When 200 skaters have chewed up enough of the ice, everyone clears. Out motors the city's only outdoor Zamboni.

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Roger Hanson Will Rebuild His Massive Ice Castle

Screenshot of The Ice Project's Facebook page
"I'm not a quitter. My work here is not done."
Roger Hanson was back at work yesterday, attempting to Frankenstein back together his ruined attempt at creating the world's tallest ice castle on Barker Island in Superior, Wisc.

The 66-foot-tall tower was reduced to chunks of icy rubble when it collapsed Tuesday morning, and when we reached him that afternoon he was unsure if the city would let him try to rebuild it.

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Watch Roger Hanson's 66-Foot-Tall Ice Castle Come Crashing Down

Courtesy of The Ice Project
What a bummer
UPDATE: Roger Hanson announced that he's giving this huge ice castle another go after receiving the green light from the city of Superior.

Just after 10 a.m. yesterday Roger Hanson's massive ice tower came tumbling down on Barker's Island in Superior, Wisc.

"Like everything, it had to come down at some given point. Mother Nature decided it was time to foil my plans," he said a few hours after his creation was ruined.

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Jimmy the Groundhog Bites Wisconsin Mayor in Sure Sign Winter Will End Soon

Screenshot of Channel 3000 video
Maybe groundhogs are sick of playing weatherman?
Yesterday America trotted out its official rodent weatherman, Punxsutawney Phil for his annual Groundhog Day prognostication about the remaining length of this winter.

According to media reports Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, ensuring at least six more weeks of miserable cold, but did you know the famous Pennsylvanian weather rodent has a counterpart in Sun Prairie, Wisc.?

We say screw that east coast elitist Phil, what did the North's resident rodent meteorologist, Jimmy the Groundhog have to say?

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State Trooper's Car Drilled by Truck Doing 60 MPH During Last Week's Snow Storm (Video)

Screenshot of Minnesota Department of Public Safety Video
State Trooper Kristie Sue Hathaway walked away from the scary wreck
Last week we reported on Thursday's traffic apocalypse, when wind, snow, and slick roads combined to create 654 crashes throughout the day.

Trouble continued overnight and into Friday morning's commute. The State Patrol says it responded to a total of 855 crashes from 8 a.m. Thursday until 10 a.m. Friday -- four of them involving state trooper vehicles.

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Weather Channel Chief Says There's No Such Thing as Too Cold, Maybe

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Courtesy of Wikipedia
Smile, folks. There's no such thing as too cold.

Twenty-mile-an-hour wind gusts ripped a hole in yesterday morning. At Edenvale Park in Eden Prairie, two bundled figures enjoyed a late start to the school day by exchanging tape-to-tape passes on an otherwise lonely rink.

The southwest suburb's municipal warming houses were declared open for business at 9 a.m. At the same time, the Weather Channel reported fabulously sunny skies and a temperature of -8 that felt like -30 with the wind.

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Five Places Colder Than Minnesota Right Now

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Tatiana Crane
Hey, it could be worse
Hey, have you guys heard it's really frickin' cold out today? Ten bucks says that was the first topic of conversation when you got into work this morning.

Most Minnesotans accept that a bitterly cold January is just part of living here, but for those out there dreaming of July sun, pontoon cruises and backyard barbeques we're here to remind you that it could always be worse.

Here are five places colder than Minnesota right now:

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Minnesotans Poised to Profit from Deadly Cold

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Photo by kellinahandbasket
Ten minutes out there and it's instant frostbite.

It's going to be a week of subzero temperatures, deadly roads, and winds that feel like ice daggers in the face. Yet while students all over Minnesota have taken to Twitter to alternately flatter and threaten Gov. Mark Dayton for no-school days, some local businesses are reveling at the chance to reap unprecedented profits from historical chills.

The guys who are making light of the cold -- and big bucks -- on the dawn of Snowpocalypse II are your local auto shops, pizza delivery drivers, boot-makers, and babysitters (for the chosen school districts). Homegrown industrial giant Cargill has been working around the clock to fill salt storehouses in anticipation of brutal winter storms.

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