Teacher Resigns After Appearing In Blackface At Basketball Game

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MACON, Ga. -- A high school teacher who wore blackface at a student-faculty basketball game has resigned, saying "it was poor judgment and will never happen again."

Photographs from the Central High School game on March 25 show Dougherty wearing an exaggerated, Afro-style wig with brownish makeup covering his face and arms. A student also is pictured wearing brown makeup on his face and arms.

Complete story here.

W: The Musical, playing through 2008

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American Idle Friday Random Ten (4/15)

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Joining Rox Pop, Norwegianity, and Feministe, et al, here's the American Idle Friday Random Ten:

1. Gigantic - Pixies
2. A Sign of the Times - Petula Clark
3. Hippopatomus - FannyPack
4. Chess Piece Face - They Might Be Giants
5. Friday Night - The Darkness
6. Am I Wrong - Love Spit Love
7. Spanish Bombs - The Clash
8. I'm Lost (Demo) - X
9. Knuckles - The Hold Steady
10. France Blues - Koerner, Ray & Glover


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