American Idle Friday Random Ten (12/30)

Joining Rox Pop, TBogg, Pharyngula, and Feministe, (while Gisleson FARTs into his new server) here's the American Idle Friday Random Ten:

1. King Henry V's Conquest of France - Richard Thompson
2. Look At That Old Grizzly Bear - Mark Mothersbaugh
3. 30 Century Man - Scott Walker
4. White Girl - Soul Coughing
5. Wild Honey Pie - The Beatles
6. Mendocino County Line - Willie Nelson
7. Believer - BT
8. Starman - Mates of State
9. Everything I Said - The Cranberries
10. A Quick One While He's Away - The Who

The lobbying that dare not speak its name...

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Kickback Mountain

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Now playing in the Oval Office...

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Gets him every time...

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Grossest headline of the day...

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Loose lips sink poll numbers

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Dick Cheney catches up on a little homeland security

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Not the man in red, the men in black...

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WASHINGTON - To justify creating a domestic spying program, the Bush administration is relying on a law Congress passed in the chaotic days after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that authorizes the president to wage war against al-Qaida and its supporters. In doing so, the administration bypassed a secret court system that for nearly 30 years has monitored the government's use of electronic surveillance to gather foreign intelligence on U.S. soil.

A special yuletide e-mail from a friend of mine...

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This has happend in the Oval Office before

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