Bush and Petraeus hold productive war strategy meeting

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Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq, says the "surge" in U.S. troops has achieved success, particularly against Al-Qaida-in-Iraq insurgents in Anbar province west of Baghdad.

The White House: The most well-mannered government office these days

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Help overthrow the King George of your choice

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Have a happy 4th of July!

John Doe and His Rockin' Band - "Fourth of July"
Dante's, Portland, OR - June 15, 2007


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Online Dating

Lots of swearing, innuendo, probably some nudity somewhere around here - and I'm only PG!?!? Not even PG-13!?! It's the cute kitty pictures isn't it? Sigh.

Big pimping or representing in some fashion, I believe

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Bush and Putin make up in time to go to G8 Summit Prom together

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel last seen running from the school gym crying

Reservoir Douchebags

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American Idle Friday Random Ten (6/1)

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Joining Rox Pop, TBogg, and Just a Cool Cat, et al., here's the American Idle Friday Random Ten:

1. I'm a Broken Heart - The Bird & the Bee
2. Sotto Le Stelle Del Jazz - Sotto Le Stelle Del Jazz
3. These Days - Nico
4. Clothes of Sand - Nick Drake
5. Beyond Belief - Elvis Costello
6. India - Roxy Music
7. When It Rains - X
8. Rudie Can't Fail - The Clash
9. New York - U2
10. Carnation - Liam Gallagher & Steve Cradock

Tell me yours!