Instinct Gallery Artists Explore the Air Around Us

Categories: Art
David Lefkowitz: Outlying Area
How often, as we walk or stand still, do we notice the air that surrounds us? How often do we notice it as we breathe it in and out? For "Art on Air," now on view at Instinct Gallery, artists ponder our relationships with the sky and air in interesting ways. 

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Joseph Scrimshaw Back in Town for Dr. Who Convention, Standup Performance

Categories: Theater

Dennis Zerwas Jr.
Joseph Scrimshaw is back -- for the weekend, at least, as the popular comic and storyteller is scheduled to give a pair of performances. One will be at CONsole Room 2015, a Doctor Who convention, and the other will be at Comedy Corner Underground.

"I'm planning an almost entirely Doctor Who-themed standup set," he says about the CONsole room gig. "Some stories about my history of the show, and random encounters I've had with the actors who have played The Doctor, such as Tom Baker, Matt Smith, and Sylvester McCoy. I'll also be doing some audience interaction to generate a brand-new Doctor Who story in the moment."

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Joseph Scrimshaw on California: "My favorite was seeing John Cho at the DMV"

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Lachlan Patterson: From BC to LA to LCS

Categories: Comedy

Image courtesy the standup
When Lachlan Patterson moved from Vancouver, British Columbia, to Los Angeles, he left his native Canada with what he felt was a good deal of solid material.

"I think I had a lot of comedy about Canada, and there were a lot of references to Canadian pop culture that I had to get rid of, which was a little heartbreaking because some that stuff was my favorite," he says. "But moving to the United States was great. When I moved to Los Angeles, I went to the local comedy clubs right away, and these comedians were destroying. I got to see the best at their best. It was really great to see that."

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Three Free Things to Do This Week

Categories: Free Stuff

In free stuff to do this week we have a beer happy hour, a dance party, and an art show filled with fiber art.

Come take a look and plan your week.

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Best of Dressing Room: May 18-22

Categories: Weekly Wrap-up

Folks in the Twin Cities are always up to something exciting. Here are some of Dressing Room's top stories from this week:

-- Twin Cities Horror Fest announced its lineup.

-- We reviewed the Walker Art Center's Artist-Designed Mini Golf.

-- We covered the launch of My Sister, a retail organization that gives proceeds to groups fighting sex trafficking.

-- We caught up with Isaac Witty since his last bit on Conan.

-- We captured the fun at MSP Comic Con.

Heidi Arneson on HeidiHouse Opening, Closing of People's Theater

Categories: Theater
Heidi Arneson
Performance artist, storyteller, and visual artist Heidi Arneson has spent the past five years fixing up the 900-square-foot attic in her 100-year-old house. Now she's ready to open it up as a kind of personal exhibition and performance space. She's calling it HeidiHouse, and she's having an open house this weekend to raise funds for the space's 2015-16 season. 

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War with the Newts Offers Experience Unlike Any Other

Categories: Theater

Photo by Richard Fleischman
You can't accuse Sandbox Theatre of not going all in with War with the Newts, which is now playing at Park Square.

As you enter the Andy Boss Stage, you are greeted by seven performers, clad head to toe in black latex, who shimmy, crawl, and croak away in the minutes before the show.

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War with the Newts

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Ice Cream, Food Trucks, Memorial Day Weekend: Freeloader Friday

Categories: Free Stuff
This week in free stuff to do we have food parties, block parties, and some fun to have on Memorial Day. Come take a look and plan your weekend on the cheap.

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Welcome to the Future: Get the Lowdown on Our New Facebook Commenting System

Categories: Announcements

Impassion Afghanistan
Today is the dawn of a new era for City Pages. We're switching to Facebook commenting.

You're on Facebook all the time already. Why log into a new system so you can comment on City Pages' articles that inspire, provoke, and let you know what's happening around the Twin Cities?

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Why We Need the Minnesota Film and TV Board

Categories: Art, TV and Film
It's late on Monday night, the legislative session is nearing its end, and the fate of the Minnesota Film and TV Board is still up in the air. With less than five minutes before midnight, a jobs bill makes it to the floor, and passes. The board is saved.

That's the short version of how Minnesota's ambassadors to the greater film and TV industry were saved from extinction. As long as Governor Mark Dayton signs this bill by Friday, MNFilmTV will be safe for another two years. But our nonprofit film commission shouldn't have to fight like this.

Minnesota's filmmaking industry relies on MNFilmTV. It brings in all kinds of productions (from Jingle All The Way to Dear White People), hooks up local industry professionals with jobs on those productions, and keeps our state highlighted on producer's maps. Less apparent, but no less vital, is its role in shaping the perceptions about Minnesota for the rest of the world.

So, lawmakers, please stop trying to kill it.

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