Film Podcast: Annie, Mr. Turner, Big Eyes and So Much More

Categories: Film and TV

Mr. Turner
We begin this week's Voice Film Club podcast with a strange story about Giles Corey, who famously said, "More weight!" as stones were laid upon him during his witch trial. The end of the year is sort of like that for film critics, who are pressed upon with all the Very Important Movies of the Year. Your hosts Alan Scherstuhl, Stephanie Zacharek, and Amy Nicholson run down many of the movies coming out soon, including:

- Annie
- Leviathan
- Mr. Turner
- The Interview
- Big Eyes
- Unbroken
- Selma
- American Sniper
- Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
- Winter Sleep
- Into the Woods
- The Gambler

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Best Of Dressing Room: December 15-19

Categories: Weekly Wrap-up
Folks in the Twin Cities are always up to something exciting. Here are some of Dressing Room's top stories from this week:

-- Sheila Regan and Melissa Wray revisited some of 2014's best moments in the Twin Cities regarding visual arts and literature.

-- We also explored some of our favorite TV shows and movies of the year.

-- Speaking of movies, The Interview situation turned out to be a hot mess. Before it was ripped from theaters and the Sony hack got really ugly, we spoke with Seth Rogan.

-- We checked in with local pottery artist and teacher Steven Showalter.

Xavier Tavera's Portraits Feature Powderhorn Business Owners

Categories: Art
Xavier Tavera
Tonight, Pillsbury House + Theatre will be hosting a reception celebrating a new photography project by Xavier Tavera. His portraits of small business owners will be on display alongside a newsprint publication the artist created for the project. 

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Five Super-Long Films to Carry You Through Winter

Categories: Film and TV
Should the cruel arctic gods send another polar vortex to the Twin Cities, we must be prepared to spend a large chunk of our winter indoors. But what a wonderful opportunity to watch some of the immersive, super-long films currently streaming online. After all, if we can binge-watch entire seasons of TV series like The Wire and Breaking Bad in a few sittings, a four-hour epic film should be a piece of cake. With that in mind, here are five lengthy works of cinema to ward off cabin fever.

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Motown: The Musical: Berry, Just Shut Up and Let Them Sing

Categories: Theater

Photo by Joan Marcus
The faux-Temptations in action in Motown: The Musical.
Motown: The Musical reeks of a vanity project. It's subject? Motown founder Berry Gordy. It's author? Berry Gordy.

The difference here? Gordy has access to some of the finest R&B, soul, funk, and pop music of the last half century.

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SantaCon, Santa Cycle Rampage, drag, pub caroling: Freeloader Friday

It's the last weekend before the holidays, but that doesn't mean you have to spend it at a mall. This week in free stuff to do we have a few great beer events, a handful of Santa-themed crawls, and two caroling parties.

Come take a look at our list and plan your weekend.

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The Colbert Report's Greatness Arrived With Its Very First Episode

Categories: Film and TV

The Colbert Report's Greatness Arrived With Its Very First Episode

By Ian S. Port

The funniest and most incisive show on television is ending this week -- so let's look back at how it began. On October 17, 2005, a power-suited Stephen Colbert furrowed his eyebrows and showed off highlights of his new set. Red letters above him shouted, "The Colbert Report." The title of his show was silhouetted in back of those letters, so it appeared twice. The host's last name was also proclaimed by a plasma-screen on the front of his desk, and it flashed four times on a ticker that ran below it, and was even spelled out on either side of that desk -- "which," he pointed out, "is itself shaped like a giant C." There were nine "Colbert"s in all, not counting the initial he sat in.

"But this show is not about me," the host insisted. "No, this show is dedicated to you, the heroes. And who are the heroes? The people who watch this show.

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2014 Year in Review: Top Moments in Visual Arts

Categories: Art
Margaret Pezalla-Granlund
It was a great year for visual arts in the Twin Cities and beyond. In 2014, we saw the return of the MMAA's biennial, a celebration of the Walker Art Center, floating biospheres and libraries, scathing critiques of American culture, and more. Here are 10 of our favorites moments (feel free to add your own in the comments).

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Bill Young Memorial Show This Monday at Club Underground

Categories: Comedy
Bill Young (middle)
For the second time in the past two weeks, the Twin Cities comedy community has lost an incredible performer and friend.

This past weekend, comedian Bill Young passed away in his sleep at the age of 32. A mainstay on the local standup scene since 2000, Young has performed at nearly every club in town, and opened for some of the most impressive names in comedy. He was also one of the featured performers at this year's 10,000 Laughs Festival, and spoke with us this past October.

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7th House Goes into the Belly of Jonah and the Whale

Categories: Theater

Image courtesy of 7th House Theater
Usually, a new musical arrives following years of development and work, often with a few workshops, or with a tryout out of town.

Not so for 7th House Theater. The company's new work, a bluegrass-infused retelling of Jonah and the Whale, has been devised and developed during 2014, and will premiere this weekend at the Dowling Studio at the Guthrie Theater.

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