Celebrating in Style at the Best of the Twin Cities Made in Minnesota Party [Video]

City Pages Best of the Twin Cities 2015 Party from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Last week, folks celebrated City Pages' biggest issue of the year at the Best of the Twin Cities party. Orchestra Hall was decked out in City Pages swag and filled to the brim with some of this year's award winners giving away sweet and savory treats. Check out all the fun from the Made in Minnesota Party here.

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CTC Goes Flying with Peter Pan

Categories: Theater

Photo by Dan Norman
Meghan Kreidler (Tiger Lily) proves to Peter Pan (Tyler Michaels) that Yellow Kangs, er, her Pounce girls, are indeed best.
Peter Pan: The Musical is an epically silly piece of theater that gets a fittingly silly production from the Children's Theatre Company.

There are goofy and grand performances galore, from Tyler Michaels's pitch-perfect Peter to Reed Sigmund's panto-esque Captain Hook, and all the way down to the various little Lost Boys and and Tiger Lily's Pounce (more on that in a moment).

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Huck Finn Triumphs Again at CTC

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Andi Smith Is Ready to Crash & Burn at Acme This Week

Categories: Comedy

Image courtesy the standup
Andi Smith feels she may be perfectly suited for Crash & Burn at Acme this week. The show, put together by Tim Slagle, one of the club's favorites, sends four comedians up onstage each night to work through 25 minutes of material they've never done in public before.

With a three-year-old daughter and aging parents to look after, Smith, a St. Louis native, hasn't toured as much as she used to.

"Last summer, I moved into a campground in the Wisconsin Dells," she says. "I had gone up to visit my mother, and we were riding around on golf carts, because that's what you do when you live in a campground. They have a real house near Madison, but vacation in a campground all summer."

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Traffic Zone Celebrates 20 Years

Categories: Art

Todd Murray via Wikipedia Commons
For the past two decades, the Traffic Zone Center for Visual Arts (TZCVA) has provided affordable studio space for roughly two-dozen Minnesota artists. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, participating artists will be hosting a special open-studios event this Saturday. The event will be in conjunction with an exhibition of portrait photography by Victor Bloomfield, whose color portraits pay tribute to the 23 current members of the TZCVA co-op, who are depicted in their natural environment: their studios.

Originally founded by artists fleeing gentrification in the historic Warehouse District, Traffic Zone has become the last remaining holdout of the neighborhood, a relic of the once-thriving downtown arts district that briefly flourished in the 1980s. (At one point, the Wyman Building alone was home to 20 art galleries.)

Following the departure of Allen Christian's House of Balls, Traffic Zone has found itself alone. Yet it continues to provide space within the North Loop for dozens of working studio artists, and provides outreach to visiting school groups and the surrounding community through regular open-studio events.

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Three Free Things to Do This Week

Categories: Free Stuff

This week in free stuff to do we have a group art show, a party with plenty of flower power, and a bike ride filled with freebies, music, and gorgeous views.

Come take a look and plan your week.

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Kurt Cobain is Honored in the Stunning Montage of Heck

Categories: Film and TV

Dora Handel Corbis
A post-Wikipedia biographical documentary, Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck finds Brett Morgen constructing a feature-length collage of notebook entries, demo tapes, rehearsal footage, home movies, archival photos, and drawings and artwork by the late Nirvana frontman. It’s an impressive, comprehensive assemblage, designed to impart not a point-by-point historical account but, instead, a larger sense of why Cobain was who he was.

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Best Of Dressing Room: April 20-24

Categories: Weekly Wrap-up

Folks in the Twin Cities are always up to something exciting. Here are some of Dressing Room's top stories from this week:

-- We chatted with Ali Wong, who works as a writer on Fresh Off the Boat. She's at Acme this week.

-- Lilly Pulitzer's collaboration with Target last weekend was a total shitshow.

-- Penny Dreadful's second season premiere is up on YouTube. Get ready for creepy naked witches and literal blood baths!

-- Minneapolis Parks revealed layout plans for the remodeled Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. There will also be some changes to Hennepin and Lyndale Avenues.

-- Looking for something pretty to watch this weekend? Check out these great animated flicks streaming online.

Pussy Valley Offers Messy, Maddening, and Engrossing Night at Mixed Blood

Categories: Theater

Photo by Rich Ryan
Jasmine Hughes and Megan Rippey
I'm not hardwired for the activities inside of strip clubs, so I've never actually experienced it firsthand. Katori Hall's Pussy Valley is a lot like what I've always imagined: tacky, crass, and more than a bit depressing.

Hall's play, which is receiving its world premiere production at Mixed Blood, is also an absolutely engrossing ride into an alien but familiar world set in the steamy heart of Mississippi.

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Mixed Blood's
Hir Makes for a Thoroughly Unpleasant Two Hours

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Podcast: Marvel at Horror Film Unfriended, a Surprisingly Good Movie About the Internet

Categories: Film and TV

On this week's Voice Film Club podcast, we marvel at teen horror film Unfriended, and while it is "85 minutes of watching someone else use a computer," the filmmaker's adept at turning a screen into a natural storytelling platform: "Director Levan Gabriadze summons up exquisite unease just by the way a cursor darts about a desktop."

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Saint Paul Art Crawl, Beer Bashes, Curtiss A: Freeloader Friday

L-R: Sculpture by Amy Toscani, work by Aaron Brand, vegan treats at Ethique Nouveau
This weekend in free stuff to do we have a giant art crawl, a few smaller art events, a beer and music party, and vegan treats.

Come take a look.

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