Fargo recap: There will be blood, don't 'cha know

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Matthias Clamer/FX
Martin Freeman as Lester Nygaard in Fargo
Episode 1: "The Crocodile's Dilemma"

THIS IS A TRUE STORY. The events depicted took place in 2006. At the request of the survivors, the names have been changed. Out of respect for the dead, the rest has been told exactly as it occurred.

So begins Noah Hawley's television reboot of the Coen brothers' 1996 film Fargo, with nearly the same disclaimer as its predecessor. The new show, which premiered on FX last night, is taking the same approach to television as one of the network's other popular shows. Like American Horror Story, Fargo will be an anthology, meaning that the storyline and the cast will change from season to season -- assuming it passes this initial 10-episode test.

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Get your Best of the Twin Cities 2014 party tickets now!

Emily Utne
The Best of the Twin Cities 2014 issue has just hit the streets, and that means it's time to celebrate.

This year's Best of the Twin Cities party is going to be one of the most decadent soirees in the city, and we want you there to help us celebrate on the red carpet.

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Best of the Twin Cities 2014 Winners

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We Theater takes on The Shadow War at the Wellstone Center

Categories: Theater
Gregory Yang and Song Kim
Photo by Scott Pakudaitis
Tonight, We Theater will premiere The Shadow War, its first full-length production. It's a work that takes place in Laos during the secret CIA operations that ran concurrent with the Vietnam War. Set in 1971, the story follows a diverse set of characters living through a period when the U.S. was training Lao Natives -- mostly Hmong people -- to fight Communist Pathet Lao.

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Best Of the Twin Cities 2014: Arts categories

Thumbnail image for BestOfs2014AEHEADER.jpg
Right this very moment, City Pages' Best Of the Twin Cities 2014 is hitting the streets. For this year's theme, we took a healthy dose of inspiration from Hollywood's glam Golden Age, especially celebrating the looks and aesthetics of the 1930s to the '50s.

For easy perusal, we've compiled some of the top arts winners -- be they theater, dance, literary, fashion, or visual arts related -- into one handy post. Come take a look.

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Sheng Wang: "I'll probably do standup for another 10 years or so, then retire and deliver pizzas"

Categories: Comedy
Most standup comedians discover their talents at an early age, be it as the class clown or oddball in school. Sheng Wang wasn't one of those people.

"I was never the go-to funny guy or anything like that," he says of his introduction to the comedy world. "I was in a group back in college for Asian kids who wanted to do something onstage, and one kid mentioned standup comedy. I was like, 'I think I know what that is, and I think I like it.' So I tried it and it worked out."

Eleven years later, Wang is living in New York and performing standup in comedy clubs, college campuses, and festivals all over the country. This weekend, he'll be at Mystic Lake Comedy Club showing audiences what he decided to do instead of getting a real job.

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Graywolf Press poet Vijay Seshadri wins Pulitzer Prize

Categories: Books
Folks over at Graywolf Press were probably popping champagne last night, as it was announced that its author, Vijay Seshadri, had won a Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. He is the first Asian American to win in the category.

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MNfashion returns, revives Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week

Categories: Fashion
Sad news came this January when MNfashion announced that it it would no longer be organizing Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week or producing events like the Shows and Voltage. It turns out the the nonprofit organization only needed to take a few months off to regroup, as it just announced that it will be setting the dates for the festival once again this fall, with a plan for new parties and continued utilization of its online presence.

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Todd Barry: "I don't want to be known as 'the guy who doesn't have an act' or something like that"

Categories: Comedy, Interview
Mindy Tucker
For many  comedians, the thought of going onstage without any prepared material is the stuff of nightmares. Todd Barry is not one of those comedians. In 2013, the quick-witted standup veteran of over 25 years headed out on what he called the Crowd Work Tour, leaving his jokes at home and relying entirely on passing a microphone around and interacting with audiences. The shows went well, so he did another tour later in the year, this time followed by a camera crew for a documentary that Barry's friend Louis C.K. produced and recently released on his website.

The special, the second that C.K. has released by someone other than himself, follows Barry through all seven shows of the tour. It has it all: the good, the bad (mainly people in the audience trying to be funny), and the hilariously awkward, like when he had to stop making fun of an audience member who was not only serving in the military, but had also driven 200 miles to be there.

Barry has decided to do one last Crowd Work Tour, which includes a stop at the Cedar Cultural Center this Wednesday. Dressing Room connected with him ahead of the gig to talk about the two previous Crowd Work Tours, the special, and some of his other roles and projects.

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Frank Theatre revisits The Threepenny Opera

Categories: Theater
Photo by Tony Nelson
Bradley Greenwald leads the company of The Threepenny Opera.
Four years after his stunning turn as the Emcee in Frank Theatre's Cabaret, Bradley Greenwald brings "Mack the Knife" to glorious life in Frank Theatre's mad and invigorating production of The Threepenny Opera.

It's the kind of role Greenwald was born to play. The versatile actor has the vocal chops to bring off the depth and breadth of Kurt Weill's score, while his strong acting instincts craft a character that is both engaging and repellent, a perfect blend for the Bertolt Brecht script.

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Four free things to do this week

Categories: Free Stuff
L-R: Third Thursdays at MIA, Queenie Von Curves, Walker Art Center
This week in free stuff to do we have two museum parties (one featuring teens and one celebrating flora and fauna), a workshop on the art of burlesque, and a gallery get together honoring water. Come take a look and plan your week on the cheap.

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