Super Bowl Sunday: A Drinking Game for Non-Sports Fanatics

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frankieleon, Michelle Tribe, oouinouin
This Sunday is the biggest day in football. Whether or not you you're into sports, chances are high you will be watching it on TV with friends and family. But even though you couldn't care less about the outcome doesn't mean you can't have a good time. We suggest you turn the event into a game of your own. A drinking game. Sports and binge drinking go together like football players and models. Get everyone, football fanatics or not, to play along.

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Best Of Dressing Room: January 26-30

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L-R: Tatiana Craine, Steve Cohen, Uptown Theatre, Alison Gimpel Photography
Folks in the Twin Cities are always up to something exciting. Here are some of Dressing Room's top stories from this week:

-- Saks Off Fifth closed, then announced it's moving across the street

-- Melissa F. Kaelin spoke with a Duluth photographer who captures amazing images in the wintertime.

-- We learned the date and location of the Walker's Internet Cat Film Fest (it's really big news!). We also hung out with some kitties at the Saint City Cat Show.

-- Alex Lauer revisited some of the best Uptown Theatre marquees of 2014.

Out There 2015 Ends with an Absurd, Disturbing, and Moving Tribute to Poe

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Photo by Johanna Austin
Red-Eye to Harve de Grace.
Out There 2015 ends with an eccentric celebration of one of America's great poets and writers, as Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental and Wilhelm Bros. & Co. present Red-Eye to Harve de Grace, an eccentric and vibrant take on the last days of Edgar Allan Poe's life.

How eccentric? Well, it opens with Ranger Steve (Jeremy Wilhelm), running through some facts about Poe's life. Yet the character does more than just introduce the action, he performs all the characters other than Poe, sings, and plays a bit of oboe to boot. (We also learned that Thursday's performance fell on the 170th anniversary of the publication of The Raven. How fitting.)

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Out There 2015:

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Guante Attends U.N. Conference and Works with Young Poets

Categories: Spoken Word
Guante teaching
Fresh from his trip to the United Nations, where he performed in the Barbershop Conference and tackled issues like gender inequality, Kyle Tran Myhre (Guante) is back in town working with youth as they vie for spots in the Be Heard MN Youth Poetry Slam.

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Art Sleds, Beer Parties, Super Bowl Celebrations: Freeloader Friday

Sam Taylor-Johnson, Nick Lethem, event logo
This week in free things to do we have an art sled rally, a brewery birthday party, a 48-hour music experiment, and a Super Bowl shindig.

Come take a look at our list and plan your weekend.

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Internet Cat Video Festival Finds New Home, Now with Balls

Steve Cohen
Lil' Bub at last year's festival
As many people know, the Walker Art Center's Internet Cat Video Festival is a big deal. Each year, cat lovers convene online to submit, watch, and vote on the best kitty videos on the internet. Then in the summer, they come together in real life to watch the best of the best on the big screen.

This year, the Internet Cat Video Festival is going big.

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Up Close and Purr-sonal at the Saintly City Cat Show [Video]

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Sundance: Eat Through L.A. With Pulitzer Winner Jonathan Gold

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Film still
Halfway through Laura Gabbert's documentary City of Gold, a salute to Jonathan Gold, the Pulitzer Prize–winning food critic's brother Mark reveals a dark family secret: Gold grew up devouring iceberg lettuce and orange Jell-O.

Every day, we eat. It's a must. And those meals tell a story: The peanut sauce Grandma invented, the Korean tacos that signify L.A.'s mash-up culture, and even that Jell-O, a shorthand for a childhood in South Central, where Gold's father, a probation officer who dreamed of being an English professor, cared more about filling his sons' heads with high culture than he did filling their bellies with fancy food.

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Five Excellent Films Starring Mads Mikkelsen

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Film stills
The handsomest Dane to grace our shores since the heyday of Viggo Mortensen, Mads Mikkelsen has rocketed to fame as the star of TV's Hannibal.  Prior to this, he was probably best known to American audiences as the guy who flogs Daniel Craig's testicles in Casino Royale.  But Mikkelsen's film career -- which has taken him through a number of different countries and languages -- is far, far richer. Digging deeper into his body of work, here are five of Mikkelsen's best international film roles.

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Miwa Matreyek Steps into Her Animations

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Photo by Gayle Laird, (c)Exploratorium
Miwa Matreyek, The World Made Itself 
For Walker Art Center's Expanding the Frame, a series combining film with performance, California-based animator and performer Miwa Matreyek will be presenting her unique work where she juxtaposes shadows of herself performing on various images. There will be two screenings this evening, each including two works. In Myth and Infrastructure, Matreyek meditates on creativity in a loose, fantastical way, while The World Made Itself takes on the history of Earth using a surreal space that creates a visceral journey for the audience. 

We chatted with Matreyek about her process and work.

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Uptown Theatre's Best Marquees of 2014

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Photo courtesy of Uptown Theatre
It's always exciting when Minnesotans get Oscar noms, but who needs Hollywood or Amy Adams anyway? We've got something that provides more entertainment than most of this year's films: the Uptown Theatre's marquee. Throughout the year, the folks at the south Minneapolis theater take full advantage of their customizable billboard and cinephile staff, composing irreverent ads for their otherwise serious lineup of independent films.

From puns to personal confessions, here are the top 10 marquees of 2014.

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