Chelsea Handler, 'Worn 2 Be Wild' top weekend slideshows

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Chelsea Handler / Alexa Jones for City Pages
Every weekend we dispatch a handful of our favorite photographers to events around town to make sure we (and you!) don't miss anything - we're kind of obsessive like that. Dressing Room readers might be interested in two of them this weekend: Chelsea Handler at Northrop and Anthem Heart's t-shirt and music party, Worn 2 Be Wild at their Northeast Loft on Quincy. 

Click here for the Chelsea slideshow. Her outfit was a bit perplexing -- a loose-fitting tank with a long swath of fabric down the center, and she wore -- gasp -- a scrunchie.   Killer shoes, though.

Time Squid / Anthem Heart
Click here for the Worn 2 Be Wild slideshow. We've gotta say there are some "interesting" looks in this one.

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