Dreamland Arts, Mu pound out Daiko transformation

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There are indeed times when only vigorously pounding a drum will serve as a response to life's dilemmas, a concept surely not unfamiliar to Iris Shiraishi. Along with Zaraawar Mistry, she's cooked up Becoming, a show about outgrowing the angst of youth in no small part through the power of Taiko drumming. Shiraishi is a member of Mu Daiko, and her show is presented by Mu Performing Arts. Becoming traces Shiraishi's personal journey from a Hawaiian childhood to her discovery of the primal, cathartic power of music. Expect the sounds of those resonant Daiko drums, which in and of themselves are indeed pretty transformative. 

The show is also an excellent chance to check out the Dreamland Arts space; it's a family-owned business (by Mistry and Leslye Orr) that opened in 2006, and features an extremely intimate 40-seat theater space. 

Dreamland Arts
​Mistry recently performed his own groovy Indian Cowboy locally, and he co-writes Becoming with Shiraishi. Mistry doesn't shy away from the mystical in his own work, and Becoming is billed as "filled with ritual and song," so my hopes at least are raised for some storytelling and rhythm in a small space--not the worst ingredients for a little theater alchemy. 

Becoming plays through May 2 at Dreamland Arts, 677 Hamline Ave. North, St. Paul. Shows are 7:30 p.m. Thu.-Sat., 2:00 p.m. Sun. Tickets are $16-18; call 651.645.5506 or click here

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