Ritz Theater "Renovate": three nights, a big old slate of choreography

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Justice hurts: Off-Leash Area's "The Jury"
​If you want to view dance and your attention span is limited . . . hey, come back, I'm not finished! Anyway, Thursday of this week marks the first of the three-night run of Renovate, the third annual choreographer's evening at the Ritz Theater. It features a wide variety of performers and disciplines, so if you're not enjoying one act, just wait and another one will be along shortly. 

The choreographers enlisted for this variety night include such local luminaries as Denise Armstead, Elizabeth Bergman, Jaime Carrera, Angharad Davies, Erin Drummond, Cade Holmseth, Jennifer Ilse (pictured above, performing an excerpt from The Jury by Off-Leash Area), Alana Morris, Kari Mosel, John Munger, Julie Warder, and Taja Will. 

"Renovate" plays at the Ritz Theater Thu.-Sat., May 20-22. Tickets are $15-$18; to make a reservation call 612.436.1129 or click here

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