"Glee" finale brings Theater Latte Da to the party

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Get your geek on: "Glee" season premiere party
​Tonight there's a season finale party for "Glee," the uber-arch TV phenomenon of the sort that makes high school seem much funnier, ironic, and, well, gleeful than it was in real life. 
Theater Latte Da  is even coming along for the ride, providing performance pieces to entertain viewers during breaks. 

The Glee Season Finale Party is being put on my myTalk 107.1 at Legends Bar & Grill at 825 E. Hennepin Avenue in Northeast; happy hour is 6:30, the show begins at 8:00. The cover charge is $5, with the money going to benefit Theater Latte Da.

So you get to donate to a good cause while enjoying a libation and watching TV the way it was intended--in a large, raucous, semi-inebriated crowd. Spontaneous outbursts of glee may be involved. RSVP here

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