Minnesota Fringe may be two months off, but its past echoes in Cincinnati today

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a brief history of petty crime website_0.jpg
Jimmy Hogg: Appearing at this year's Minnesota Fringe
The Cincinnati Fringe Festival opened today and, in addition to reminding us that the Minnesota Fringe is coming in a couple of months, its roster of theatrical shows contains a number of familiar local names. First is local favorites Four Humors Theater, with their new show Harold
the company were creators of such Minnesota Fringe favorites as Mortem Capiendum (2008), Inspector Rex (2005), Bards (2007), and Deviled Eggs (2006). 

Michelle Myers Berg and Bridge Productions appear with Fringe (and History Theatre) show Blue Collar Diaries, about growing up in St. Paul in the 1960s.

The Finkles' Theater Show appeared at the 2009 Minnesota Fringe; it's the story of two dorky theater lovers desperately trying to stage their first show. Finally, Jimmy Hogg appears in A Brief History of Petty Crime, a 2007 Fringe hit. Hogg will be back in town for this year's Fringe with a different show. 

It might not seem so amazing that three Minnesota groups are playing the Cincy Fringe, but the heft of our local scene becomes more apparent after totaling up how many shows are in this year's fest: 29. 

The number of shows at this year's 2010 Minnesota Fringe Festival: 169. 

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