Top 5 homophobes who turned out to be gay

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Pastor Tom Brock reaped a whirlwind of self-loathing
Pastor Tom Brock became a viral sensation this week after he was outed by the local gay magazine, Lavender.

Brock famously blamed the tornado that struck downtown Minneapolis on a church's embrace of gay clergy. Turns out he was caught up in a whirlwind of self-loathing.

Brock has taken a leave of absence, but the hypocrite hasn't ruled out continuing to serve in the job he thinks gays shouldn't have.

Look out for more tornadoes!

The most surprising part about the story is just how common it is: We've become accustomed to homophobes being closeted homosexuals.

At this point, if someone loudly advocates against gay marriage, it's a good bet they're just trying to preserve all the young, single guys.

Here's our list of the Top 5 homophobes who turned out to be closet cases.

Ted Haggard was filled with the holy spirit ... and meth.
5. Ted Haggard had a history of loud support for anti-gay legislation, until a gay prostitute he'd been paying for sex and meth called his bluff. Haggard was forced out of the church. After he left, the scandals continued, with more men coming forward to report kneeling at Haggard's altar. You'd think a guy who'd lived such a lie would be embarrassed enough to fade quietly away. But, no--Haggard kept writing books and showing up on television. And despite the fact that he'd made $200,000 the year the scandal broke, plus a $138,000 severance package, Haggard sent out an e-mail asking for donations to support his family. The reason? Haggard was pursuing a degree in counseling.

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It is not a surprise that most homophobes are actually repressed homosexuals/bisexuals. It is not a surprise for most openly homosexual people either because a great number of them have gone through the same denial before coming to good terms with their sexual orientation. So, if a homophobe wants to deceive a homosexual that he/she is heterosexual that will not work at all because the person they are trying to deceive did the same thing before accepting him/herself.

 Homophobes just don't have the balls to face themselves and accept who they are.


did u forget about the big and famous PASTOR EDDIE LONG?

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