"America's Got Talent" axes Twin Cities knife throwers

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Unafraid of sharp objects: The Danger Committee
Last night's episode of America's Got Talent on NBC ended by selecting acts to move on from the Last Vegas round to the next level of the competition on Hollywood. Along the way, Twin Cities expert jugglers and knife throwers The Danger Committee failed to make the cut.
This doesn't really come as any gut-wrenching surprise. In a quick email exchange with Committee member (and Brave New Workshop artistic director) Caleb McEwen recently, McEwen pointed out that (despite the Committee's jaw-dropping abilities), he was part of a variety act of the sort that was unlikely to get the final nod in favor of more accessible song-and-dance combos.

Still, it was very cool while it lasted. The Danger Committee got their name out there, and presumably their profile will rise as a result (hire them, for instance, for corporate events and have them fling gauntlets of knives at your boss).

And if you haven't seen it yet, check out the audition video:

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