Minnesota Fringe Festival: City Pages doubles down on coverage

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"Princess Jessica and the Kingdom of Boogers" at the Minnesota Fringe: because sometimes it's just fun to type "boogers"
The time has nearly arrived to begin covering the Minnesota Fringe Festival, and over at CP Headquarters we're not taking the responsibility lightly. We're going to try something a little different this year: instead of running one large article mid-Fringe, we're running a preview feature in the 8/4 issue, then a double-sized theater section of Fringe reviews on 8/11. You got it--we're doubling down and increasing Fringe coverage (hooray!).
At the moment, the biggest challenge is staring down that list of 166 shows and trying to whittle it down to about thirty: some to preview, some to review, some to put on a wish list if the traffic and parking gods are kind during opening weekend (upon retirement I plan on revealing my passel of Twin Cities theater critic parking secrets, but not until then).

Anyhow, I'm starting to get that buzz of possibility, as well as that annual sinking sensation that I'm going to make a few bad picks, sit through some middling stuff, and undoubtedly miss more than a few remarkable shows. It's the nature of the beast, but this year the addition of the Dressing Room to the CP multi-media onslaught means that reviews that don't make print will find a cozy online home.

And for the moment, there are a slew of online Fringe video previews to peruse. Here's Dylan Fresco's The Anton Kissbougel Technique, an interactive new-age satirical "workshop" taking place at Balance Fitness Studio:

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