"River of Passion" packs ample soap-opera intrigue

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by Jesse Gavin
Oh, the angst: The Flower Shop Project's "River of Passion"
The Flower Shop Project opened River of Passion at the Bryant-Lake Bowl Theater on Friday night, and the first installment of this five-part soap opera lived up to all expectations of scheming, broken hearts, dodgy morality, and all the lovely possibilities of possessing an evil twin. ​

The trio of writers behind the show (Bethany Hummel, Brenna Jones, and Stephen R. Moeller) have packed it with soap-opera staples. There's the blowhard businessman patriarch Magnus Magnusson (John Lilleberg) and his ne'er-do-well son Ashe (David Schlosser); Ashe is accused of a murder, which he claims was in self defense (we'll see on that one).

Meanwhile Gunnar Magnusson (Ernest Briggs) is running for governor of Minnesota. Standing in his way is Paddy O'Sullivan (Alan Wales), who also plans to take down Magusson Enterprises with assistance from Magnus's wife, for whom Ashe carries a smoldering torch. 

Juicy, improbable, compelling stuff, in other words. The cast plays this one as straight as their TV counterparts, although in the audience you'll be moved to laughter with regularity. Played as over-the-top as its inspirations, River has all the hallmarks of a great, goofy, cheesy pleasure. 

River of Passion runs every Friday night at the BLB at 7:00 p.m. until July 30. For tickets call 612.825.8949 or click here

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