"Work of Art" drama plays out weekly on Bedlam Theatre patio

"Work of Art" may be best enjoyed with cold beverages on the Bedlam patio
Local boy Miles Mendenhall has been more than holding his own on Bravo's reality show Work of Art; the weekly competition culminates August 11 with some manner of highly subjective and debatable winner. But hell, these things are a certain kind of fun, and where better to watch than on the big screen of the Bedlam Theatre patio?

The show airs at 9:00 tonight and every Wednesday through the series finale at Bedlam, where you can avail yourself of full restaurant and bar offerings (see the menu here). Get up to speed on recent U of M grad and Work of Art contestant Miles here. And here is the mind-shattering concept behind a reality show based around fine art.

And since there's always more going on at Bedlam than you can shake a stick at, after the show tonight there's a musical set with Telephone Hat, Filbert, Word Party, and Nice Purse. So satisfy that reality TV jones, then stay for the tunes (donations requested).

Bedlam Theatre is located at 1501 S. 6th Street in Minneapolis. For information call 612.341.1038.

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