Blood in Blood Out sneak preview features Deuce 7 and friends

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The latest show at Cult Status Gallery features street art inside the gallery. Deuce 7 has returned from New York after being hailed the "king of New York street art" by Village Voice writer Camille Dodero. For "Blood in Blood Out," he will be joined by three other talented artists: Von Shank, as well as Tomás Villasenor and Peyote, who also created the art in the gallery's bathroom.

Chuck Olsen spent some time with the artists as they prepared for the gallery show. Based on these photos, it looks like the event is shaping up to be pretty awesome. The photos below come not only as a sneak peek for Friday's opening event, but also as a teaser for a MN Original segment featuring the artist. Be sure to check out the show's website tomorrow afternoon as they plan to post a video featuring an interview with Deuce 7 and the rest of the gang.

The opening reception will highlight street and graffiti art at its finest. The party is this Friday, August 6 from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Cult Status Gallery is located at 2913 Harriet Avenue South in the Lyn-Lake area of Minneapolis. For more info, call 612.965.9162 or visit

Chuck Olsen
All signs point to Deuce 7 losing his head

Von Shank.JPG
Chuck Olsen
Gorgeous work by Von Shank

Chuck Olsen
Some use pen and paper, others use spray can and wall

Chuck Olsen

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