Sticky Sweet opens at the Gallery at Fox Tax Friday

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Untitled by Jeff Warner (left) and Gloria's Lobotomy by Rudy Fig (right)

It's quite fitting that during the stickiest, steamiest week of summer the "Sticky Sweet" exhibit at the Gallery at Fox Tax will be unveiled. 

Starting on Friday night, visitors to the Northeast space will get the opportunity to snap out of the humidity haze by glimpsing the latest works by local artists Rudy Fig and Jeff Warner.

The bright colors and sugarcoated imagery of both artists is sure to make you smile. Imaginative characters, captivating scenes, and strange visions are present throughout, striking up a youthful, creative atmosphere with each piece. 
Strangers and Visitors by Rudy Fig

Rudy Fig, a Twin Cities native, is a young and talented oil painter that also works in fashion, design, and Blythe doll making. Her trademark enchanted portraits are whimsical at the core, with thoughtful and magical details adding a vibrant and charming punch.

Magically Delicious by Jeff Warner
​​Jeff Warner, a South Minneapolis resident, is inspired by his childhood and the hysterically funny products commercialized on television during that time. By focusing on shaping a positive message through his art, Warner creates bunches of happy thoughts, just like loads of candy might do (without the sugar crash of course). 

The Sticky Sweet exhibit is free and will run from August 13 through September 3 at the Gallery at Fox Tax at 503 First Avenue Northeast. Friday's opening reception runs from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Fox Tax is indeed is a professional tax service company, but instead of only being numbers people, they also represent and promote emerging artists through year-round shows--including "Sticky Sweet"--in the gallery.

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