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Tom Loftus by Greg Schaal
The 501 Club will launch their 501 Arts fall program this Saturday with a band photo exhibit featuring Minneapolis-based photographers. 

From mid-performance snapshots to posed band portraits, the medley of photos in the exhibit will be intriguing, to say the least. And what better place to see artistic photos of musicians, than in a club that hosts live music practically every night?

Charlie Mars by Darin Back
​The free exhibit at the 501 Club opens at 8 p.m. and features work from local photographers Greg Schaal, Cameron Wittig, and Darin Back. Schaal's color photos include an array of candid onstage shots of bands like Private Dancer, the Conformists, the Blind Shake, Birthday Suits, and more. 

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Haley Bonar by Cameron Wittig
​Cameron Wittig aims for more of a portrait effect with the bands and musicians he shoots. His work includes images you've most likely seen before, like Haley Bonar's Big Star album cover and a Rolling Stone feature of Owl City.  You'll probably also recognize Darin Back's work, which consists of album photos for bands like Peter Wolf Crier, the Honeydogs, Charlie Parr, and Alison Scott. 

​As part of the Soap Factory's $99 Sale on September 24, some photos from the 501 exhibit will be included too. They will host a happy hour prior to the highly anticipated fundraiser sale, and an afterparty where hopefully you'll be celebrating the purchase of a one-of-a-kind photo of your favorite band.

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