Get Cryphy, a Twilight convention, and a party at Solera: Slideshows from the weekend

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Cryphy Kevin O'Meara.jpg
Photo by Kevin O'Meara
The weather was cooler this weekend, but so were the happenings. Though the cities were more chill thanks to families out of town, people taking road trips, or flocking to the fair for one last cheese curd, a good time was still had by those who ventured beyond the main attractions.

The weekend started right with the return of Jimmy 2 Times for a Get Cryphy reunion. The DJ is currently residing in New York City, but this Friday he celebrated in the Twin Cities with Fundo, Last Word, and Ole Bill. St. Paul Slim and members of Doomtree also showed up to party. You can check out the slideshow over at Cryphy family reunited at the Record Room.

Twilight Jon Behm.jpg
Image by Jon Behm
Also that evening, and throughout the rest of the weekend, was the Twilight Convention over at the Minneapolis Hilton. Fans of the books and movies showed up in full-force to commune with other fans. Happenings over the course of several days included panel talks and signings from minor characters from the series, Twilight-themed karaoke, vendors, and a vampire-friendly dance. You can see what you missed over at the Twilight Convention at Minneapolis Hilton slideshow.

Finally, Sunday night marked the final rooftop Communion event for the season at Solera. Partiers danced to sets by DVS1 and Mike G. Check out picks at Solera Rooftop Closing Party 2010 with DVS1, Zahn and more.

Solera Anna Gulbrandsen.jpg
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen

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