The Soap Factory's Haunted Basement spooked folks at last night's preview

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Photo by Jessica Armbruster
It was an unusually warm fall night for the media preview of the Soap Factory's Haunted Basement X. And while the cool air didn't exactly cause a chill to run up my spine, my trip into the basement certainly did.

The line to enter was a festive one. Groups chatted happily as organizers served up beer--perhaps aiding to calm any nerves. A sign near the gates warned entrants that cell phones, cameras, flip flops, and heels were forbidden. I recommend sneakers. If you're planning to make a date night out of your trip, be sure to choose practical over cute when choosing your footwear.

Like most twisted happenings, we were given a safe word should anything become too intense. According to the volunteer manning the stairway, around 200 people called "uncle" last year--even a handful peed their pants. After stamping our hand, my group was invited to walk down the stairs, where we could hear the screams awaiting us.

Like most spectacles intended to thrill, half of the fun is the element of surprise. So, I won't give away too much in this post. However, I will say that I had a good time, and that there was a couple times where I actually jumped. And if you feel as though you are being watched, you probably are.

The tour of terror took about 20 to 30 minutes to get through. With each room and new setting there is an attention to detail that you don't always see in other haunted houses; it would be interesting to take a second trip with the lights on so that one could check out the costumes and setting with clearer eyes.

The Soap Factory's Haunted Basement X opens tomorrow night runs daily from 6 p.m. to midnight through October 31. Tickets are $20. For more info, visit

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Photo by Jessica Armbruster

Photo by Sarah Nienaber

Photo by Sarah Nienaber

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Photo by Sarah Nienaber

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