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Hughes backstage at Betsey Johnson
Sure, we can look through fashion magazines to get a glimpse of the latest beauty trends, but why not go directly to the source? Having worked backstage at New York Fashion Week for years creating the hairstyles that inspire trends on main street America months later, Jen Hughes, master stylist at Juut Salon Spa in downtown Minneapolis, is a pro at making cool hair look easy. Always 10 steps ahead of what's next, Hughes gave us the inside scoop on styles to try today that will stay fresh well into spring 2011--when the rest of America catches up.

In general Hughes says that "layers are getting longer, perimeters (the ends of hair) are getting more solid and less shaggy, and there is much more strength to the shape of cuts."

As for color, "piano key highlights are gone for good. Trends are leaning toward blended, monochromic color with subtle dimension or the grown-out, boliaged (painted on) color that Drew Barrymore and Rachel Bilson have been sporting lately," a.k.a The Ombre.

But enough about generalizations, let's get to Hughes' top trends of the season:

1. Tailored Pixie

Sorry guys, short, cropped hair is back. Emma Watson and Carey Mulligan are great examples of this new 'do. If you can't muscle up the courage to go that short, try a longer version like Michelle Williams' grown-out pixie.

2. The Classic Bob

Like many of us, the bob is something you probably left behind in third grade and never looked back. This season, the cut has grown up. "Bobs are more solid and blocky today," says Hughes. Whether just below the ears or grazing your shoulders blunt bobs, as seen recently on Kiera Knightly, will add a youthful look and works with most face shapes.

3. The New Bob

If you're too edgy for a classic style, Hughes recommends going with her favorite look of the season, a "preppy meets 1970's rocker" cut. It basically has the same frame-work of the classic bob except with heavy fringe on the interior and around the face to add movement. Adding heavy bangs just below the eyebrow with a tousled wave, like Alexa Chung, completes the shape.

4. Sex Kitten Volume

There once was a time when stick-straight, flat hair was all the rage. Today, modern bouffant hair is taking over the runways. To get the look, Hughes recommends using a fine-tooth comb to tease hair at the roots and then smooth out the top layer with a soft-bristle brush. Dirty hair holds this style best so use a dry shampoo or baby powder to hide shine and add texture.

Jen Hughes

NY Fashion Week Spring 2011

5. Loose, Do-It-Yourself Updo

Don't fret over locking down that perfect chignon. This trend is made to look messy. "Texture is what makes updos look modern right now," says Hughes. "Prepping your hair and getting it disheveled before pulling it back into a loose pony tail, bun, or braid is the most important step in pulling off this look." 

Jen Hughes

NY Fashion Week Spring 2011

If you're still confused about what to do with your 'do, make an appointment with Hughes at Juut where her haircuts start at $90.
Jen n Besteysm.jpg
Hughes with Betsey Johnson at NY Fashion Week Spring 2011

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