Halloween on the cheap, Poster Offensive 5: Freeloader Friday

Revelers party at Bryant-Lake Bowl
So, you blew all your money on that Lady Gaga costume. Or perhaps you were broke to begin with. Either way, there's no excuse to break the bank any further celebrating Halloween this weekend. Unlike upcoming Christmas and New Year's Eve parties, this holiday is super easy to celebrate super cheap. In this edition of Freeloader Friday we have spooky art receptions ranging from raging, to elegant, to intriguing. We have dance parties and concerts that span classy to delightfully chaotic. We even have a Halloween party dedicated to The Big Lebowski.

Are you not that into Halloween? We have some awesome non-costumed events as well, including political art, music shows, and a gubernatorial debate.

It's a epic list this week. Check it out after the jump.

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