Jagermonster, Bomp!, Too Much Blood, Mandemic: Slideshows from the weekend

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Mandemiic DAve Eckblad.jpg
Menergy by Dave Eckblad
Feel that Monday morning hangover! Yes, the weekend was pretty epic thanks to Halloween celebrations all over town. There were gallery openings, costume balls, DJ parties, and more happening from the moment people woke up until they fell asleep (sometime around 11 a.m.). The ghouls were out in full-force (as was the hard liquor), and so were our photographers, capturing all the raucous celebrations.

Over at the Kitty Cat Klub Menergy's Mandemic threw a spookily man-tastic Halloween party, complete with costumes ranging from Devo to sexy nurses, to... regular weekend gear (Halloween wasn't quite in full-swing yet, after all). Check out the pics here.

Bomp Anna Gulbrandsen.jpg
Photo by Anna Gulbrandsen
Meanwhile, super-popular dance night Bomp! arose from the dead this weekend too--the party was briefly homeless after Bedlam's closing. Thankfully, Nick & Eddie has opened the doors to them. Folks celebrated with wild costumes and canned beer.

Clubhouse Jager hosted Halloween shenanigans this weekend with Jagermonster. The Original Truth Squad was on hand to make sure things were awesome. King Otto, Jeff Dubois of Attitude City, and the Stay Spun all played sets. The crowd was sated by Jagerblood, an original brew created specially for the night.

Jager monster Dave Eckblad.jpg
Photo by Dave Eckblad
Finally, First Avenue was extra spooky Saturday night thanks to Too Much Blood, a Halloween take on their regular Too Much Love. Folks dressed as devils, Gaga, ninjas, an inmates (at least, we hope that's a costume). You can see what you missed here and here.

First Ave Denis Jeong Plaster 1.jpg
Photo by Denis Jeong Plaster

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