Yule log fire returns to television for the holidays

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yulelog fire.jpg
For many, the yearly airing of the burning yule log is a beloved tradition. Whether it's the daze of sensory overload, the need for background ambiance, or stupor of a Christmas Eve eggnog buzz, much like a really good screensaver the two hours of looped burning log is enthralling and comforting to families, apartment dwellers, and pyromaniacs alike.

The original burning log was dreamed up by Fred M. Thrower, President and CEO of WPIX, Inc., a New York City television station. Rather than airing the scheduled roller derby game, Thrower opted to give his employees a night off, filling airtime instead with a loop of the Mayor's burning fireplace.

The tradition will be carried on this holiday season KSTC, channel 45.1. Starting Christmas Eve at 7 p.m. The fire will rage on until 7 p.m. Christmas day, ending with a festive airing of Renee Zellweger's E! True Hollywood Story.

Check out this sneak peek of what to expect below.
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