Five memorable TV dating show moments [VIDEO]

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This woman's answer on The Newlywed Game became an urban legend
This week's cover story, A Salute to the Wingmen, follows the pickup artists of Minneapolis. Love 'em or hate 'em, these local guys are inspired to practice their mating skills by books like The Game and popular shows like The Pickup Artist.

Dating shows have been entertaining Americans for decades now--from The Dating Game to Love Connection to The Bachelorette. Below, we bring you five of the most memorable moments from TV dating shows.

Number Five:
"What is your husband's favorite condiment?" seems like a simple enough question. Apparently not, when you're on The Newlywed Game.

Number Four:
Bad Love Connection: Picky Linda spills all about her "fetishes"--she can't stand it when a man's shirt doesn't match his socks--then chooses mullet Mark for the worst date ever. Choice quote from the mullet: "She's a good-looking girl, but she's kind of pasty-looking."

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