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When the world first met Steve-O on Jackass, he was the guy who wasn't afraid to push the envelope. Whether he was being punched, kicked, cut, or electrocuted, Steve-O was a man without fear, willing to go the extra mile to put on a good show. A decade later, after fame, fortune, and a high-profile battle with addiction, Steve-O is still that guy.

This Thursday through Saturday, Steve-O hits Rick Bronson's House of Comedy inside the Mall of America as part of his "Entirely Too Much Information" standup comedy tour, where he'll be taking the stage with one mission in mind: to prove sobriety hasn't changed him or softened him up.

Before he hits the stage for three nights full of uncomfortable stories and flaming hair (literally), Steve-O sat down with the Dressing Room to talk stunts, sobriety, and the time he was choked unconscious six times in a row.

City Pages: This is your first standup comedy tour ever. How's it been so far?

Steve-O: It's really rad. I think a lot of people have gone in not knowing what to expect, and they leave pleasantly surprised. I mean, no one is telling me that the show sucks, so that makes me feel really good.

CP: That's always a good thing. So what made you think to start doing standup?

S-O: Back in 2006 someone asked me if I wanted to go the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles to see a show. I was sitting there thinking to myself, "The craziest thing I could probably do would be standup. But what would I say?" So that night I went home and started kicking around material.

Now, at the time I was probably sitting on my couch with a bottle of vodka, doing whippets, and writing jokes. You can actually see a video of my standup from that year on YouTube. I'm really not proud of that video, but people laughed and seemed to like it and I just caught the bug.

CP: So you tried it out back in '06, but why did you wait until now to go on a full-blown tour?

S-O: The thing is, I've been clean and sober for a while now. A couple of years ago after Jackass 3D came out I started thinking about how I needed to get out there and prove that sobriety hasn't robbed me of my personality and turned me into a big, lame sissy. So I booked a few shows. It's funny because my contracts were just for like, 15 minute hosting gigs, but I ended up going out and doing an hour. And not just standup, but stories, stunts--everything. I feel like I'm better now than I ever was.

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