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Have you ever been sitting around on a random Tuesday, thinking about how you'd like to buy someone's used possessions at a fraction of the price without going to a garage sale (because garage sales are, like, totally not fancy)?

Stop lying; everyone has. Time for a trip to the pawn shop.

Pawn shops have become way more mainstream over the past couple of years, with catchy jingles and flashy ad campaigns. You can even live the dream and own your own pawn franchise. But in the midst of all this awesomeness, some people still don't respect the treasure chest of gems waiting for them in a mostly abandoned strip mall in Hopkins. That's why this week we took a trip down to Pawn America to check out the top five coolest things you could pick up at the pawn shop.

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1) Coco Dolce chocolate jewelry box

Any a-hole with a credit card can buy jewelry for that special someone in his or her life, but nothing says, "I want to put my gift in your mouth" like a jewelry box made of chocolate.* Perfect for the fine chocolate connoisseur and edible gift wrapping enthusiast in your life.

(*Also an acceptable answer: Blow on them Dice! the debut album by Las Vegas Finest. You'll get it in a second.)

bud mirror.jpg
2) Fine artwork

Are you a fan of football, but afraid of violating NFL copyright policies? The good folks at Pawn America have got you covered! Pick up this elegant Budweiser bar mirror, proudly displaying a noncommittal purple football helmet, with a shout-out to "Minnesota Football." Are you supporting the Vikings or the Chaska Hawks? Who cares?! It's GAME TIME thanks to Pawn America!

Las Vegas Fines.jpg
3) Rare music

If you're like me, your two favorite CDs growing up were Las Vegas Finest and Women of Country. Mind-blowing music news: These two titans of music are together at last! Pick up the hip-hop quartet's classic first album, Blow on Them Dice! (get it now?), or switch things up with the pure gold collection of Women of Country. Who says CDs are dead? Not Pawn America!

so called life.jpg

4) My So-Called Life: The Complete Series on DVD

Poor Brian Krakow. Just when it looked like he was going to finally get his shot with Angela, they go and cancel the show. Still, thanks to our friends at Pawn America, you can relive the magic for just $14.99. Rickie, Sharon, and even Tino are back, just in time to...holy shit is that a martial arts sai?

5) Martial arts sai

That's exactly what that is. Sitting right there next to Claire Danes, just begging for me to buy it and start cleaning up the streets like a ninja. Never in a million years did I think I would see something so awesome at a pawn shop. That was the most badass of all the Ninja Turtle weapons! I mean, the only thing that would be cooler than that would be if they also sold samurai swords, right?


I love you, Pawn America.

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You really can find some amazing things at pawn shops and thrift stores. I remember in college all of my friends would go to laces like this all the time. I don't know how much music we got from places like this, but I'm sure we got even more random stuff that we never or hardly ever used. We did get a lot of stuff that we used all the time too. It's definitely worth it to look into these places from time to time. 


Going to a pawn shop seems like it is always a surprise experience because most of the time you never know what you are going to find.   My brother actually had a roommate in college that would get a lot of his things at pawn shops.   From what I understand, he was able to get some good deals on certain things.   Based on the list you provided, there are a lot of things at pawn shops to find, so it would probably depend on the person's personal needs and wants. 


I would love to just go around my area and look at all of the pawnshops. I bet some of them have some really rare things. I just haven't had the time to really look for the rare things. Do you have any tips for finding rare stuff?

pawn shops
pawn shops

I think If you need cash in  a short time, you can contact the pawnshop owner for a loan on any item. Keep in mind interest rate is also applied. 


Brad Rixler, Pawn American shyster that props up his weird Son Eggmoe in his commercials is a total downlow M4M Craigslist cruiser.


I love pawn america. Great staff and awesome deals.


Pawn America is right for you! Love this store in Hopkins! Good people, great service and cool stuff!

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