'Before Night Falls' screens at the Walker Friday

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Part of the Walker Art Center's film retrospective on director Julian Schnable, Before Night Falls, starring Javier Bardem, will screen this Friday night. 

The film first premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2000, where its reputation grew as an award-winning glimpse into an important era of Cuba's history.

The film is based on the autobiography of the same name by Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas. Javier Bardem racked up many accolades with his portrayal of Arenas, who was a dissident writer in Cuba during a politically dangerous time. 

before night falls depp.jpg
Arenas fought for freedom of political and artistic expression through his writing, and came of age during the sexual revolution as an openly gay man--both of which landed him ideological deviation charges and time in prison. 

Directed by the pioneering artistic filmmaker Julian Schnable, the movie captures the essence of this time in history through thought-provoking snapshots of Arenas's life and his fight for freedom. Johnny Depp also does a fantastic job playing a double role as the cross-dressing Bon Bon and the power-hungry Lieutenant Victor.

The film screens at 7:30 p.m. this Friday night at the Walker Cinema for $8 a ticket. Before Night Falls is part of the film retrospective on Julian Schanble, which culminates in the premiere screening of his new, highly anticipated film Miral on March 18, followed by a talk with Schnabel himself the following day.



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