Guthrie Theater launches nifty virtual tour

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Guthrie doors opening.JPG
Ever wanted to walk the Guthrie's Endless Bridge and take in its lovely river view during off hours? Want to check out your seat and its approximate line of sight before buying tickets? Are you really curious about the lobby's marble floors or the artwork on the ceiling? The Guthrie's new virtual tour invites visitors to explore many of its nooks and crannies in clear, glorious 360 degrees.

Wurtele Thrust stage.JPG
The Wurtele Thrust stage
The tour allows guests to cruise through five floors of the building, starting outside. Wander into the lobby, then use the elevators and hallways to explore the restaurant, classrooms, and three stages (you can hop around to various seating areas to gauge what type of view you are paying for). And yes, you can even take in panoramic views of the river from the Endless Bridge. The new addition to the Guthrie's website was created by Minnesota-based media company CircaVista.

Usability can be a little tricky at times, and some computers may have difficulty loading the visually-intense tour. One trick for speedy use: If you find the 360 view and walk-about offerings too confusing or head-spinning, simply click the Guthrie Theater tab and use the map and levels to navigate your way through the building.

Check out the virtual tour for yourself here.

Endless Bridge view.JPG
A view from the bridge

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